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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 10

McCain Scuttled, Hillary Farts, Obama Lists, Holder Quits
Honk If You Can See My Nuts

Chris Hook And Flannel Dannel Last Chance
G-Spot: genderless + infertile + FIELD’s box + McConnell

Soros’ Weiner-less OLD NAG Put Out To Pasture, Walker-Carson Own 2016
G-Spot: FIELD MCCONNELL + FAT and furious hillary + wiener

PETA Allows Sick Bitches To Be Euthanized
G-Spot: hillary clinton's foul taint
G-Spot: FIELD MCCONNELL + fat and furious hillary + weiner + images

Entrance To Troubled Guy Lake Shooting Range
G-Spot: Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 + McCain + USMC 0116513

G-Spot: Turgidson + Merkin + Guano + Jack D. Ripper

Sunshine Superman Haunts Mind Of Agent Atomic Betty
G-Spot: Obama Genderless+ Infertile + Son Of LBS [ little black sambo????]

Dr. Strangelove Forecast The Privatization Of War By Serco
G-Spot: Merkin Muff + Buck Turgidson + Jack D. Ripper + Bat Guano

Neither Barry Seal Nor Field McConnell Crashed; Lumpjaw Did 5 Times
G-Spot: mayan jaguar + donna blue + congo mining
G-Spot: clash of the titans + ephemeral + hillary + jeb bush + scott walker

G-Spot: Golden Jackass + citi executive + jim willie

Agent 99 During FIELD Exercise Troubled Lake, 20Jul2013
G-Spot: Hypocrite + Mark Kelly + Favor of Gun Control + Shooting

Way back in Chapter 9 Chips heard footsteps on the spiral staircase and knew that it was the fellow who looked a lot like General Wise from Miramar. He had a trio of salmon colored index cards, 4 x 6 in his left hand and a Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed queens in his right. He handed the 16 ounce Absolut Martini to Chips as Chips detected a faint hint of clover. They discussed REMOTE SNATCH. Chips’ PTRC became erect. “Yes Mark, I put the secret cell phone code into my Clipper Squirt Gun and entered it. It inhibits remote SNATCH ACTION from Serco, BBC, Entrust, DoJ Queers, British Banker Association Libor Lesbos, Master Innholders and United States Senior Executive Service ‘banana peelers’ from doing a United 93 on us. I will have to re-enter it on hourly intervals until we are on the ground in Minneapolis or Red Wing. I understand that Obama realizes his days are numbered and I have my sister tossing him bananas to keep him happy when Reggie Love is not available for a little Benghazi Chorizo action. As a courtesy to the traitors trying to butt fuck America we are sending this incomplete image to Governor ‘Flannel Dannel’ Malloy and Chris Hook at USDoJ Pride to let them know the jig is up as evidenced by Holder’s agreeing to step down before 11 May, 2014, capeche?” The general indicated that he understood and as the general ambulated in an erect manner, a JAM BOX was set to 87B29, decibel rating 58, and a great song for enduros began as Agent Chips found himself TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS but not with something long hanging down.

Chapter 10

Scripture: Mark 10:13-16

The Little Children and Jesus

13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them.
14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 
15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”
16 And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.

Gospel: Make Me A Child Again


Secular: Turn, Turn, Turn ( Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 )


3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

G-Spot: mccain + graham + Syria + Blink + FIELD MCCONNELl
G-Spot: lumpjaw + light in the loafers lindsey

Hillary's future goes down

When the general who resembled Mark Wise was out of ear range Agent 99 took the three cards and handed one back to Chips and the other card to Agent Julie Shirts. Chips asked Julie to read her card first as it had a BIG RED ONE on the front of the card no relation to Fort Riley, Kansas’ 1 Infantry Division or Colonel Riley who is involved in the phony baloney American Spring trap set for May, 2014. As Julie glanced at the Big Red One she thought about a certain PTRC that generally was in the EHP of a Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha. She flipped the card over and read: “grotto + pastel vibrance red + saucy spoons” and understood that if Operation STARCHED SHEETS was still in operation upon arrival Red Wing or Minneapolis, her mission was to be in the Grotto Bedroom at the Maiden Rock Inn awaiting further instructions from Hammer Rooster Cogburn or Hammer MacCheese. She read the card, both sides, then deferred to Agent 99.

