Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Great Reset": Green Feudalism - Royal Watchers: Find a New Pastime - Schwab: "People Will Become Angrier" - COVID Is Class Warfare - The Great Techno Oracle of Gates - Chuck, Bill and Klaus Bring Us Depopulation

Ed.'s note: The Prussians speak. What are they talking about? Chuck and Klaus are talking about depopulation. They are joined by the other depopulationist Bill Gates. The House of Windsor has a decision to make as we move into 2021. How does "King Chuck" sound? Chuck, Bill and Klaus have all signed on to the idea of reducing the world's population. As the WEF-directed "Great Reset" under cover of COVID is showing signs of cracking, green feudalism is going to be intensified. Chuck was in Germany speaking. Germany is home of the other Prussian: WEF's Klaus Schwab. Chuck's alleged son Bill is in on the depopulation idea too.

Stalling population growth vital to Earth's future, says prince

Why is it Bill Gates has become this monolithic all seeing techno wizard who knows all and can see our future? 

The alleged deaths from COVID are just not adding up here:

100,000 of the COVID-Associated Deaths in the US Are From Nursing Homes

Make no mistake about it. COVID is cover for a class warfare against us by the global elitists represented by depopulationists like Chuck, Bill and Klaus. So just continue to wear your face rag while your assets are stolen from you.

We're not the only ones saying this is a class war:

John Pilger: Britain's Class War on Children

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