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Ivermectin: Extremely Cheap Prophylactic Drug For Covid - Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution - Health Suggestions (Not Medical Advice) For Treating Covid - Technocratic Bolshevism: Americans Snitching on Each Other - Oregon Goes Full Retard

Editor's note: This is what America has eroded into with psychos and order followers snitching and ratting out fellow Americans. It's bad enough when Chinese operatives have practically infiltrated every strata of America including big tech, but now Americans are turning against each other in their own self-imposed prison. This is so diabolical it isn't even comprehensible. America has been completely converted into a technocratic communist corporate Bolshevik state. The guy is lucky he wasn't mercilessly beaten to death or worse shot dead for stalking and harassing this woman.

And now on to some healthy creative options besides snitching on each other and being obedient remote controlled automaton Bolsheviks...if you are like the guy who stalked this woman there is no hope for you. You are compelled to do what you are doing because you have entangled yourself at the quantum level with the commercial death cult running this militarized planet.


"If You Take It, You Will Not Get Sick." — Pierre Kory on Ivermectin

December 9, 2020
Dr. Pierre Kory came into the public eye in May when he implored before the senate the use of corticosteroids in critical care for COVID-19, and his proposal turned out to be live-saving for many patients. On December 8, he appeared as a witness before the senate again. Taking part in the hearing called "Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution", he presented a new treatment protocol called I-MASK+ and the use of repurposed drug ivermectin, which the FLCCC Alliance has been tirelessly researching.

The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance, that Dr. Kory is the president of, was initially formed as a working group under emergency conditions. Their founding members include professors, pulmonary and critical care specialists, and physicians, who dedicate their time to the nonprofit cause of repurposing efficacious drugs rather than focusing on costly and lengthy processes of developing new drugs and vaccines.

Dr. Pierre Kory is board-certified in critical medicine, pulmonary diseases, and internal medicine. He has worked closely with critical COVID-19 patients across the US throughout the pandemic. He is the chief of the critical care service and medical director of the trauma and life support center at the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Paul Marik, who Dr. Kory calls the group's "intellectual leader", is endowed professor of medicine and chief of the division of pulmonary and crucial care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

This is the scientific manuscript that Dr. Kory referred to in the Senate hearing.


I compiled very recent clips of Pierre Kory (including his Senate Testimony) talking about Ivermectin as an extremely cheap and effective prophylactic drug, into the twenty-minute video above.

However YouTube has been aggressively censoring this video, community striking it "medical misinformation". As such I'm likely to lose yet another channel very soon.

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Transcript of Clips

Each separate clip is time-stamped below.

NEWS HOST ➝ 00:00
Yeah, your exact words during your testimony were, "I can't keep doing this." You're talking about a drug, repurposed drugs in particular, and one that could have a miraculous impact on not just treating, but preventing COVID-19.

Our group, again, we have come to the conclusion after reviewing months of data that have all come out in last few months, this is all new data. We never believed that ivermectin was the answer. We thought it might be early on because there was some theoretical rationale that it might work.

But what we uncovered in the last three months is nothing but repeated studies in trial showing phenomenal effectiveness in multiple areas, not only in prevention, but early and late treatment.

And the most, the most overwhelming data is in the prevention of transmission of COVID-19. If you are on ivermectin, the studies and their randomized control trials, large and well done show, if you're taking ivermectin, you will not contract COVID-19. I repeat. If you are taking ivermectin, you will not contract COVID-19.

You know, I'm in the healthcare system, I've worked for many large institutions, some major academic medical centers, but the way that government works around health care and what those health care authorities or institutions do, it's not clear to me, but from the outside, what I've observed is it seems that it's stating the obvious.

It seems that they're looking for big solutions. And I think they're listening to maybe business interests looking for, you know, systematic populations, usually something novel, right? And so that seems to be their first way to address this. So like for instance, this overemphasis on a new vaccine, developing vaccines and, or these novel medications.

Your question was about like, why aren't they pushed for trials on various solutions. I don't know why they're looking for novel stuff when we have so much therapeutics available to us.

I’m going to say my concern is if the major, like sort of Big Pharma and governmental institutions haven’t done that, I'll say I would ask a question. Where's the big philanthropy, right?

There's large philanthropic organizations that could have come in and said, you know, this seems to be a rather available novel solution, which has some efficacy. Why aren't they coming in and funding some of these trials.

My team, my group, my colleagues, we have discovered the cure for COVID. And so there's nothing new that's happening right now that hasn't, that wasn't changed already. Dr. Marik is the first one who brought our attention to it. He put a video on his YouTube website weeks ago, months ago, and all I’ve done is worked very closely with him at amassing the data. Our manuscript needs to be reviewed by the NIH, and they need to formulate treatment recommendations, now.