Agent 99’s card had a big blue 2 on the front, and on the back had: aubergine + pastel ecru + spider web. Agent 99 red it three times before reading it aloud to Chips and Julie Shirts.

Julie and Chips, it appears I am to be ensconced in the the Aubergine Room and have a Pastel Ecru IOC so any Agent debriefing me can ascertain my identity, for security purposes or to calm a raging libido. Two questions, what is an Aubergine and why a change from my normal PPUC Pastel Cream? Do either of you know?”

Julie Shirts blushed as she knew but hadn’t known 99 long enough to estimate her threshold of comfort. Chips, consummate gentleman always will to consummate addressed Agent 99 whilst he was mentally undressing her, for security purposes.

“Agent 99, Aubergine means Eggplant and your room at the Maiden Rock Inn is themed in eggplant huge, excuse me, hues. And there is usually a crock pot by the bed set on ‘warm’ with a dandy eggplant in case any Abel Body needs to address a security concern in the middle of an enduro. As you know, 99, the average duration of coitus is 7 to 13 minutes but per Abel Danger protocols, enduros of 4 hour duration are offered to all svelte and demure PWAs who are both MR and FSD such as yourself, Agent B, Atomic Betty and Julie Shirts. For both of you, recall that Atomic Betty will be in the Sunflower Room, Pastel Mint Green and signature position sensual spoon. Regarding your switch from Cream to Ecru, Agent 99 I believe that is because a creamer will already be in each room, including yours and ecru seems more chic and feminine that cream. I will brief Agent Bean’s issue after I read what is one my card with a Big White One.”

Chips looked at the back of his card and read 5 key words, all of them surnames and below the names the date 11 May, 2014: Napolitano + Bradford + Holder + Malloy + redacted. He briefly had a far away look in his eye like he was invited to a pizza party featuring salami, then he caged his mind and focus, in addition to his PTRC being caged in the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster, and offered an explanation to Agents 99 and Julie Shirts.

“It looks like Umbrellaman has penciled in 11 May, 2014 as the deadline for Holder and Malloy to step down voluntarily over the issues of Foreign Asset Fund ( Holder ) and the DHS DMORT V ‘bungled’ Sandy Hook Crisis Actors bullshit (Malloy) that has already taken out Janet Napolitano and Reuben Bradford in the wake of this lethal google G-Spot.”

malloy + DHS + DMORT V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + Field McConnell 

“Malloy is now the low hanging fruit after John Simmons and Jennifer McCray Rincon. On 10 January, 2013 I sent an email to Governor Malloy, John Simmons and Jennifer McCray Rincon. If you look on your Clippers I will send only the ‘addresses’ to which I sent the information but not the text of the message. Suffice it to say that Simmons, Rincon, Napolitano and Bradford have capitulated, Malloy, Vance Sr. and Kehoe haven’t broken ranks, yet, yet, yet no to be confused with the Russian word for ‘no’, nyet, capeche?”

Chips detected a faint hint of clover and the item in the Pastel Manly Mocha became more engorged, seeking a donut, as it were. Agent 99 and Julie Shirts looked into the Clipper devices and read the email addresses of those he communicated with on 10 January, 2013 regarding the google G-Spot that has taken out Napolitano, Bradford and now Eric Holder. As the aroused Dangerettes went through the list of names they wondered at which point Chris Hook will stopping cutting paper dolls on the printed messages which are delived to him at 1455 K Street NW, Washington DC. Chips then turned his attention to determining which Dangerette had the ASG. (active skene’s gland).

His caged monster’s TI was passing 97% and he realized that the Crimson of his Marine Corps uniform trousers and the clover being excreted by one of the Skene’s glands would be a great them for a song perhaps to be sung by Carmesi y Trebol.


