Monday, December 14, 2020

Pfizer Sales Representative Anthony Cuomo Says New York Is Open For Business - Cuomo Locks New York Down for Pfizer - No Other State Is Freaking Out Over Covid Like New York - New York Gives Approval For Pfizer Vaccine Before the FDA - New York Tax Base Dwindling and Businesses Exiting - New York Signed Its Own Destruction

Editor's note: New York has self-destructed. Since the beginning of this year when the WEF-led central bank imposed "Great Reset" was kicked off using Covid as their operational imperative, over 300,000 people have left New York. New York's governor Herr Cuomo, who is now accused of sexually harassing a woman for years, is aggressively pushing for a complete shutdown the entire state of New York because of Covid. Ever wonder why New York is ground zero for Covid in the US? We would certainly like to begin discovery. This wouldn't be because of Pfizer's corporate headquarters being located in New York would it? 

NASDAQ has released news they are considering moving their data center in New Jersey to Texas. News appeared stating that Carl Icahn's hedge fund managed out of New York is going to move to Miami, Florida. Even Goldman Sachs is looking at sending its most profitable division to Florida. It is getting so bad in New York that one third of New York residence said they are considering leaving the state. Read more here: 
This globally induced pandemic has facilitated a financial, technological, biopharmaceutical and military-intelligence push for complete centralization and technocratic control. 

This should be encouraging for those with a religious-like faith in one of the seven sacraments of the Church of Techno Covid with their miracle-working vaccines:

Happy birthday, Cuomo.

The Church of Techno Covid even suggests there is "hope":

The thing about the PCR tests, Cuomo, is that they are a completely proven scam and the cycles used are being tweaked. 

What are the experts saying though about this "pandemic?"

33 Experts: This Is Not A Real Medical Pandemic (Video)

Cuomo is more concerned about the Covid scamdemic than he is with New York's rapidly dwindling tax base and businesses leaving the state:

Cuomo pimping for Pfizer so he locks the state of New York down for the pharmaceutical company: 
The New York Times advertising for Pfizer:


How marvelously wonderful we can all witness the first person in New York to get vaccinated:

Are we all this fucking stupid or what? 

Fear, panic and chaos hits New York as hospitals will be overrun with coronavirus (influenza; colds; fever the usual cold month ailments) patients. Quick, New York has to beat the rest of the US at getting the Covid vaccines injected so a "command center" is set up. New York's Cuomo has all the answers leading this history-making war against coronavirus - for Pfizer. 

Something you may want to consider if you are thinking of having a Covid jab:

If you visit the "big apple" take precautions so you don't get shot and killed:

Sing it, Frank...

As an aside, states like California and New York are collapsing. The "deep state" (Peter Dale Scott) intelligence cutout Elon Musk just released news he is moving his operation from California to Texas. 

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