Friday, December 4, 2020

WEF and IMF Technology Systems Under Cover of Covid-19 Being Rolled Out Ahead of Schedule

Editor's note: These systems are being rolled out faster than most people realize. The Davos crowd are on some kind of a time schedule. What is Fintech? FINTECH is Financial Technology. The core of "the Beast System." This video explains how Agenda 2030 is being rapidly pursued and food and water will be major tools in managing and herding the planet's population. This is all being rapidly introduced under cover of Covid-19. Without Covid-19 none of this would be possible. The WEF really does want people to eat shit to survive: World Economic Forum Encourages Plebs to Eat Weeds & Drink Sewage 

Here's the bottom line: The election fraud is all political show for the average American. The underlying premise here is to deliberately collapse the government and cause as much civil unrest and derision as possible so that people lose complete confidence in governments. The goal: big tech working with the IMF and the WEF intend to replace governments with blockchain technology; basic monthly incomes; autonomous systems; robotics; A.I.; that is the ultimate goal. 

WEF's Klaus Schwab discusses that startups will provide the technology for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Israel is the leading country on tech startups. Schwab stands behind China and its technological systems including for social control. Israel and China have a very close working relationship in technology transfers and investments.

Klaus Schwab: Humans Will be Replaced by Cyborgs

The following is the IMF policy paper that explains how to create a digital currency while charging interest on paper currencies. The idea is, the US congress instructs the Federal Reserve (FED) to offer accounts for everyone (see Banking for All Act linked below) and deposit digital dollars in those accounts. At the same time, the FED lowers interest rates on paper currency to say -4%. The commercial banks pass that cost on to their liabilities. You can either spend your money or watch it dwindle away. The entire idea is to force consumption. Either spend your digital dollars or lose them.

IMF Working Paper: Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound

Here is how it works: 

S.3571 - Banking for All Act

The pillaging continues...

Israel is at the forefront of this technological drive:

Claridge Israel

Are you in the military, have military connections and don't worship Trump? Then this material here may be of relevance. Briefing for 4 December 2020:



Let the covert war begin...Iran?

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