From: Field Mcconnell

To: David Hawkins ; Tim White ; John Simmons/Founder-Director CRISISACTORS.ORG ; Jennifer McCray Rincon/Founder-Director VISIONBOX.ORG ; Dannel P Malloy/Governor State of Connecticut <>; Senator Richard Blumenthal/Senior Senator of The State of Connecticut ; "" <>; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; Tim Hagiwara ; Mark Carter ; 'Col Lawrence B Wilkerson/USA-ret/fmr Chief of Staff SecState Colin Powell' ; Michelle Tuccitto Sullo/Investigations Editor ; "" ; "" ; "" ; Montgomery Blair Sibley ; Patricia Calhoun ; "" ; Tom Coyne ; "" ; William J Pape/Publisher-Editor of Waterbury Republican American ; Jonathan F Kellogg/Executive Editor ; Greg Hanisek/News Editor ; Chris Gardner/Southbury Bureau Chief ; Eric Lach ; Thomas Dishaw ; "" ; Jim Kirwan ; Jeff Rense ; Claire Wolfe ; Mark Mann ; Kraig Peterson  

Cc: Lt J Paul Vance/Spokesman Connecticut State Police <>; Dr Henry Lee/retired Chief Criminalist for Connecticut and Director of the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory ; M.D. Chief Medical Examiner State of ConnecticutH. Wayne Carver II ; Chief of Police Michael Kehoe <>; Executive Officer Captain Joe Rios ; Patrol Operations Commander Lieutenant George Sinko ; Detective Joseph Joudy ; Detective Jason Fran ; Detective Daniel McAnaspie ; "" ; "" ;

Chips saw that a Rosemary Malloy had commented of Agent Chips’ comment left on a blog earlier that hour regarding Eric Holder, Kristine Marcy, and the Foreign Asset Fund that was the ‘seed money’ for all the false flags planned at the Langham in London the hotel that spawned the James Bond ‘fairy-tale’ regarding M and Q which, like TV show Sherlock, is a vain attempt to catch the intrigue of both M and Q who are the principals of Abel Danger Global network which no has passed Tomoye and NSA as the greatest collector of RTI in the world. ( real time intelligence ). For instance, Abel Danger announced Hillary was seeking asylum even before Eric Holder exposed her as the reason he was ‘getting while the getting is good’ in the pattern of Napolitano, Bradford and others who arranged the FALSE FLAG Sandy Hook bull shit that will have Malloy out of office before on could say “Jack Sprat could eat no fat” and suddenly a Ms Malloy is singing harmony with Agent Chips who blows the safest sax in Plum City. Chips had posted a G-Spot at 1250 EST 11 February, 2014 at the DC Clothes Line, linked here:

Rosemary Malloy in response to Dean Garrison: 

Eric Holder recently revealed in an interview with The New Yorker, which is set to publish next week, that he will be leaving his Attorney General post in 2014.

What he and obama have committed along with the rest of this criminally complicit administration is TREASON, War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, MURDER. These “scandals” are not scandals, they are FELONIES.
G-Spot: hillary clinton's foul taint
G-Spot: FIELD MCCONNELL + fat and furious hillary + weiner + images
G-Spot: hillary ditching + cannibalizing + fast and furious

Here is some dirty laundry, google this combo:  mccain + graham + blink + syria + abel danger        Looks like McCain, Graham, Holder and Hillary need to visit the dry cleaners as they are being hung out to dry by Marcy's ASSET FORFEITURE FUND exposure by Chris Hooks and Flannel Dannel.


