Monday, November 2, 2020

UK: Nexus Driving This Global COVID Operation - British Want America to Erupt Into Chaos and Violence - B*tch Oaths to the British Crown - Vote For Trump is a Vote to End British Interference in America - Terms of Battle: Crush the British Empire

Ed.'s note: It should be apparent by now America is under attack by the British. The more resistance the City of London perceives from Americans and average British subject/slaves who are now fully aware this was a planned global COVID Operation, the more vicious these psychopaths will come down on respective populations through their state control and private security corporations. The British elite (not anymore) want nothing more than America to erupt into "civil war" and chaos after this election on November 3rd. Three "terror" events in 30 years brought to us by the same people: HIV/AIDS; 9/11; COVID.

These Antifa canon fodder are being run by operatives and agent provocateurs. All of these people in American leadership positions from politicians, unelected diplomats (the groomed US Secretary Mike Pompeo works for the British Pilgrims Society) and US military generals have all taken their b*tch oaths to the British crown. Orange: represents the working class and productive part of the population the British aristocracy despises. Recent poll Attitudes and Behaviors Concerning COVID: 77% males who identify as Democrats were scared shitless of COVID. 20% males who identify as Republican are somewhat concerned about COVID. COVID is the defining fissure of America's present political implosion. Democrats: the Nanny State.


Source: Off Guardian 

New Lockdowns Announced in UK
November 1, 2020 | Samuel May

So, during 'Prime Minister's statement on coronavirus, 31 October 2020', the usual trio of Johnson, Whitty and Vallance 'did their thing' once again, and sold us a lie. 

We were shown some graph projections, made by the same people who were wrong in all their previous graph projections and which lacked any context whatsoever (like, for instance, what did last autumn's hospital admissions look like by comparison?).

Yet these graphs were nevertheless unanimously and alarmingly clear, apparently: We're all terribly, terribly at risk from the RONA, don't you know, and we need a further 4 weeks of lockdown.

Johnson said:
From Thursday until the start of December, you must stay at home.
Although initially sold as 'time-limited', Michael Gove has already announced this will be extended if their computer models happen to show the mythical 'R' rating hasn't gone down far enough.

So, consider yourselves primed.

Johnson described this latest lockdown as "less prohibitive and less restrictive" than April/March, although even the most lay of laymen will be acutely aware by now of what the true repercussions of this lockdown will be.

This lockdown will further widen the rich/poor divide, further depress the UK economy by shutting down 'non-essential' businesses etc., further isolate the young, needy and vulnerable and further cheapen the lives of the very elderly people whose wellbeing has endlessly and hypocritically been used to justify this evil charade.

Johnson said:
And even if I could now double [hospital] capacity overnight – and obviously I am proud that we have massively increased capacity, we do have the Nightingales, we've got 13,000 more nurses now than last year, we have many more doctors – but it still would not be enough, because the virus is doubling faster than we could conceivably add capacity.
So you see, anything that could possibly have been done would never have been enough. They know this. That's probably the only reason they didn't massively boost the NHS during the quiet summer months, despite the fact they've been warning of a possible resurgence for ages. You aren't being conned here. We need to be very clear on that point. Move along now.

Please go to Off Guardian to read the entire article. 


Eric Peters- Satanists Use WW2 Rhetoric to Sell Lockdown Scam

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