Friday, December 11, 2020

Brandy Vaughan - Former Big Pharma Rep Whistleblower Found Dead

Editor's note: More evidence we are living in a system of commercial warfare with access to an unlimited source of magic money. 

Source: HNN

My Long Time Friend and 'Learn The Risk' Founder Brandy Vaughan Found Dead

Posted by Erin Elizabeth | Dec 8, 2020

Editor's Note: I have had the honor of getting to talk several hours with Tina Marie, Brandy Vaughan's closest friend who I met through Brandy on one of our several meetups over the years. Brandy just spent Thanksgiving at Tina's house where she had a wonderful big meal and they enjoyed much time together with Tina's family. She seemed very healthy and happy. Unfortunately, I previously quoted some people who said they were very good friends of Brandy's, who stated definitively that her parents were coming to pick up Brandy's son. That seemed strange because I thought her parents were deceased. But then I thought maybe it's a stepparent or someone I’m unaware of. Tina confirmed that yes, they definitely are gone, so I apologize as we rarely make mistakes like this in our articles. I should have known to go straight to the source of an actual best friend. 

When I heard about Brandy's death very early morning two days ago, I had her 415 cell number but didn't want to call it. Especially since I understood it was in the possession of her nine-year-old son, who I have had the honor of meeting. Many people who sadly didn't know him well appear to have been calling and texting and blowing up the phone on a poor child who had just found his mother who was deceased. I would ask people, except someone truly close to him, to refrain from calling any longer. Giving him some privacy would be much appreciated. His paternal grandparents are overseas at the moment and are in touch with his best friend and hopefully able to see him very soon.

Also, Brandy’s friends are working locally to get her pets out of the local sanctuary. A neighbor friend took in her son, but sadly her cats and dogs were placed an animal shelter. Please say prayers that none of them have been put down. Knock wood, it doesn't appear so at this time. I am happy to help if they need my help getting them out of the shelter. I would also like to share the fundraising page that Brandy's friend Tina has shared in her honor. You can find the link here. Our website has shared hundreds of GoFundMe's, usually for either nonprofits or fundraisers after a holistic doctor or activist has died. Sadly, many of those were friends and colleagues of Dr. Mercola's and mine, just like Brandy was. Of course, I have never taken a penny in donations from those nonprofits, nor have I ever asked for a penny for our site or mission. We believe in Tina, who I have known for years, and know that she will carry Brandy's name on just exactly how Brandy specifically stated in detail she wanted. Below you will see that Brandy stated in black and white there would be a go fund me to investigate her death properly or do an independent autopsy which we fully support. Brandy was very specific about those requests including an independent autopsy, and we will report when those results come back since that will be the information we actually trust.

It is with such a heavy heart that I list yet another activist found dead, and this time it is my friend and colleague, Brandy Vaughan, the founder of the well-known non profit Learn The Risk. She was found dead by her son who is a minor.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Brandy many times and I have interviewed her and had the honor to be interviewed by her.
I have felt very concerned about her this year as I have not heard from her as much as usual and had inquired with her very close friends who said she was absolutely fine as you can see below.
Brandy had written me over the years stating that she was fearful for her life and asked me if I was and even said she was afraid of being poisoned. I have all this in writing although usually the authorities don't come to me when my friends and holistic doctors are found dead on a regular basis.

Alas, I don't think they've ever come to me although I've had some good conversations with the authorities contacting them about the continued deaths that don't seem to stop. I do not know the cause of Brandy's death, and I am only stating factual information. 

Please go to HNN to read the entire article. 

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And in China? Apparently, the global planned pandemic's effects are wearing off so the program needs to be ramped up. Now the SARS-CoV-2 virus can be found on food? That's a new one. A surveillance freak nation:

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