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Government Vaccination Programs: Crimes Against Humanity

Editor's note: The evidence is starting to come in concerning the Covid vaccines (injectables) while in Australia lawsuits are being prepared as "crimes against humanity." This while the US corporate government is gearing up for backlash in the form of Covid lawsuits: US Covid-19 relief package set to IMMUNIZE corporations from pandemic lawsuits, alarms worker advocates 


Source: Vaccine Decisions

December 3, 2020 | By Judy Wilyman PhD

This article has also been published in the Masters of Health Magazine (1 December 2020) – 'Government Vaccination Programs: Crimes Against Humanity' and on the Principia Scientific International website (1 December) – 'Vaccine Safety and the Precautionary Principle.' 

In Australia legal action has started against the government – Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and federal and state health ministers – for the fraudulent use of PCR tests to create the appearance of a pandemic and for the implementation of lockdown measures, including coercive vaccination, which will harm human health – COVID Fraud: Lawyers File action against Corrupt Australian Government.

Governments and individuals/organisations who are promoting or enforcing false and misleading health information without the knowledge of long-term health effects in genetically diverse populations are committing a crime against humanity. It is also a crime to mandate or coerce any vaccine (drug) on a population in government policy because all medications have different side-effects in different people due to our genetics. This is a fundamental principle of medical ethics: fully informed consent without coercion, manipulation or pressure.

In addition, to the normal risks that all vaccines pose to many pre-disposed individuals the new COVID19 vaccine includes new and untested technology that will allow people to be monitored for their health status and movements. This will be recorded on an e-health card that will be used to limit your travel or other participation in society. This has already been introduced for children in Australia with the NJNPay/Play policies and now it is being enforced on adults with the new COVID19 vaccine.

It is also a crime that healthy people are being tested with a PCR test that does not diagnose disease and then these healthy people are being labelled as a 'case' of COVID19 that is reported in the media or they are quarantined if the test is positive; yet there are many false positives with this non-standardised test.

This fraudulent use of the PCR test has now been confirmed in the Portuguese Courts – The Portuguese Court Rules PCR tests as Unreliable and Unlawful to Quarantine People.

Here is a video – Warning for Humanity: the COVID-19 Vaccine – that describes the new technology that is in the COVID-19 vaccine (fast-tracked and untested for safety) that will enable governments to collect our biometric data (personal identification) after vaccination.

Any government that uses coercive measures to enforce the use of a medical drug on the population is committing a crime against humanity. This is due to the diversity of our genetic-makeup yet governments are ignoring this science (epigenetics) to force the COVID19 vaccine on all international travelers who wish to fly on Qantas airlines. A policy that is expected to be adopted by other airlines soon.

This is for a vaccine that has been fast-tracked onto the market and it includes new technology that will remove our privacy and for which we do not have any long-term safety data. There is no independent analysis of the claims of safety or efficacy of this vaccine prior to being mandated for travelers’ in December 2020. This is critical information to have before coercing people with a medication that has known risks for many people.

A senior research scientist with extensive knowledge in the regulation of drugs, Dr. Saeed Qureshi, made the following comment about the many COVID19 vaccines being developed, in his article titled 'Should FDA and other authorities approve the SARS-Cov-2/COVID-19 vaccines? – A scientific perspective.':
'Arguably, there appears to be no need, at least on an urgent basis, for developing a vaccine or any other new therapies for the illness showing mild flu-like symptoms, which could be handled with already developed and available medications. Clinical trials have been conducted without scientifically valid study designs based on vague endpoints, and invalid analytical (PCR) tests that ought to produce useless conclusions and products.'
An analysis of the end-points and main issues with the clinical trials of Pfizer's COVID19 vaccine.

In Australia, this COVID-19 vaccine will be one of many vaccines that are now used coercively to deprive Australians of their right to participate fully in society. There are 12+ vaccines that have already been mandated in coercive policies for children as well as for adult employment and welfare benefits from government programs. These can be expected to be added to the adult e-health card for mandatory use in the near future.

These coercive policies are a crime against the population due to the known serious adverse health outcomes (and death) that occur after many people are vaccinated. Our genetics pre-dispose us to many chronic illnesses and these illnesses have been increasing significantly in the population in direct correlation to the increased use of vaccines for decades.

Whilst the government claims 'correlation does not prove causation' it is still incumbent on the government to use evidence-based medicine in the design of health policies. Dismissing this evidence as 'a coincidence' is not evidence-based medicine, and it is a crime against the people because it will result in significant harm/death to an unknown number of people.

Editor's note: If you are in the US military you can't just say, "no thank you, I don't want the vaccine." Trained for obedience and considering the DoD along with the HSS (Health and Human Services budget comes in at a staggering $87 billion for FY 2020) ordered the vaccines under "Operation Warp Speed", here is acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller "humbled" by receiving the first of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine. These guys don't have a choice.

Speaking of the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS), its head Alex Azar and Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Bloomington, Indiana to have a look at the Calalent biologics facility of the Moderna Covid vaccine related to Operation Warp Speed.  Calalent also manufacturers Johnson & Johnson and UK-based AstraZeneca Covid vaccines. These facilities like Calalent in Bloomington, Indiana are like other biological labs that share bioweapons research while simultaneously engineering vaccines. 

Vice President Mike Pence visits COVID-19 vaccine facility in Bloomington

"Help and hope" are on the way. What do you do, take the Moderna Covid vaccine with the "pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA)" and hope it works? It is just astonishing watching this vaccine rollout with CNN abruptly announcing in the middle of an interview with HSS's Azar, there are over 300,267 deaths from Covid and that there are 16,388,504 cases of Covid as of 15 December 2020. Have you ever watched such melodramatic bullshit (go to linked CNN interview at the linked url in red above) in your entire life? Meanwhile in Washington DC, all these elites are having Christmas parties because they know this is all bullshit. 


The totally bizarre and unimaginable is happening before our very eyes as we are sold this "help and hope" Covid vaccine sales pitch.

And what happens to independent researchers who have revealed the vaccine agenda?

If you are an Australian and tired of being assaulted by your corporate government as an experimental outpost of the City of London and the crown, it is highly suggested you contact Solutions Empowerment to end your slavery and bondage to this death cult and magic money system. 
Alternative to the above linked source: 

The Covid-19 Data is a 'Travesty' (FULL VIDEO)


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