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The Antisemitism Industry: how antisemitism is being politicized and weaponized in Europe to defend Israel

Editor's note: Are the Holocaust industry and "antisemitism" mechanisms devious intelligence and espionage tricks to not only force Jews to Israel, but to bring highly skilled Jewish engineers, scientists, software programers, metallurgists and professionals all to bring about the long term plans for the "startup nation?" Then when the religion of Judaism is injected into this scenario this idea goes into hyper drive. More: Talpiot 

Source: Mondoweiss

The same European leaders who a few years ago marched in Paris shouting "Je suis Charlie" – upholding the inalienable free speech rights of white Europeans to offend Muslims by insulting and ridiculing their Prophet – are now queuing up to outlaw free speech when it is directed against Israel.

By Jonathan Cook | December 14, 2020  

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has run a fascinating long report this week offering a disturbing snapshot of the political climate rapidly emerging across Europe on the issue of antisemitism. The article documents a kind of cultural, political and intellectual reign of terror in Germany since the parliament passed a resolution last year equating support for non-violent boycotts of Israel – in solidarity with Palestinians oppressed by Israel – with antisemitism. 

The article concerns Germany but anyone reading it will see very strong parallels with what is happening in other European countries, especially the UK and France.

The same European leaders who a few years ago marched in Paris shouting "Je suis Charlie" – upholding the inalienable free speech rights of white Europeans to offend Muslims by insulting and ridiculing their Prophet – are now queuing up to outlaw free speech when it is directed against Israel, a state that refuses to end its belligerent occupation of Palestinian land. European leaders have repeatedly shown they are all too ready to crush the free speech of Palestinians, and those in solidarity with them, to avoid offending sections of the Jewish community.

The situation reduces to this: European Muslims have no right to take offense at insults about a religion they identify with, but European Jews have every right to take offense at criticism of an aggressive Middle Eastern state they identify with. Seen another way, the perverse secular priorities of European mainstream culture now place the sanctity of a militarized state, Israel, above the sanctity of a religion with a billion followers.

Guilt by association

This isn't even a double standard. I can't find a word in the dictionary that conveys the scale and degree of hypocrisy and bad faith involved.

If the American Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein wrote a follow-up to his impassioned book The Holocaust Industry – on the cynical use of the Holocaust to enrich and empower a Jewish organizational establishment at the expense of the Holocaust's actual survivors – he might be tempted to title it The Antisemitism Industry.

In the current climate in Europe, one that rejects any critical thinking in relation to broad areas of public life, that observation alone would enough to have one denounced as an antisemite. Which is why the Haaretz article – far braver than anything you will read in a UK or US newspaper – makes no bones about what is happening in Germany. It calls it a "witch-hunt". That is Haaretz's way of saying that antisemitism has been politicized and weaponized – a self-evident conclusion that will currently get you expelled from the British Labour party, even if you are Jewish.

The Haaretz story highlights two important developments in the way antisemitism has been, in the words of intellectuals and cultural leaders cited by the newspaper, "instrumentalized" in Germany. Jewish organizations and their allies in Germany, as Haaretz reports, are openly weaponizing antisemitism not only to damage the reputation of Israel's harsher critics, but also to force out of the public and cultural domain – through a kind of "antisemitism guilt by association" – anyone who dares to entertain criticism of Israel.

Cultural associations, festivals, universities, Jewish research centers, political think-tanks, museums and libraries are being forced to scrutinize the past of those they wish to invite in case some minor transgression against Israel can be exploited by local Jewish organizations. That has created a toxic, politically paranoid atmosphere that inevitably kills trust and creativity.

But the psychosis runs deeper still. Israel, and anything related to it, has become such a combustible subject – one that can ruin careers in an instant – that most political, academic and cultural figures in Germany now choose to avoid it entirely. Israel, as its supporters intended, is rapidly becoming untouchable.

A case study noted by Haaretz is Peter Schäfer, a respected professor of ancient Judaism and Christianity studies who was forced to resign as director of Berlin's Jewish Museum last year. Schäfer's crime, in the eyes of Germany's Jewish establishment, was that he staged an exhibition on Jerusalem that recognized the city's three religious traditions, including a Muslim one.