Agent 99 pointed at her watch, a Tootles model, and suggested it was time for Chips to enter the 4 character code to prevent a KU band detonation signal such as that used on UA93, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507 and the Sukhoi Superjet that needed to be gone so Warren Buffett’s investment in Bombardier wouldn’t tank. Off topic but if anyone hears of any more of Buffett’s Exploding Oil Tankers please contact Agent Chips at or the tweeters out there @fieldmcc or call the cell number I publish each M-W-F at this radio show:

Agent 99, an avid movie watcher as well as a coital gymnast, jotted down 5 names on her salmon colored 4 by 6 card and waited patiently for Chips to finish putt the three numbers and one symbol in his Clipper Squirt gun before hitting ‘send’ which allowed them another 60 minutes of protection from the privated ‘Strangler’s Suite’ of illegal airliner modifications which are enumerated by googling [ stranger’s suite + field mcconnell ]. Chips finished his protection protocol and returned to trying and determined which consensual CEMAX heterosexual fox was emitting the clover scent from her Skene’s gland. Before he could execute his SNIPH ( standard naval intel profiler human ) protocol, a playful Dangerette born in 1953 challenged Chips to a game of mental googling.

“Chips, do you what a merkin is?”

“Yes, of course I do. It is a pubic wig for ladies and historically it was used by prostitutes in English seaport cities to hide the fact they had been treated for STDs. In modern times, merkins are often used in movies to avoid violating certain ratings such as X. It is rumoured by some that it is a tool with which to get men to floss their teeth.”

“Chips, you are correct and I am impressed but would you be surprised to learn that 50 years ago Hawk Studios in London produced a film wherein they ridiculed the United States of America’s president was Merkin Muff?”

“Agent 99, I believe you allude to Dr. Strangelove where keys characters were Merkin Muffley, Bat Guano, Jack D. Ripper and Buck TURGIDson. It also was remarkable as there was only one female character and that character was played by Tracy Reed who was the centerfold “Miss Foreign Affairs” of June 1962’s Playboy. It was the second movie in a row where George C. Scott played in prescient movies about the future privatization of war. In 1963 they revealed ‘false flag’ bombing of airliners in LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER and 1n 1964 they forecast privatization of war in the case of Strangelove it was General Jack D. Ripper launching a rogue attack on Russia and in 2014 Serco has just been unmasked as the privatization controller of United States Department of Defense and all those drones that Barry Soetoro is told to launch by Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and Kristine Marcy. There were five such movies and we will reveal the other three after the BIG FISH go down as McCain and Holder have done in the last few days.”


The trio headed for the spiral staircase as Marquis d’Cartier had made a PA that Happy Hour was in effect and that an Umbrellaman briefing was expected to occur once they were ‘feet dry’ and the Scrod oceanic fix where they’d be talking to Gander Center. Agent 99 went up first followed by Julie Shirts with Chips bring up the rear and checking out the VPLs and clover-quotients. They took seats 2B, C and D with Hamish in 2A beaming as he had just been given a double Mineral Water with signature lime slice. Julie Shirts sat next to Hamish and across the aisle to her right was Chips and to his right Agent 99. Marquis d’Cartier delivered their cock tails just as Hamish’s Clipper Sherlock Holmes pipe took an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Hammer Rooster Cogburn at Global HQ, 401 Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin, 54761.
Operation STARCHED SHEETS Hammer Rooster Cogburn IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Hamish, Hoss, Stone, Julie Shirts, 99, Atomic Betty, Marquis ‘Cartier, copy Umbrellaman and Hammers MacCheese and Otto Pilot: Dwarf and Tango Whiskey report you have passed Scrod and that you are on a heading direct KMSP. If anyone is close to Hamish or Chips asked them to sign off or edit this post #1846 ghost written by Ginger Cookie. We’d like to give Chris Hook at USDOJ and Governor ‘Flannel Dannel’ Malloy 12 or more hours to let it sink in what they are now guilty of. If I do not hear from SOFIA by 0911 GMT I will publish it and send it to Chris Hook, Governor FLANNEL DANNEL Malloy, FOB Analysts at DHS and JWatson at Navy Intel. Time now 0759 GMT. Truncated message appears here [ #1846: Marine links Mycroft Obama Five Eyes Sandy Hook to MI-3 Langham Serco vig Plum City – ( – February 11, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked alleged deployments of  Mycroft Obama ‘Five Eyes’ child killers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Conn., to a vig allegedly paid to the bookmaker agents of MI-3 Innholders’ Langham Hotel and Serco who apparently dressed the Connecticut crime scenes so that the BBC's armchair Sherlocks could attribute the murders to an excess of semi-automatic firearms in the community. McConnell claims that a Serco root, The Electric Telegraph Company, paid the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) to open Langham Hotel’s Mycroft betting office in 1865 and hired the former US Confederate Officer Captain James Sanderson as General Manager to entrap MI-3 Innholders’ guests in the betting and pedophile blackmail rackets which now bind the Five Eyes criminal organizations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. McConnell claims that Serco director Maureen Baginski had Gareth Williams tracked and snuffed by Serco Five Eyes surveillance teams after he attended the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas in July 2010 and was found to have hacked Mycroft – the MI-3 Innholders Imperial Bookmaker’s Brain.] The original long form message is at bottom of Chapter 9, as per normal Abel Danger Literary Protocol. Rooster Cogburn, Maiden Rock Inn Alternate Command Post.

