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Owner of Biden: Michael Bloomberg - Covid Is Cover For Technocratic Fascist Rollout - Health Data Biocapitalism - Data Is the New Commodity - You Are Being Shifted to a "Data Commodity" - Impact Investing by Oligarchs: Measurable Behavioral Changes - Batteries Go Dead

Editor's note:  Michael Bloomberg graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in electrical engineering if this makes sense with Bloomberg who allegedly financed a $100 million "digital campaign" against President Trump. The global Covid operation is cover for building out further this technological control surveillance with Bloomberg standing fully behind this rollout. Bloomberg also stands completely behind the startup nation as billions in private equity flow into Israel. Bloomberg was also behind the newly constructed Cornell-Technion facility in New York with one facade named the Bloomberg Center. Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) is located in Haifa, Israel. 

Qualcomm founder gives $133m. to Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute

One of the "underwriters" in New York for the Davos and WEF-directed "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (4IR) is of course Bloomberg. Since Bloomberg graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1964 in electrical engineering, Bloomberg is coordinating with the university as well as with New York governor Cuomo backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, to roll out the techno fascist control grid. This explains the aggressiveness of Cuomo in forcing masks, Covid-19 vaccines (injectables), lockdowns, business closings and spreading fear. Earlier this year, Johns Hopkins rolled out some kind of a Covid-19 digital contact-tracing training module. Recall that it was the real-time updates put out by Johns Hopkins that everyone was going to for updates on Covid.

The "born in the USA, conceived in Israel" Breitbart News runs this piece about a MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professor making the claim the New York subway system "seeded the massive spread of Covid." And the New York subway system didn't seed influenza viruses in past years? That's if you think flu is transmissible between people. More likely lack of sunshine, Vitamin D and related factors. An institute of technology where an "economics professor" who isn't a virologist, a doctor or a heath care professional makes this claim? Makes you want to start doing discovery on MIT to see how they are profiting and building technocratic systems off the global Covid operation. MIT is involved in the technology related to supply chain tracking

The reason this is all centered on health is because the coming techno fascist digitized surveillance infrastructure being established under Covid, is to obtain biometrics data on everyone. While Bloomberg has been associated with Bill Gates for over a decade, Bloomberg is also associated with David Rockefeller's "Good Club." The stated goal of the Good Club is to work at "reducing the world's population." If you are in this exclusive club for billionaires it means you are "good" we guess. The Covid operation will take billionaires to trillionaire status. The underlying premise of the Good Club is philanthropy but don't be fooled. A better description would be "predatory philanthropy." Philanthropy has always been used as cover for oligarchs to achieve what their goals are and used to shield their astonishing wealth. This of course made possible with their easy access to magic money. 

Wealth has flowed into fewer and fewer hands over the years including into the hands of Bloomberg using data analytics to build Bloomberg L.P. into a $10 billion in revenue operation just in 2019. These billionaires are first interested in amassing more wealth - then "saving the planet." Bloomberg is also connected to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations as "climate ambassador." Good Club meetings are sponsored by the Rockefeller University
The "Good Club": Benefactors of Chaos 

The new financial model being put together by billionaires including George Soros' involvement in the Good Club, is to roll out debt and data extraction. All these billionaires in the financial game are aware of advancing their plans for "pay for success," but that it will necessitate applications of A.I., machine learning and data analytics. The smart cities Bloomberg is backing that will be augmented with 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) dominated by Israel, will be built out in 21 cities in Europe. It is estimated that as of 2020 there are more than 26 billion objects (data harvesting) connected to the internet not including PCs, tablets and smart phones. Israel is going from the "startup nation" to the "scale up nation":

The Fourth Industrial Revolution stated goals enunciated by Schwab at the WEF are mechanisms of high tech policing, data harvesting, blockchain identity, autonomous systems and robotics. This technocratic system being built will need our physical labor to build the actual physical infrastructure, then once the infrastructure is built the robots will take over. There is probably a lot more planned we are not aware of but this is all to initiate the "singularity." The "singularity" under BioCapitalism means you will be confined to your panoptic "data pod" (Covid "social distancing" is the training). 

One of the key areas of interest for the Global Parliament of Mayors are vaccines. Who has ever heard of the Global Parliament of Mayors until now and what they do? It is a globalist-directed outfit located at the Hague coordinating policy including directives on vaccines. All these organizations connected to Bloomberg Philanthropies are running the SARS-CoV-2 structure even though the actual SARS-Cov-2 virus has not been isolated demonstrating Covid is the cover to build out this technocratic data mining infrastructure including "impact investing" (Health Data Biocapitalism).

We are going to stop here because this is an incredibly dense subject to take on that is being set up and structured by oligarchs to farm and herd their livestock using these technocratic systems based on their investment flows. We highly recommend readers go to the material at The Brothers Grim: Bill and Mike's Pandemic Panopticon to begin understanding hopefully your unwilling participation in the technocratic systems being built. 

As you grasp the following material understand that Bloomberg achieved his wealth using predictive analytics based on signals intelligence. How else do you become the alleged "16th wealthiest person in the world" (public consumption). This is about electricity; it is ultimately about power. You are nothing more than a "battery" to these technocrats. Your energy is being consumed and these impact investments are going to consume even more out of you; because your behavior can now be fully manipulated.

Just wait until the neural implants arrive. You will be sitting in your pod connected to the singularity feeding it your energy as you go into virtual nature for a "vocation" using a virtual reality headset. What these impact investments Bloomberg is behind are really all about, are investments based on behavioral changes.  The technocrats will alter or control consciousness to put your augmented conscious mind inside the cloud. 