He was immediately accused of promoting "historical distortions" and denounced as "anti-Israel". A reporter for Israel's right-wing Jerusalem Post, which has been actively colluding with the Israeli government to smear critics of Israel, contacted Schäfer with a series of inciteful emails. The questions included "Did you learn the wrong lesson from the Holocaust?" and "Israeli experts told me you disseminate antisemitism – is that true?"

Please go to Mondoweiss to read the entire article.

Source: Israel-Palestinian News

Witch Hunt Is Raging Against Critics of Israel throughout Europe

December 14, 2020
Some victims of the current pro-Israel witch hunt: (L-R) Philosopher Achille Mbembe, artistic director Stefanie Carp, scholar Peter Schäfer, and Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, one of the founders of Jewish Voice for Labour. (Photo-collage by IAK)

Two articles below & a video describe attacks on people supporting Palestinian human rights. Israel partisans use unfounded claims of 'antisemitism' to block events, boycott scholars, censor critical texts…

Now, in an unprecedented move, leaders of top German cultural institutions have joined forces to declare: Enough

In Germany, a Witch Hunt Is Raging Against Critics of Israel. Cultural Leaders Have Had Enough

By Itay Mashiach, reposted from Ha'aretz

BERLIN – Nirit Sommerfeld's musical show has been touring Germany for years. Backed up by her klezmer band, Sommerfeld performs texts and songs, in both German and Yiddish, about Kristallnacht, yearnings for Israel and such things as Hanukkah in the Diaspora.

For years, the 59-year-old singer, who was born in Israel and grew up in Germany, was the darling of the Jewish community in Munich, where she lives.

Two years ago, however, when Sommerfeld submitted a standard request for public funding for her show, she encountered hemming and hawing on the part of the cordial clerks in Munich's cultural department, and delays in the handling of her request. "In the end they said, 'Would you perhaps be willing for us to receive the text of the work beforehand? Maybe it will be possible to make changes here and there.'"

Sommerfeld was shocked. "Excuse me? Do you want to censor me?" she shot back. She didn't get the funding.

Last year, she rented a club for an event marking the band's 20th anniversary. The club’s owner sent her a formal letter in which she was called upon "to confirm in writing that no antisemitic content will be given expression within the framework of the performance" – without which the club would be compelled to cancel the show.

Sommerfeld fired off a strongly worded reply. "For 10 years, we have been appearing with a program at whose center is the story of my grandfather, who was murdered in a concentration camp," she wrote, and added in bold font: "May I remind you that [he was] murdered by antisemites in Sachsenhausen?"

The explanation for both of these events can be traced back to a single root: Sommerfeld's activism against the Israeli occupation in the territories and her critical, very public remarks about Israel, which have long provoked the wrath of the Munich Jewish community. By submitting repeated complaints to the authorities, members of the community made it difficult for her to work.

Sommerfeld's case may be minor and local, but it's only a drop in the ocean. Across Germany a fierce campaign is underway against every person, organization or event that holds anti-Israel views, whether real or surmised.

Anti-BDS Resolution is pushed in Germany

The heart of the matter lies in a resolution passed in May 2019 by the Bundestag, the German parliament. Confirmed by a large majority, the resolution states that BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions), the movement that calls for a boycott of Israel, bears an antisemitic character. In the resolution, which is non-binding, the Bundestag called on the government "not to financially support any projects that call for the boycott of Israel, or actively support the BDS campaign." 

Despite the parliamentary consensus, the passage of the resolution was steeped in controversy. About 100 members of the Bundestag who supported the resolution published personal declarations expressing concern that it would nonetheless impinge on freedom of speech and affect people's ability to criticize Israeli policy. In addition, 240 Jewish and Israeli intellectuals came out strongly against the resolution. A year and a half later, in the view of many, the apprehensions have been borne out. Broad circles in Germany are seriously upset at what they see as an exaggerated use of accusations of antisemitism and of the BDS label for the purpose of curtailing criticism of Israeli policy. There is a widespread view that a toxic atmosphere of fear, threats and censorship has been created.

German democracy at stake

During the past year, the heads of the central cultural organizations in Germany met once a month – in absolute secrecy – to discuss the situation that had emerged.