Hamish authorized Hammer Rooster to publish the post #1846 and had turned to ask Agent Julie Shirts a question about toothbrushes and floss when another Clipper came in, this one an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Barry M. Hall at the Atlanta AD Office that was successful in preventing the Peach Tree Road Race FALSE FLAG scheduled for 4 July, 2013 and for more info just google [ Atlanta Burns + Mona Blue + Cooked Goose + Obama ] and see how Abel Danger simultaneously saved Atlanta but also exposed Janet Napolitano, Governor FLANNEL DANNEL Malloy, Paul Vance Sr., Mike Kehoe, John Simmons and Jennifer McCray Rincon in Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG.

G: [ Janet Napolitano + Malloy + Paul Vance Sr + Mike Kehoe + John Simmons + Jennifer McCray Rincon + Sandy Hook ] notice date 10 January, 2013. Hmmhhhh!!

Hamish finished the authorization of the posting while Agent Julie Shirts was hoping to four posted in an upcoming exercise that did not operate as sloppily as DHS, DMORT, HSEEP and the Connecticut State Police ‘sloppy work’ at Newtown. While Julie Shirts dreamed of a four poster bed, Agent 99 engaged Agent Chips in a honeypot gambit.

“Agent Chips, if I were to have CHEROKEE NOSE stay home and I suggested I would appreciate an Aubergine, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, to be delivered to my room, do you know if we have any Abel Bodies willing to provide overnight security, if you know where my head’s at?”

“Agent 99 I’d sure like you to reduce your agent number by 30, but to answer your question, let me check my calendar for 17 July, 2014. Yes, I see that these 4 Abel Bodies are on call for Operation MAIDEN ROCK: Jack D. Ripper, Buck Turgidson, Merkin Muffley and Bat Guano. I am sure one of them would be happy to service you, excuse me, provide overnight security. I am more than sure of it.”


Agent Julie Shirts must have sensed the Eggplant Gambit so she selected 87B on her Clipper Handwriting Tool and turned the volume to level 58. She selected a version that had ‘vibrance red’ and aimed the speaker at Field McConnell, oops, I mean Agent Chips.

“Chips, how can you be sure if those 4 men are involved and none of them are you? Isn’t it a bit of a stretch?”.

“My dear 99, you do recall that Peter Sellers was to play 4 parts in Dr. Strangelove, I am sure. What if there was someone at 401 Main Street, Plum City, who could play four parts and that person is telling you THAT’S HOW YOU CAN BE SURE………” before he could complete is dicktation, a FLASH FESTUS came into his Clipper Squirt Gun from Auntie Maude working Bletchley Park remotely from MacDill Air Force Base where he was on secondment from MI6 working the JP Morgan Murder as well as the Gareth Williams Baginski caper. Chips put an index finger up to his lips and detected a faint hint of clover as he read quickly the incoming FLASH FESTUS.

