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The COVID Conversion

Source: The Technocratic Tyranny
By Vicky Davis | December 12, 2020 

On December 10, 2020, Idaho Governor Brad Little held a press conference concerning the status of the COVID – alleged global pandemic in Idaho. His main concern was compliance. It seems that a large and vocal segment of the population won't comply with the tyranny of mask mandates and social distancing. That's a problem for the Little Governor. It's not a medical problem. It’s a political problem. Here's what happened to precipitate the press conference – 

The Central District Health (CDH) Board attempted to meet on December 8th, to decide on mandatory mask mandates that included fines and potential jail time for non-compliance. The meeting was cut short because a large group of people held a protest outside the office of CDH and some of the protesters chose to protest outside the homes of two of the Board members: Diane Lachiondo and Dr. Ted Epperly. 

Lachiondo provided the drama to end the meeting. During roll call, Lachiondo said there were protesters outside her house. Epperly chimed in and said there were protesters outside his home as well. The meeting continued but after a few minutes, Lachiondo broke into the meeting and tearfully announced that she had to leave because her 12 year-old was home alone and the protesters were banging on her door.

When you watch the video of the protest outside the home of Lachiondo, notice the woman speaking is conscious of the timing between the start of the meeting and the protest.

I was a talking to a friend about the meeting and he pointed at Ted Epperly as an interesting person to look at. He sent a link to a video of Epperly from 2013.

Epperly's description of the problems in our health care system are boilerplate. I've heard the same things said by different people over the years. The problem definition is roughly correct. The solutions are psycho but put in a very appealing and empathetic way. They care . . . they really care and they want to keep you healthy by spending all the health care dollars on a "wellness" system – a facade of a health care system. Notice that in his description of the new "wellness" system, there is no attempt to touch the profit margins of big pharma, the health insurers or the hospitals.

The shift in focus to wellness requires the implementation of a medical tyranny and you must comply with what they "recommend". I would have said "what the doctor ordered" but visits with a real doctor will be rare. You’ll probably get to see a Physician’s Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner or maybe even a life couch to guide you to wellness.

If you do happen to get sick, it will be your own fault because you didn't follow wellness orders. You become a liability and the doctor will be penalized for having a sick patient. He failed as a doctor and that affects his metrics.

Epperly's presentation explains the Little Governor's focus on compliance and behavior change. For the system they've designed and in their dreams, everybody must grovel at the feet of the 'wellness guru' who will manage your biological life via the community health (no) care system. 

I wrote about the legislation for the conversion of our health care system in 2008 when it was first being discussed. 

The HAPI Plan for Mandatory Wellness

Community Health

Central to the design of the new health (no) care system is the Community Health medical home. They serve as the coordinators (gatekeepers) of access to other health care facilities. Implicit in the design is that if you are judged not worthy of specialty care because you don’t follow "orders" for wellness, they may choose to not refer you to a specialty you need.

Note that in the CDH meeting, one of the invited speakers was Dr. David Peterman of the Primary Care Medical Group. His organization is an example of community health. He would be a beneficiary of the new health (no) care system.

Global Health


The conversion of the health care system began in 1990 with an inquiry about the benefit of building a national medical records data base for medical research. The justification was changed later to say that the reason was for efficiency and cost reduction due to elimination of paperwork. That was absurd because the cost of a nationalized system of medical records for both the private sector and government was and is staggering not to mention the centralization of power, the loss of privacy and the nightmare of covert medical experimentation that becomes easily feasible.

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