NEWS HOST ➝ 00:00
The drug. Is it ivermectin? I want to make sure I get it right.

Ivermectin. And so you have to be clear on what ivermectin is. It already has won the Nobel prize in medicine for its discovery because of its global health impact. So it's already rid the world of a number of parasitic diseases, half, a 60% of Sub-Sahara Africa take ivermectin regularly to rid themselves of the scourge of parasites.

What we discovered and what the studies show, it has phenomenal antiviral activity. It absolutely blocks the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. So you don't get sick. The virus can't infect, can't replicate and can't kill you if you're on ivermectin.

NEWS HOST ➝ 00:00
Is the drug readily, readily available, affordable? And does it come in pill form?

It's a pill. And what's crazy is for treatment as little as one dose is effective.

Let me talk about first that we, so as a group, it was Dr. Paul Marik, very famous doctor, you know, one of the, probably the most published intensivist in the world. So we’re, the core group of us were critical care specialists.

We work in intensive care units. You know, our predominant expertise is dealing with patients with multiple forms of, or numbers of organ failure. So we, we take care of the sickest of the sick. We’re close colleagues and friends with Dr. Marik.

And when the pandemic first started to hit the US, a couple other colleagues of ours reached out to Paul and said, listen, you know, you got to figure out how to treat this thing. And he called in his close number of colleagues, and we formed our group and we were, I don't know how many months it's been now, but we've just been reading and reading and reading and discussing.
DECEMBER 8, 2020

"If you're taking ivermectin, you will not contract COVID-19. I repeat. If you are taking ivermectin, you will not contract COVID-19"

Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center
And we came up with, first one protocol, and now more recently, and that's what we're going to talk about today, a more recent protocol. But our first one that we first got a lot of attention to. It was called the MATH+ protocol, and that's for hospitalized patients.

And that's really where our expertise lies is how to treat the very ill patients whose lungs are starting to fail in the hospital.

And the MATH is, stands for the first main components, which is methylprednisolone, intravenous ascorbic acid, thymine, and heparin.

We're aggressive with our anticoagulation. We're aggressive with our anti-inflammation with the methylprednisolone, as well as the ascorbic acid.

And then for the organ support the thymine. We also would call it the MATH+ cause we have a number of other elements and that protocol has been adopted in varying amounts throughout the world.

Please go to to read the entire article.

The following is not medical advice. Please be sure to study thoroughly and completely your own personal decision or choices on how to take care of your health.

Source: earth clinic

BHT Benefits

Some viruses which BHT may be of use for include the following:

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Epstein Barr Virus
Cold Sores

BHT Dosage for COVID-19

Continue reading in the comments section below for testimonials about BHT for COVID-19.

Watch Earth Clinic's video on how to take BHT for Viruses.

BHT and Ivermectin reduce viral load significantly because it degrades the lipid surrounding the virus. 

Researchers think coconut oil may help treat COVID-19 patients:

Monolaurin is used by the food industry as an emulsifier and natural preservative against bacteria and is also the active ingredient in many dermatological preparations, Dayrit says. Together, monolaurin and lauric acid have the physicochemical property of being able to destroy the membrane of lipid-coated viruses. The antiviral activities of lauric acid and monolaurin were first noted in a 1979 study and later in 1982 [pdf]. Because the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is a lipid-coated virus, coconut oil seems promising.


Doctors cure 6,000 patients with Covid-19 with Ivermectin

"I Can't Keep Watching Patients Die Needlessly!" Medical Professor Testifies to Congress that COVID Cure Already Exists with Ivermectin

Ivermectin for Covid-19

Full on retard in Oregon with their LGBT governor. The reality these LGBT types build around them is so obfuscated it's no wonder Americans are confused, apathetic and in a state of perpetual childhood all the while China is smashing through their front door. 

The world is observing America very closely including any response to this massive global Covid scam (even if a virus was tweaked in China) designed to place America into shock therapy, as well as social issues some Americans have prioritized for themselves building their careers on like the woman giving this "lecture" in the clip below. Is there any hope for the current system called "America." No, quite frankly there isn't, not until new systems gradually replace this old dying and decaying dysfunctional commercial death cult magic money system pitting abysmally ignorant Americans against each other. There are no words that can describe the level of ignorance displayed here. It explains why so many Americans have decided to mask themselves as slaves in abeyance to this technocratic communist infrastructure being installed around them.  

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