Operation STARCHED SHEETS Agent Auntie Maude FLASH FESTUS Hamish, Chips, Hammers Three and Umbrellaman, copy Atomic Betty and Sphinx: Flannel Dannel is feeling the heat from the Holder-Bradford-Napolitano google bait and they don’t know the relationship between Wolfgang and Chips. Suggest we move in for the kill regarding Sandy Hook. Please read attached letter and then call me at my duty position tomorrow or if you get this before midnight, tonight at 12 Garden Drive, MacDill AFB, FL. Auntie Maude

Chips was going to speed read the letter on his Clipper Squirt Gun when Marquis d’Cartier approached with a 16 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed queens. He placed the Martini in from of Chips and gave him 4 copies of the FLASH FESTUS clipper that Atomic Betty had known Chips would appreciate as the were printed in Baskerville Old Face font, size 18, as per Abel Danger Protocol Charlie. Marquis interrupted Hamish, Julie Shirts and Agent 99 so they could read along with Chips.

From: Wolfgang Halbig, Abel Danger Florida

To: Vance and Kehoe ( Donut eaters )

January 22, 2014 ( three days after McConnell-Dixon letter below Halbig’s)

Subject: Why would one of you send Homicide Detectives to my home and Threatened me with Felony Arrest by CT State Police?

[Lieutenant J. Paul] Vance and [Newtown Police Chief Michael] Kehoe:

I do not know which one you of you had the idea that by having the 
Lake County, Florida Sheriffs Homicide Detectives show up at my house 
and threatened me with Felony arrest by the CT State Police if I did not
stop asking questions about Sandy Hook Shooting. You want me to stop asking questions in light of the fact that you both have yet to respond to any of my Connecticut Freedom of Information Act requests for the past 9 months, you both should be arrested for failing to comply with Connecticut State Laws. I have served honorably in the Military during Vietnam, I served as a Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida. I worked as United States  Customs Inspector at both International Airports and Seaports.
I graduated at the top of my class at the Florida Highway Patrol Academy and that is why my class elected me as their class president to speak at our graduation. It is believed by some in Daytona Beach that I am the Florida Director of Abel Danger Global. What you two are doing is just unbelievable and I cannot believe that the law enforcement community across the United States is accepting the Danbury State Attorney report without the FBI Classified Investigative information included. What in the world needs to be Classified by the FBI? You stated that there was just one suspect and he shot himself in the classroom. Is that correct? He shot 20 children and six school staff members. Is that correct? He fired 153 rounds using both handguns and a .223 Bushmaster rifle as you stated. Is that correct? He shot his way through the front glass door. Is that correct? He parked his black Honda civic in the front parent drop off area with all four car doors wide open as Barbara Sibley a parent witness observed. Is that correct? He left a 12 gauge Ithaca shotgun in the front seat of the black Honda Civic. Is that correct? He took approximately 11 minutes inside the school to kill 20 children and 6 school staff members. Is that correct? So what has to be CLASSIFIED BY THE FBI? HERE ARE THE WHY’S: Why NO Life Star Trauma Helicopter on Dec 14, 2012 since you use 
them in every active shooter drill when the news media covers your 
stories. WHY? Why did you not allow the Paramedics and EMT’S inside the school after 11 minutes? Who was the person who declared all 20 children and six school staff members legally dead? Who? Why did it take over an hour to transport someone to the hospital? Why do you have a 50 to 60 year old women being transported by 
ambulance as Natalie Hammond when Natalie Hammond is only 40 years old? 
Why pretend? Why have 26 small Christmas trees behind the Sandy Hook Volunteer 
fire house on Dec 14, 2012 and then decorate them on Dec 15, 2012 after 
the shooting? Why? Why have a Lieutenant of the Newtown Police Department with 24 years not leave his off duty job where he is controlling traffic at a 
construction work site until two hours after the shooting started? This
is the best one of all. Why? [*]Why have a Licensed Registered Nurse who works at Sandy Hook Elementary School that Nancy Lan[z]a the mother of Adam Lan[z]a is a 
great and wonderful Kindergarten teacher at her school? Why does she 
lie on National News?[/*] Why have a Police Chief State in the Newspaper article that his Lt. is not a first responder? Does anyone belief that for one-second 
especially when you have two Ct State troopers escorting a prisoner to 
the Danbury courthouse when hearing the active shooter call and respond 
to Sandy Hook. Why them and not the Lieutenant? We have all these great police investigators and NO one questions the actions of December 14, 2012. You both then did a great job and deserve an Oscar at the Oscars in Hollywood. Do not send anymore detectives to my home.Please answer my questions if you can. Preferably before that LOOSE CANNON Agent Chips of Abel Danger Global posts his letter to you donut eaters dated 13 January, 2014. I believe he also wrote to FLANNEL DANNEL on 10 January, 2013 pointing out the John Simmons and Jennifer McCray Rincon do sloppier work than Margie Sullivan of Redtree Productions [ google Margie Sullivan + Redtree + Vogt + Dunning + Field McConnell ] I think Abel Danger is eating your lunch, Connecticut. Thanks, Wolfgang W Halbig Retired Cop and Educator Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook Investigation----Wolfgang W. Halbig

