Sunday, December 20, 2020

Former Goldman CFO Calls For Universal Basic Income "To Stave Off Revolution"

Editor's note: You can register for your monthly digital income (it is not currency) at your local post office or nearest Federal Reserve (Fintech) office. It will be deposited directly into your digital wallet and you will be required to spend it within that month or you will be docked the following month. As the food supply chain is collapsed (note all the chicken farms being torched) you will only be allotted a predetermined amount and type of food required for minimum subsistence. Technocratic corporate feudalism is coming through our front door and most are opening the latch on the door willingly. The programming is complete. Keep your face in your smart phone and comply for further instructions. What is your choice: "revolution" or a digitized corporate feudalistic predetermined existence?

It is mass mind control on a global scale because the internet has expanded the technocrat elites rule. Seems most people have a "natural" tendency to reject massive disruptive technological change. Technology is a tool, like money, so just as to be expected it has been weaponized. That's what technocrats do, they weaponize everything. The technocrats based out of the WEF, big tech and the Davos elites (elite lunatics) with oligarchs behind them, have the occult working for them using what Michael Hoffman refers to as "twilight language" to initiate the entire population into their digitized existence. Make no mistake about it: we are being assaulted

The population is undergoing segregation: take the Covid vaccine and you will receive "privileges"; take the basic monthly digital guaranteed income and everyone is suddenly made equal; visit only alternative news sites that are pre-approved; accept the digital surveillance and "we will take care of you." Here is your allotment to live. What is the alternative? According to Martin Armstrong who we have high regard for, he has been running what he calls his own A.I. system called "Socrates." Socrates says the technocrats are going to fail. Also, just because Zero Hedge (likely CIA fronted news website) runs this story doesn't necessarily mean this is inevitable. Those who go along with this technocratic corporate feudalism being promoted by Schwab & Co. at the WEF and Davos are going to be friggin' triaged into oblivion. It is time to triage these global criminal inter-generational oligarchs. 

Source: Activist Post
By Tyler Durden | December 18, 2020

Former Goldman Sachs CFO Marty Chavez thinks that income redistribution via Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the only way to stave off revolution as the wealth gap continues to increase.

In an interview with The Business of Business, host Gregory Ugwi asked Chavez if he agrees with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who says "there should be no billionaires in the US as long as there are poor families," adding that venture capitalist Paul Graham says that income inequality is a “natural part of capitalism, and a sign that the process is working."

Chavez, a Democrat donor (most recently Pete Buttigieg's presidential bid), agreed that the income gap is a consequence of capitalism, but said "at the same time, it isn't an inevitable feature of capitalism that the inequality be as extreme as it's getting. There have been long periods in American history where there was always inequality – but it wasn't this kind of inequality."

He also isn't a fan of AOC, saying "I am not in AOC's camp – at all. I didn't vote for her, I wouldn't vote for her. I hear her, and she's just not saying anything that makes any sense to me."
At the same time, I'm a big proponent of a universal basic income.

My personal view is that if you’re just being pragmatic and looking at inequality – and not thinking about some abstract concept of justice – you don't want the inequality to be so extreme that it leads to revolution. So you ought to be prepared to pay to decrease that probability.

This is what I say to, you know, friends who you might call 'oligarchs,' right? Why it would make sense for everybody to have some baseline income and why we should all pay for it.

Please go to Activist Post to read more. 


Cryptocurrency is dead. Long live Central Bank Digital Currency!

The world's population is being segregated. One segment will go full on technocratic feudalistic digital and the remaining segment will stay analog. There are always options:


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