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Message to Lin Wood (Get the Hell Off Twitter)

"World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation." ~ Marshal McLuhan (1970), Culture is Our Business, p. 66.


McChrystal, Information Warfare and Trump

May 6, 2020
Unconstrained Analytics, Inc. seeks to develop public awareness that political warfare is a form of warfare. 

It is in this context that we read that retired Special Operations General Stanley McChrystal will "deploy" information warfare technology in the domestic U.S. political arena even though, according to the Washington Post, this technology was "developed to counter Islamic State propaganda," a real enemy. The general does this to "combat" a President's communication efforts in a time of national crisis.

The organization running McChrystal's information warfare effort against the president is a "Democratic-aligned political action committee" called Defeat Disinfo.

One of the goals of information warfare is the delegitimization of government leaders. Attacking a leader as he works through a difficult crisis is at the top of all insurgency manuals on actions taken to delegitimize a government.
McChrystal's program brings current the unrelenting political warfare effort the domestic Left and deep state actors continue to wage against the American political system under the pretext of opposing President Trump while taking it to another level. In fact, he militarizes it.
While General McChrystal is experienced in countering information operations, he is best known for targeting individuals and networks.

In his tenure as the commanding general of Joint Special Operations Command, he developed the F3EAD CycleFind, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate to hunt terrorists and their support networks. McChrystal will use this mentality to target President Trump and his network of supporters ("Trump's unwavering digital army"), i.e., not enemies but large segments of the American population.

Defeat Disinfo accomplishes this through artificial intelligence (AI) and network analysis that maps President Trump's statements to friendly discussion groups and the individuals who discuss them on social media. In Intelligence parlance, this is a collection effort—but this one is directed at American citizens and U.S. persons. President Trump is not al-Baghdadi and pro-Trump Americans are not ISIS cells.

Following is a brief top-level review of the Deep State and the Left's efforts over the last several years:

On Russian collusion: The publicly revealed details of Crossfire Hurricane, and the framing of General Flynn, indicate that Democratic Party operatives and senior deep state actors waged a major information warfare campaign against a candidate, and then, later, against an elected president. This failing, the effort seamlessly transitioned to the desperate, half-baked Ukraine scandal, complete with Schiff's sanctioned star-chamber hearings that featured phony whistleblowers whose information could not survive a hearsay challenge.

If everything the actual accuser alleged were true (after cross-examination), the president would only have been guilty of faithfully executing his Article II powers. The entire process was a parody of itself. Nevertheless, this second political warfare assault led to an impeachment proceeding that severely disrupted the president as the pandemic crisis was brewing.

Today, we have a president trying to manage a national health crisis while cocooned by virology and public health advisors that seem to have a higher calling.

As the COVID19 crisis unfolded, indicators have appeared that the crisis is being used and manipulated as a cover, and pretext, to undermine both our national security and the constitutional, civil, and economic rights of citizens.

In addition, America's public health institutions appear to be organized to undermine national sovereignty through international entanglements. America's mainstream and social media giants have designated the W.H.O. as the authority. They have become its enforcers.

This prompted Unconstrained Analytics' to re-release "Narrative Dominance in COVID19 Reporting" and "Formation of a COVID19 Red Team" in early April.

Please go to Unconstrained Analytics to read the entire article.

How many more people are going to get killed or destroyed?

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