To and 23 More...
Jan 13, 2014

Mr. Dixon,

On 10 January, 2013 I reported to Governor Malloy the truth of the Sandy Hook event.  It is as simple as this google search:

Malloy + DHS + DMORT V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + Field McConnell 

Malloy:    was warned in advance
DHS:       create false threat to rationalize gun control
DMORT V: federal portable morgues to prevent local investigation, arrived early
HSEEP:   Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program
Crisis Actors:  just like Boston and Aurora....actors
Vision Box: coordinate filming to make it look scary

This comment going directly to Gov Malloy who along with Napolitano, Bradford, Vance Jr, Vance Sr and H Wayne Carver probably wish John Simmons had had better actors.  It will also be featured on our Livestream show airing globally at 2pm EDT today, 13 Jan 14.

We will also discuss departure of Reuben Bradford ( 26 Dec 13 ) and the linkage between Malloy and Barry Soetoro.  We will discuss the failure of the governor to clear his office by 9 January, 2014. This letter was posted to internet before being sent, capeche? Field McConnell 401 Main St Plum City WI 54761 715 307 8222 Global Ops Director, Abel Danger Private Intel

PS... so far Napolitano, Reuben Bradford and Eric Holder have been wise enough to BOW OUT

Chips, Hamish and the Dangerettes smiled broadly, especially the Dangerettes as they realized that Wolfgang and Chips had the guilty fuckers in a cross fire and they could now open up with grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillade fire such as that discussed in FIELDs OF FIRE, written by Annapolis Marine James Webb. Chips pulled out his wallet and took a piece of printer paper and and read the contents allowed to his peers and it was in response to a question from Mike Papa of Palestine, Texas.

“Mike Papa, The short answer is yes, I think Abel Danger got to him just like Napolitano and Connecticut Police Commissioner Reuben Bradford. Eric is low hanging fruit, Kristine Marcy is his puppeteer. Google this combo and get the big picture: eric holder + Kristine marcy + asset forfeiture fund + field mcconnell Marcy and Holder have been raping America since 1984. Eric just went flaccid. Just left that comment at this link:  

Over time we will get them all.  We have told Holder to clear out by 11 May, 2014.

Thanks for sending it.


Annapolis Marine Chips was working the Connecticut False flag while in Phoenix Tactics Tillman and a smart guy were keeping notes on Mark Kelly and the dead judge who was the real target when Gabriel Giffords took one for the Gipper, in a many of speaking. Tillman found Mark Kelly’s hypocricy to be of epic proportion as he promoted gun control while ordering an AR15 and using 17 round magazines on his own handgun, what a cheese dick he must be. Tactics Tillman had been abel, more than abel, to create an image that even Eric Holder or Flannel Dannel might be abel, less than abel, to grasp.

As Hamish, Tillman and Chips focused on BBC-Serco-Senior Executive Service Treason, Trey Gowdy’s friends in South Carolina monitored Iran’s Navy and trans-Atlantic flight tracks to help disambiguate the wheat from the chaff. Mostly, they just saw chaff.

