Thursday, December 3, 2020

This Is a Declaration of War on the CIA, FBI, DoJ and on the GOP - New Political Party on the Rise

Editor's note: We've had to edit this post and admit ignorance on this one concerning Powell and Wood. Here's the bottom line: it's all political consumption, a shit show for the average American. The underlying premise here is to deliberately collapse the government and cause as much civil unrest and derision as possible. Total CIA operation chaos. The goal: big tech intends to replace governments with blockchain technology; basic monthly incomes; autonomous systems; robotics; A.I. that is the ultimate goal.  You are being preyed on. This is all being run by military psychological warfare operations. 

Trump's Ace: Win or Lose He Can Still Devastate the Deep State With These Perfectly-Timed Moves 

Bolsheviks run the regime's media:

Hard-to-find 2020 election fraud stories and links


Democrats like this one aren't going to be around much longer. What kind of deals is he cutting with China? Has nothing to do with "racism", Krishnamoorthi, and everything to do with integrity and you protecting your position:

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