Source: Covert Geopolitics

The Top Owners of America's President-Elect Joe Biden

DECEMBER 23, 2020

Some of the top owners of America's President-Elect Joe Biden are entirely secret because a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court, in the infamous 2010 Citizens United case, encouraged not only corruption but corruption that's entirely secret or "dark money."

However, most of the individuals who purchased Biden to become the U.S. President did so under the previously existing laws, which require public reporting of their donations.

Here, then, are the top ten publicly known donors to the Biden campaign, but these are all via some sort of Political Action Committee or PAC, and therefore most are in conjunction with other billionaires and centi-millionaires, instead of entirely solo donations:

Top Contributors, federal election data for Joe Biden, 2020 cycle

Bloomberg LP [Michael Bloomberg] $56,796,137
• Future Forward USA [largely Dustin Moskowitz] $29,917,229
• Priorities USA/Priorities USA Action [Hillary backers] $25,841,199
• Asana [Moskowitz & Rosenstein] $21,937,902
• Sixteen Thirty Fund [dark money] $19,874,655
• Democracy PAC [George Soros] $19,000,000
• Senate Majority PAC [Democratic billionaires] $12,371,874
• American Bridge 21st Century [largely Soros] $10,260,573
• Paloma Partners [Donald Sussman] $9,016,248
• Euclidean Capital [James Simons] $7,006,805

*Totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

The 11th-largest (which will now be shown) happens to be not Democratic billionaires but Republican billionaires. However, Michael Bloomberg, the former Republican Mayor of NYC, was Biden's largest donor, and therefore could also be considered to be a Republican donor to Biden's campaign.

Defending Democracy Together [Republican billionaires] $6,776,862

In other words: the distinction between Republican billionaires and Democratic billionaires is no longer quite clear. Although the manicured PR for each of the two major Parties accentuates the ideological differences between the two, those differences have greatly decreased, except that on the U.S. Supreme Court the Republican 'Justices' are far-right (extremist conservatives) whereas the Democratic 'Justices' are centrist (liberals).

None are, at all, progressives. Progressives don't exist on that Court. The numbers and natures of that Court’s unanimous decisions make clear that no leftist jurist (progressive or otherwise) sits there. Whereas some billionaires are centrist and others are far-right, none are any sort of leftist.

Nor does any leftist candidate for national political office receive any donation from any billionaire but only from poor and middle-class donors. Both of America's Parties represent mainly the interests of billionaires, and this has been documented in the only scientific studies that have been done of the subject. America is an aristocracy not a democracy.

In addition to those and other donations that were made either entirely or mainly by particular billionaires, Biden's campaign utilized "bundlers," or well-connected wealthy individuals who invited other well-connected wealthy individuals to their private fund-raising parties for Biden's campaign; and the list that the Biden campaign assembled of all its bundlers who raised at least $100,000 for the campaign will be presented here.

However, first will be noted the hostile reader-comments reactions when the early version of this list — which then was of bundlers who had raised at least $25,000 for the campaign — was made public at the Democratic Party website which is written and run by Taegan Goddard, "Political Wire," which headlined on 27 December 2019, prior even to the earliest of all the state primaries and caucuses, "Biden Discloses His Bundlers", and the 36 reader-comments there were overwhelmingly hostile, such as "Gee Taegan, could you make it seem any more suspicious and improper?"

Those readers were angry that a Democratic Party news-site would publish an indication that their Party utilizes the same corrupt practices that the Republican billionaires’ Party does. They weren't grateful for the non-partisan information they had just received, but wanted it not to have been made public.

No other news-site did publish it — only Goddard’s site did. And, when, at the end of all of the campaigns the Biden organization issued its legally obligatory final financial reports, on 1 November 2020, neither Goddard nor any other news-site published it: "Once burned, twice shy," and Goddard didn’t want to get "burned" again.

So, here is that final list, of the 902 Biden bundlers who raised over $100,000 each for him — totaling at least $902,000,000 for him — (which list has never before been published, except at its source):

"VOLUNTEER FUNDRAISERS" [listed on 1 November 2020]

The following individuals have raised at least $100,000 for our campaign and affiliated joint fundraising committees:

• Daniel Abbasi Riverside, CT
• Jamal Abdi Arlington, VA
• Kevin Abel Atlanta, GA
• Joyce A. Aboussie Saint Louis, MO
• Alyson L. Abramowitz Sunnyvale, CA
• Thomas Abt Cambridge, MA
• Jerry Acker Huntington Woods, MI
• Karen R. Adler New York, NY
• Matthew L. Adler Miami Beach, FL
• Michael M. Adler Coral Gables, FL
• Sara & Robert Adler Washington, DC
• Ijaz Ahmad Old Westbury, NY
• Matthew Aks Washington, DC
• David Alberga La Jolla, CA
• Andrew Albertson Washington, DC
• John D. Aldock Bethesda, MD
• Valerie Alexander Chicago, IL County Executive
• Angela Alsobrooks Upper Marlboro, MD
• Roger C. Altman New York, NY
• Wa'el Alzayat Washington, DC
• Joyce Amico Aspen, CO
• Hady Amr Arlington, VA
• Jennifer Anderson Los Angeles, CA
• Robert Mailer Anderson San Francisco, CA

Please go to Covert Geopolitics to read more. 


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