Thursday, December 24, 2020

City of London Global Business Model: Covid - Mutant Ninja Covid Strain "Rips Through London" - UK's Nightingale Hospitals Empty - UK Health SARS-CoV-2 Salesman Matt Hancock - More Entertainment From the UK's SUN - Implementing Permanent Surveillance - Total UK Deaths: 69,625 (What Happened to the Flu?)

Editor's note: Despite what is being reported about a Covid virus strain (SARS-CoV-2) being isolated, there is no documented scientific evidence available anywhere to support this claim. Here is more entertainment from the UK's The SUN. The UK may need all the light it can get because the sun sure doesn't shine there. Understand here that these guys like the UK's Matt Hancock have an agenda they are rolling out and it is all based on the laws of private law merchants in the City of London. Covid is a global technocratic surveillance business model being rolled out and people all over the world are committing to it as a new (novel) religious experience.

Until you correct your legal political status back to the land and move in commerce privately in peace, you are considered an "enemy combatant", a "terrorist" and a "belligerent" when you attempt to stop or expose what the City of London is rolling out on the world. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock was said to have "tested positive for Covid" eight months ago. Really? If Hancock "tested positive" how would he have known that when the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been isolated? It's the Janus-faced liar you have to figure out here since according to the private law merchants they are "acting in honor."


Source: The SUN

SILENT NIGHTS Shocking pics show Nightingale Hospitals lying empty as mutant Covid strain rips through UK

By Isaac Crowson | 22 Dec 2020

ALARMING pictures from inside the country's flagship Nightingale Hospital show it stripped bare despite soaring Covid cases.

The new strain is rampant in the capital but the coronavirus facility in East London is deserted.
The flagship Nightingale Hospital sits empty despite Covid cases soaring in London 

Health Sec Matt Hancock opened the facility on April 3 Credit: AP:Associated Press 

Our photos show the largest of the Nightingales without staff, equipment and the 4,000 beds it has room for at the ExCeL centre.

Cases have doubled in London in a week and health bosses are being urged to open the site and start treating patients.

It is one of seven hospitals built at the start of the pandemic at a cost of £220million, but it was shut and placed on standby soon after.

The ExCeL says 90 per cent of the building has returned to how it was.


Richard Tice, chairman of Brexit party Reform UK, visited the site and phoned health officials trying in vain to find out why it was empty.

He said: "The removal of the hospital is so complete that you wouldn’t know it had ever existed.

"Hundreds of millions of pounds spent on the Nightingale hospitals has been wasted as they've been dismantled.”"

Please go to The SUN to read more entertainment there.


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A brilliant analysis of vaccination, by Richard Moskowitz, MD and homeopath


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