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COVID and Climate: Flipping the Green Switch

Editor's note: The importance of this material cannot be overstated. The US is going through a reorganization meaning the collapse of the American government (privatized) and the states broken up into independent commonwealths (economic regions) like what occurred in the Soviet Union. The $900 billion Covid stimulus package (the package was actually $2.3 trillion) that passed the US congress (there is no federal government) is meant partially to separate the economy (globalizing it) from the political systems in each of the countries included in the stimulus package. Corporate communism will now follow including with the digital dollar (crypto is not a currency; it is digital control). If you want to get out from underneath what is coming you are invited to join us

Source: Technocratic Tyranny
By Vicky Davis | December 17, 2020 

~ There is nothing more contagious than fear ~ 

War is so much easier to understand when there are soldiers shooting at you. There is no question what actions need to be taken for preservation of life. You have to take cover and shoot back. 

When the war is intellectual and is "in the context of everything else", it's much more difficult to defend against. Not everyone is equipped for such a war.
The individual is handicapped coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. — J. Edgar Hoover
The conspiracy is of course, Climate Change. The definition – my definition of Climate Change is science by consensus propagated by credentialed people for political or economic purpose.

Climate Change is a racket backed up by a terror campaign of fear, the purpose of which is to force the transfer sovereign governing authority to international organizations comprised of communist technocrats. Why people believe that some socialist international body residing in Paris – connected to the COMMUNIST United Nations will “protect” us is beyond me.

World Governance through Environmental Management 

Criminal world power mongers determined and logically so, that management of the environment is the path to global governance. The reason is obvious. Everything that happens on earth – happens in the "environment". Control the environment – control the world. The means is not just 'divide and conquer'. It's divide and re-join. The re-joining is the realignment of interests along the global horizontal axis. The re-joining for government agencies establishes intergovernmental overlords – effectively traitors embedded within our governments. For the private sector, the rejoining is by professional specialty or interest. It's the re-joining along the horizontal axis under the nation-state model that causes the collapse of the nation-state government because the pillars of support for the government are re-aligned to support the international communist crime syndicate.

Treasonous Re-Alignment By Treaty and Policy Change by Trickery 

Insert here, previous research on the 1987 Montreal Protocol. At the bottom of that research is the following:
Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 

On October 25, 1990, H.R. 5931, the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 was introduced in the House of Representatives by Howard Wolpe (D-MI).

The legislation was referred to Committee. It was never voted on by Congress as legislation. It was put into an Appropriations bill (H.R.5835) by Leon Panetta. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 became Public Law 101-508 on November 5, 1990.

The EPA accepted it as law.
The Pollution Prevention Act was a major ideological shift in policy. It was like night and day. God rules the day. The demons rule the night. The policy of prevention is the policy of the night. Fear based policy is the policy of tyrannical control. This ideological shift is what put us on the path of global rule by psychopaths because it was initiated by international treaty and international law via the La Paz treaty (1983) and the Montreal Protocol (1987).

The Montreal Protocol was about chemicals in the air. According to the script, chemicals like CFC's were dissolving the ozone layer – expanding the hole in the ozone. It wasn’t true of course. The hole in the ozone is a natural phenomenon. It goes in cycles – expanding and contracting at different times over thousands of years. The proof is in the fossil record but truth doesn’t matter when the science is by consensus and the agenda is political.
In April of 1991, a conference titled Global Pollution Prevention was held in Washington DC. Two of the sessions were broadcast on C-Span. Two of the presenters at the beginning of conference were Dave Buzzelli, then Vice President and Executive Director for Health and Safety at Dow Chemical and Hank Habicht, Deputy Director of the EPA. What these two men said at this conference reset the philosophy of government in the United States. Buzzelli talked about process analysis at Dow Chemical including waste reduction. Habicht described how the EPA would be implementing Total Quality Management and life cycle analysis. The second session of the Global Pollution Prevention conference was the Role of the Media for the global pollution prevention movement. 

Obviously, the EPA regulates more than just chemicals. They regulate the environment either directly or indirectly so life cycle analysis in this context includes you and your family and everything you do from flipping on the light switch in the morning to the shower you take, to the car you drive to work. Everything is included in life cycle analysis. And the main objective – the driving purpose of the agency became PREVENTION. Don't breathe because you are polluting the air and we are all going to die – because of YOU. That's the level of insanity that we are dealing with. 

BUSINESS of the Americas 

In the analysis of the conversion to a global system of governance, it became apparent that the objective of trade agreements was to allow the globalization of business – thereby separating the economic system of countries from the political systems. Towards that treasonous objective, in 1990, George H.W. Bush announced the Enterprise of the Americas initiative with the goal:
Bush Announces the End of the United States as a Nation 

"Second, we must build on the trend we see toward free markets and make our ultimate aim a free trade system that links all of the Americas: North, Central, and South. And we look forward to the day when not only are the Americas the first fully free, democratic hemisphere but when all are equal partners in a free trade zone stretching from the port of Anchorage to the Tierra del Fuego.

I'm announcing today that the U.S. stands ready to enter into free trade agreements with other markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly with groups of countries that have associated for purposes of trade liberalization. And the first step in this process is the now-announced free trade agreement with Mexico."
The free trade agreement with Mexico was of course, NAFTA. NAFTA was a commercial agreement with Mexico and Canada for the purpose of harmonizing definitions, weights, measures, etc. It is an annex to the La Paz treaty. It was signed by President Clinton in 1993 – effective in 1994. There were two side agreements signed with Mexico and Canada. One of the side agreements was for labor and one was for the environment.

Please go to Technocratic Tyranny to read the entire article. 

Editor's note: After reading the material above consider the recent $900 billion "stimulus package" passed in the US congress and sent to the CEO of the US corporation President Trump that is money down a rat hole. What this stimulus package is all about is just another "Quantitative Easing" (QE) bill. What would this be now? About QE 10 or 11? The other QE stimulus bills are intended as a bridge to the utopia of the "free market" and "free trade" - the world of opportunity for all Americans. 

It was the "dream weaver's delusion" of the Libertarians (capital L) like the Koch Brothers, Stephen Moore (Club for Growth), Wall Street, Richard Mellon Scaife and all these people. Libertarians: Put these guys in charge and watch the beast consume everyone. Of course this all failed. What is happening to the US economy - hence the country of America, was that the international trade agreements separated the economy (globalizing it) from the American political system

This is what is going on in all these countries where billions of dollars have been doled out to countries included in this $900 billion Covid stimulus package. Egypt is receiving $1.3 billion and  Israel is receiving $500 million. And these are only two of many countries. The political system becomes fascist or/and will collapse. And corporate communism will now follow. 

Phillip Bobbitt explained it better with his description of the market state (Marketing the Future of the State) and is certainly worth understanding. The idea that the nation state is being replaced with the marketing state. What do you want to "market as a state?" Vaccines? Munitions? War? Death?

By flipping this "green switch" also coming through the central banks, the WEF (What Is Klaus Schwab Really About?) and the Davos crowd being presented by Chuck, it will bring us under complete subjugation of the environment and people. 


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