Marquis d’Cartier slipped a secret message onto the coaster under Chips’ Captain Sherlock Martini, and topped it off with another 8 ounces of Absolut Truth Serum. Chips seem far away as his mind raced around a mental google of the four rooms at the Maiden Rock Inn: [ sun shower + red clay + aubergine + grotto ] He looked forward to meeting the ‘double breasted mattress thrasher’ who favored saucy spoons as soon as SOFIA was to land, hopefully at KMSP. He thought of his big dogs, Diesel and Conrad. Then he felt a little hand from across the aisle.

“Chips, Hamish has asked what is in the secret package that Marquis d’Cartier just dropped in your turgid lap. It appears we have less than 40 minutes remaining inbound to Minneapolis where the TSA has a sign that says “if you see something, say something” which is absolute horseshit as you reported the Truth of 9/11 in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) in September, 2008 and they had not done ‘jack shit’ to get the Strangler’s Suites out of the Embraer and Bombardier ‘shit jets’. By the way, did you see the IMMEDIATE JASPAR from the Tugboat Twins and Dirty Driveway. Seems that MI% and Cressida Dick’s Metro Police have found the clue in the coach’s jock?”

The Clue: 7-17 + sun shower + red clay + aubergine + grotto

“Chips, the two guys that MacCheese and I met on the beach were with SAS before working for MI6. Between MacCheese, myself and those agents M and Q the message got through loud and clear that Abel Danger and broken the case regarding Maureen B, Gareth W and the banker that was pushed off the 33rd floor. I believe they are calling it the PLUNGE SCANDAL and they haven’t linked the Plum Plunge of 17 July, 2014 but they may well soon………..”

Julie Shirts was interrupted by a PA from the cock, I say again, cock pit indicating that due to DHS/TSA concentration at KMSP, SOFIA would be landing elsewhere. During the PA Chips had opened the secret envelope and read an active google bait: [ fukashima + Stuxnet + Serco + Israel + abel danger ] that would lead any serious investigator to another clue left in an Escu thong mcconnell: [ sebelius cgi federal serco skynet obama field ].
Julie Shirts felt the speed brakes deploy and knew that time was tight. She passed a three word note to Agent Chips while selecting 87B on her Clipper Tool as if maybe a musical suggestion might help convey her message. As the music started, suddenly the B747-100 SOFIA went dark and quiet seemingly from a FADEC FADEOUT, fuel exhaustion, or loss of all generators. Fortunately for Chips, her Clipper Tool had 88% battery remaining so he heard her message loud and clear, as Atomic Betty kneeled between them in the aisle but no disturbing the music as the eerie silence from the Big Boeing now included and eery whistling sound.


Field McConnell says:

"COMMENT-60212" FEBRUARY 6, 2014 AT 4:37 PM

I, Field McConnell, U S Marine 0116513, have numerous times advised Governor Malloy to respond to this google pairing: Malloy + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + abel danger ] While his own Police Commissioner unexpectedly and suddenly retired on 26 Dec 13 and DHS Janet Napolitano exited in August, 2013, Gov Malloy, Vance Sr, Vance Jr, Kehoe and H Wayne Carver think they can survive this ‘exposed’ false flag. They cannot. Google these two names: governor malloy + FIELD MCCONNELL

Chips realized that he had been called to blow the whistle not only on 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and the Eric Holder-Kristine Marcy bilking of the USDoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund but to expose the center of the cabal. He considered City of London and The Vatican before seeing Serco standing like a deer in the headlights His mind harked back to Matthew 10:27 and he was encouraged to speak clearly and according to his scriptural encougement written here:

27 What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.


  1. "And, my friends, in this story you have a history of this entire movement. First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you. And that, is what is going to happen..."

    If this doesn't succeed we'll be thrown back into the dark ages. Let us know (in todays broadcast) if there is anything we can do as individuals to help you and other legitimate whistleblowers to put an end to this corruption. Keeping all of humanity in my prayers.

  2. So......Holder steps down...that's it? All these criminals just step down?


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