Friday, January 1, 2021

Vatican III: Catholic Church Brings Us Into the Age of Theocratic Techno Communism - Pope Francis: General Secretary of the Catholic Communist Party - Replacing Spirituality With Digitization Then Monetizing It - "Inclusive Capitalism": Digitized Blockchain A.I. Enforced Existence - Kim Jong-un for Pope

Editor's note: Is it any wonder why the Vatican is called a "den of thieves" with the current Pope Francis really not being the "head of the church" but more like being the General Secretary of the Catholic Communist Party. Remember how powerful Cardinal Spellman was at the time of John F. Kennedy's presidency who had real political power? Where are the cardinals? They don't have anywhere near the political power now as they had back then. There is evidence all political power has now been vested in Pope Francis who is a Jesuit. Isn't that how Jesuits have historically operated? In secrecy? The Jesuit Pope Francis suddenly has control of all the dictatorial powers in the Holy See. 

The Jesuits bring in the Jesuit Francis not as the "holy father", but as the General Secretary of the Catholic Communist Party. Pope Francis has signed up to the WEF's "Great Reset" under the leadership of Bolshevik comrade Klaus Schwab and his reading of the holy Covid scriptures from the book of "Fourth Industrial Revolution," the technocratic future (communism on digital steroids) and the "social impact bonds" (human bonds) promoted by the Vatican Bank based on total digital surveillance. Considering what the Jesuit Francis is promoting, the Catholic Church would be far better off with North Korea's Kim Jong-un replacing him. At least with Kim he doesn't need to pretend to he humble or pious. Maybe Pope Francis needs a baptism in the Tiber?

Kim Jong-un will become the new Pope replacing the Jesuit Pope Francis. Hey, at least he was educated in Switzerland and dresses in black.

Ever notice how Francis the Jesuit spends more time praising Islam than he does his own professed religion? It's because the people inside the deep bowels of the Vatican Holy See, see Islam returning back into the Christian fold. The Jesuit pope sees the technocracy rolling out being engineered under this psychopathic control grid as a methodology to rapidly bring into existence the return of Islam and Eastern Orthodoxy under its dictatorial control. Technology gives the Vatican through the Vatican Bank investing in this technocratic digitized surveillance grid control on a global scale. Eastern Orthodoxy practices spiritual development
These people look at cities like monastic institutions which is precisely how Schwab at the WEF describes these "smart cities" coming into existence. It's why we have described in great detail how the new Church of Covid has come into existence as a new religion complete with its own seven sacraments. These will not only be "smart cities", but they will be like miniature "Jesuit techno Vaticans" scattered all over the world. Catholicism today is not even "Catholicism" any longer and it is certainly not about spirituality.

When the Jesuit Pope Francis starts talking about a "united world", it would be essential to understand that unity means being inextricably and permanently locked into what these technocrats are building. See the irony here? On the one hand, the Pope confirms the belief (belief is essential in the new Church of Covid) in a faked pandemic, while at the same time asking us to "take the concerns of others into consideration and to care for them." How would that work with social distancing under cover of Covid? Maybe we should come to the assistance of the Pope by suggesting he eat less to prevent him from becoming overweight?

What the Jesuit Francis means when he says "human person" is that there are "human bonds" being invested in by the Vatican Bank. When the Jesuit Pope talks about "human dignity" (black on white), what he really means is investing in children through Vatican Bank-sponsored "social impact bonds." What the Jesuit Pope is doing is making a global power grab by digitizing our existence calling it "inclusive capitalism." It's inclusive alright, complete with Covid vaccines, vaccine passports, "human bonds", unique digital ID, data collection on every aspect of your existence and total surveillance. Total digital baptism into a new theocratic techno communist blockchain A.I. enforced existence under the auspices of a "church."

Pope Francis backs the Council for Inclusive Capitalism

When the Vatican (Vatican Bank) under the Holy See joins global corporations like the Bank of America, British Petroleum, Estée Lauder, EY (Earnest & Young), Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Merck, SalesForce and Visa all linking up with Rothschild interests, you just know this cannot be a good thing. Powerful corporations have always been behind communism. It allows their markets to become homogenized therefore these corporations can dictate what is sold and to who always having central bank bailout money available to them. Having the Jesuit Pope sanctify all this under the Holy See makes you feel all holy and humble inside doesn't it?

Jesuit Pope Francis, can you please bring together the conclave of cardinals to say a virtual digital prayer for the poor souls in Florida?

Florida detects first case of mutant UK Covid-19 strain as state smashes daily infection record with 17,100+ positive tests


"We are witnessing the battle between two giant commercial corporations, both in the business of providing governmental services. The US, INC. is a Municipal (Holy Roman Empire) corporation operated by EU financiers and governments, while the USA, Inc., is operated mainly by British and British Commonwealth ("Territorial") interests."

Church militant on the rise:


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