They saw the topic before them as being connected to no less than German democracy and the freedom of artistic and academic expression. The meetings were frequently tempestuous and in some cases went on into the night. Thanks to the secrecy, and with cooperation between the directors, as well as the broad backing of the institutions they direct, the participants had the opportunity to address the subject freely for the first time.

More than 25 institutions were involved in the initiative, among them the Goethe Institute, the Federal Cultural Foundation, the Berlin Deutsches Theater, the German Academic Artists Exchange, the Berliner Festspiele (a body that promotes a variety of performing-arts festivals), the Einstein Forum (whose director is the Jewish American philosopher Susan Neiman) and many others from the heart of the establishment. Together, their leaders constitute a group of senior figures whose influence in the German cultural world cannot be overestimated.

Claims of 'antisemitism' used to silence criticism of Israel

This week, in a press conference that had been planned clandestinely for months, they spoke out against the dangers they see in the Bundestag resolution. In its wake, they declared, in a joint statement, that, "accusations of antisemitism are being misused to push aside important voices and to distort critical positions."

As those who stand in the forefront of the German artistic and intellectual world, they seem convinced that the BDS scare is dramatically impeding their activity and abridging freedom of expression in the institutions they lead.

It is not every day that a broad and diverse spectrum of influential members of the German establishment come together to express a unanimous critical position on the most sensitive issue on the country’s public agenda: the battle against antisemitism. In Germany, it constitutes no less than a cultural earthquake.

Interviews conducted by Haaretz with a range of intellectuals, academics, journalists, artists, politicians and heads of cultural institutions indicate the depth of the influence the Bundestag resolution has had on all areas of German civil society. Moreover, their views make it clear that the resolution and its consequences – which many see as the politicization of the struggle against antisemitism – may endanger that very struggle.

Please go to Israel-Palestinian News to read the entire article.

Source: Unz Review

Liberal Except for Palestine Jewish groups manipulate the message

It is remarkable how leading Jewish organizations manage to play both sides on so-called "humanitarian" and "human rights" issues. It is, of course, well established that Jewish voters lean heavily "liberal" or "progressive" and constitute perhaps the most solid of all Democratic Party constituencies, so it is almost instinctive on their part that they would want to seize what they perceive to be the moral high ground. More to the point, in terms of their relationship with the Democrats and their various grievance factions, they are also generally cited as the source of the majority of the party's campaign funding. This has resulted in the Democratic Party establishment's particularly sensitivity to the needs of that key constituency, invariably carefully avoiding any criticism of Israel while also tending to appoint Israel-first bureaucrats and politicians to senior positions in the government. The Jews in return support the "progressive" politics of the Democrats, both to satisfy their own tribal inclinations, and to assuage any guilt relating to the party's history of warmongering.

Jewish groups have expressed their pleasure with the appointments so far made by Biden, most particularly Ron Klain as Chief of Staff and Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser. But the Jewel in the Crown is Tony Blinken as Secretary of State. The Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), which is the Israel support group within the party, has sent out an announcement saying it's thrilled by the number and quality of "pro-Israel allies" who will be in the upcoming government. Other pro-Israel groups to include the Washington Institute for Near East Peace (WINEP) and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) have been similarly enthusiastic.

Jewish members of Congress are grossly disproportionate to their numbers in the general population (27 in the House and 9 in the Senate). Israeli Lobby power influencing Congress and the White House is clearly visible. Up until the last election Eliot Engel chaired the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Adam Schiff headed the House Intelligence Committee, two key posts firmly in the hands of politicians who had regularly put Israel's interests first. Schiff’s son has been featured wearing a Mossad T-shirt, without any negative comment apart from folks like myself. One wonders what "liberal" Democrats would have thought if the lad had been wearing a shirt featuring CIA?

Engel is mirabile dictu out of office, but he has been replaced by black New York congressman Gregory Meeks, who obedient to orders did what Jeff Blankfort describes as a "full Uncle Tom," immediately pronouncing that Israelis have a "right to defend themselves” and Palestinians need to return to the negotiating table and stop "fighting." Three days earlier, Israeli soldiers had shot dead a fourteen-year-old Palestinian boy, something that Meeks apparently regards as “self-defense," but, more to the point, consider for a moment the supreme ignorance of Mr. Meeks and the power he will wield over the nation’s foreign policy.

