Monday, November 9, 2020

The Big "Reset" Is Coming - British Elite Continue Their Assault On Us - Professor Schwab's Nine Points - Technocratic-Medical Cartel Says: No Meat For You - Reset: You Will Own Nothing - Gaslighting You Into Oblivion - Bring America to Its Knees

Ed.'s note: One of the WEF's plans under Professor Schwab (the spoof Klaus Schwab Twitter account is hilarious) and his communist manifesto is for the world's population to reduce its consumption of meat by half and move them to eating plant-based protein. Don't think for a moment you can survive without fats and meat. If you don't think so, read the Lancet research material hyper linked below. The world is being turned into a corporate dictatorship as the present economic model collapses and these "Great Reset" global plans are implemented including:

1) You will own nothing and you will be "happy"
2) Whatever you want you will rent and everything will be delivered by drones
3) The US won't be the world's leading superpower
4) A few countries will dominate
5) You won't die waiting for an organ donor your organs will be 3D printed
6) Meat will become almost non-existent (except for the extremely wealthy)
7) One billion people will be displaced because of "climate change" (welcome refugees with a smile)
8) Carbon tax
9) Western "values" are now exhausted 


Source: RT News

A tax on meat to save the planet? British health experts call for new levies on food with heavy environmental impact
© Pixabay / Felix Wolf 

November 8, 2020

A carbon tax should be introduced for food producers by 2025, a group of UK health professions has said, stressing that food production accounts for the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions.

It is impossible to "keep global temperatures at safe levels" without paying attention to the food industry, both in terms of production and consumption, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) said in a report released last week. The association represents several colleges of medicine and nursing, the British Medical Association as well as medical journal the Lancet among other groups.

More: Pandemic fears & rising prices spurring countries to stockpile food – report

One of the incentives proposed by the alliance to save the planet is to switch to a climate-friendly diet. This includes, among other measures, trimming red meat consumption in favor of plant-based protein as they claim meat production is one of the major contributors to emissions. According to data cited in the report, the food system will be "within sustainable environmental limits" only if red meat consumption is cut by half.

Another proposal says that all food producers should be targeted by a food carbon tax. The levy is set to be based on the carbon footprint of their products, and should be introduced in five years if the industry fails to take "voluntary action" on its climate impact. The group stressed that such fiscal measures have proven to be an effective tool, citing the so-called 'Sugar Tax' and levies on plastic bags as successful examples.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article. 


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