Nancy Pelosi is herself committed to the cause of Israel, having said that "If this capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid–and I don't even call it aid–our cooperation with Israel. That's fundamental to who we are," while president-elect Joe Biden has proudly declared himself to be a Zionist and House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer has proudly declared himself to have "dual loyalty." Add to that the appointment of Tony Blinken as Secretary of State presumptive for confirmation that the Biden White House will be the usual hotbed of pandering to Israel along the lines of the precedent set by Donald Trump.

Recently, groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have pledged their support for organizations like black lives matter, partly due to their own membership base’s liberal inclinations and also to establish their fictional bona fides as honorable gentlemen and ladies seeking to take steps that are good for American democracy as they see it. They have stated that "We mourn for George Floyd, who was horrifically murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. There are many marching in the streets across the country and around the world chanting, 'I can't breathe' in tribute to his memory and to demand justice. We mourn for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and Rayshard Brooks among countless others whose lives were cut short as a result of systemic racism in policing. As an organization committed to fighting all forms of hate, ADL knows that these brutal deaths follow an explosion of racist murders and hate crimes across the U.S. Systemic racism, injustice, and inequality call for systemic change… Join us in combatting the bigotry, racism and discrimination that targets marginalized communities today."

As a side benefit to all that hail-fellow-well-met conviviality, there is, of course, also a tactical consideration, which is that if Jewish groups can demonstrate such marvelous fellowship with poor downtrodden black folk in the United States, perhaps no one will notice how they look the other way while their co-religionists in Israel practice genocide on the Palestinian Arabs. The ADL statement is pure, unadulterated bullshit, ironical because Jews are by far the wealthiest and best educated demographic in the United States, powerful at all levels and hardly victims of anything. And they work hard to hide the fact that the Israel Lobby exists to serve the Jewish state’s interests, including making sure that the American public is led to believe that nothing is happening when Arab children are shot dead, when the livelihoods of Palestinians are destroyed, and when Israel operates with impunity to assassinate foreign officials and kill innocent civilians en masse in places like Iran, Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.

The hysteria on the part of some Jewish groups to identify with the grievances of black Americans is quite amazing to behold. It now includes memorials to the martyred George Floyd of Minneapolis, whose death triggered last spring and summer’s rioting, in so-called holocaust remembrance sites. The first such George Floyd exhibit has opened within the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center in Orlando, Florida. The intention of the exhibitors is not completely clear, but the identification of Jewish suffering with the black counterpart is intended to suck in the inevitable critics who can conveniently be described as racists, putting both Israel/Jews and American blacks on the side of the angels even though the two have functionally nothing at all to do with each other. So, anyone who might want to argue that the Floyd-holocaust joint commemoration is both ridiculous and a political contrivance might just as well button his or her lip and in so doing avoid the sanctimonious backlash that would be generated from the Jewish managed media no matter how one spins it.

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.

Editor's note: When the following is read consider the case of California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell who was apparently caught up in a honey trap operation with a Chinese intelligence operative. Swalwell now faces being removed from the House Intelligence Committee for his indiscretion.  If you were to spend time doing a thorough and objective background discovery on Swalwell, he is inside Israel's back pocket yet he sits on the House Intelligence Committee. Here's the latest for 18 December 2020 on Swalwell who apparently enjoyed screwing over national security:

Source: Big-Lies

'Intelligence' Groups. Of course, many have been Jew-controlled for centuries!

By Rae West | 1 December 2020

My point here is simply that 'intelligence' groups may act against their host countries, and it makes sense to understand the possibility.

Jews had considerable control over money for a few thousand years, and perfected their technique of secretly conferring among themselves and spying on the hated goyim, subject to technical limits of the time. They use money as a weapon—the textbook stuff, 'money is a store of value, and medium of exchange' is for small people only.

For the last few centuries many large investment decisions seem to have been controlled by Jews, including war finance. Shipping and railways are two technically important examples; more recently almost everything—roads, vehicles, airplanes, minerals, media—are Jewish owned. The details are usually more or less secret: for example, Jewish ownership of slave ships has been hidden carefully, as has Jewish control of pornography.

Information control has given Jews astounding control over people's views of the world. Here's something that was actually in the media: the supposed 'nuclear chief' of Iran was supposedly assassinated by Mossad agents, with the help of a bomb, motorbikes, snipers, who 'melted away'. The facts seem to be that Iran has many Jews at high level; nuclear bombs are a fraud, and nuclear power is, too. There are plenty of faked deaths in any case; see Miles Mathis for excellent papers on this topic. The whole story may never have happened, or, if it did, been completely distorted.

If you're completely new to this sort of thing, you might look at my piece below on H J Mackinder, whose work on geopolitics, much of it before the First World War, seems to have been more or less buried.

And/or see my review of the British 'Cold War' book Spycatcher by Peter Wright, showing he had not a clue as to what was happening. (Right-click to open in a new window).

And/or read my review of Aldrich's book on Britain's (or (((Britain)))'s) GCHQ: Richard Aldrich: GCHQ.

Here's something I think from The Times: the U.K.'s GCHQ "has begun an offensive cyber-operation to disrupt anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by hostile states" and "is using a toolkit developed to tackle disinformation and recruitment material peddled by Islamic State" to do so.

In addition, the U.K. government has ordered the British military's 77th Brigade, [this appears to be in Newbury; Hoaxashian was interesting on them] which specializes in "information warfare," to launch an online campaign to counter "deceptive narratives" about so-called COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

The GCHQ "cyber war" will not only take down "anti-vaccine propaganda" but will also seek to "disrupt the operations of the cyber-actors responsible for it, including encrypting their data so they cannot access it and blocking their communications with each other."

Compared with the controls in WW1 and WW2, this is a fleabite, but it shows how much influence the incompetent purveyors of nonsense have.

Here's a US piece by someone called Mike Adams, on the US 'Department of Defense' and the CIA:

a covert war between the DoD and the CIA is raging across the planet ... DoD raid on the CIA server farm in Frankfurt ... All those deaths have been reported in the mainstream media, by the way. [As if that guaranteed anything! The rest of the piece includes stuff on Islam, Russia, and other Jewish controlled opposition 'assets'.]

In my opinion, it's important to have some feeling for all this. One of my introductions was finding that Bletchley Park, during WW2, had many Jews, all of course able to communicate with their fellows in Germany, France, Poland, Russia, and the rest of it. Here's my long article on How the 'Chosen People' won WW2. It's incomplete, obviously. There are many secrets. But then, what's a hundred million deaths between Jews.

I sometimes play with ideas on the fairly remote future. Maybe the more intelligent Jews, seeing their own genetic decay, realising that self-identifying as a 'race' when they are mongrels is a mistake, and apprehensive of increasing failure as genuine expertise is 'affirmatively' thrown away, will finally slough off the superstitious clowns permanently, and become more co-operative.

Editor's note: When you watch episodes unfold of the Israel-Iran nuclear dilemma, it is becoming obviously so staged it is like watching a suspenseful nightly television TV-drama. We are led to think Israel was able to walk into Iran and walk out with thousands and thousands of nuclear-related documents on Iran's alleged "nuclear program?" It only presents evidence Israel and Iran at some level are coordinating this television drama for our continued passive ignorance. Is it possible what we are looking at here is Israel fearing Iran accessing the physics involved with nuclear power and not nuclear weapons themselves? The long term goal is to work with the Persian empire along with China and Russia to bring Iran into China's Belt & Road Initiative.

The capture of America is now so complete, President Trump presents Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu with a "key to the White House."

News appears daily with Israel bringing about peace deals with countries all over the region more recently with Morocco and now with Bhutan. Israel's continued "peace agreements" calling for more cooperation between these Arab nations and Israel comes simultaneously as the US retracts from the world. Even though there is recent encroachment on Bhutan by China, this is likely all part of China's long term plans for the Belt & Road Initiative with Israel's cooperation

Then within the past week, Israel's head of its space program, released a statement saying "aliens are here and that President Trump is aware of an extraterrestrial presence." What kind of high strangeness and weirdness is going on here? Just like intelligence out of Israel to toss a bone at a gullible public. 

A few more wonderful insights into America's "best friend in the Middle East": 

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