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Israel-Russian Cooperation - Israel's Domination of Cybersecurity - High Tech and R&D Cooperation Between Israel and Russia - Spy Jonathan Pollard's Parole Lifted - Hadassah: Regional Hub For Russia's COVID Vaccination - Will Russia Replace the US as Israel's Protector?

Ed.'s note: What very few people especially Americans fail to realize is the huge influence Russia has in Israel with an estimated 17 percent of Israel's population who speak Russian. What far fewer Americans fail to also comprehend the significance of is that all of Israel's prime ministers since 1947 have originated in Russia or Eastern European countries under Russia's control throughout its history. Where does Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu think the world's best engineers, metallurgists and scientists come from? Russia. Since the former Soviet Union collapsed between 1989/1990, roughly 1.7 million Russian Jews left and were welcomed to both Israel and Germany. Since then there has developed extensive cooperation of high tech and R&D shared between Israel and Russia.

With that kind of history with Russia's influence in Israel, it makes one wonder what Russia's interest in Syria is with intermittent attacks by Israel on Syrian Arab Army targets? With this Russian influence over Israel, this would mean Israel could "intervene militarily in the Gaza strip against the Palestinians without concern that its main global patron would criticize it on human rights grounds." Russian Jews could give a hoot about "human rights" in Gaza concerning the Palestinians. And neither could the Russians in Israel pretending to be Jews.

"Israel and the U.S. have a long, close friendship, but as the band Chicago says, 'everybody needs a little time away.' There's no need to 'consciously uncouple' entirely — Russia and Israel are already friendly, at least in a casual way, and the U.S. wouldn't become Israel's enemy — but if everyone would benefit from a Mideast realignment, there's no need to stay together for nostalgia's sake." ~The Week, July 3, 2015


Source: The Jerusalem Post

Hadassah bringing 1.5 million doses of Russian COVID-19 vaccine to Israel

"Hadassah is always a pioneer," said Prof. Zeev Rotstein.

Scientists develop a vaccine against the coronavirus disease in Saint Petersburg (photo credit: REUTERS)

Hadassah-University Medical Center has received confirmation that it can purchase and bring some 1.5 million doses of the Russian coronavirus vaccine candidate, Sputnik V, to Israel in the coming months. The hospital is also attempting to register the vaccine with the Health Ministry, which would allow it to administer the vaccine to Israelis if approved.

Hadassah director-general Prof. Zeev Rotstein told The Jerusalem Post he was completing the paperwork, and it should be submitted to the ministry no later than the beginning of next week.

The hospital was asked by the Russian vaccine authority to submit the registration file to the Health Ministry, Rotstein said. If the vaccine is successful and the Health Ministry approves, it could be offered to Israelis within two or three months, he said.

It would also be the first coronavirus vaccine to be registered with the ministry. "Hadassah is always a pioneer," Rotstein said.

Hadassah's branch in Moscow's Skolkovo Innovation Center has been collaborating on a Phase III clinical trial, which Rotstein said should be complete in the next month or two. That trial is testing the vaccine on some 40,000 people in Russia and several other countries. Tens of thousands of volunteers have already received the vaccine.

The Russian vaccine is based on the coronavirus itself. The most common vaccines are live vaccines that use a weakened form of the germ that causes a disease. Because these vaccines are so similar to the natural infection they help prevent, they create a strong and long-lasting immune response.

In September, an article published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet showed that Sputnik V produced an antibody response in all participants in early-stage trials.

Please go to The Jerusalem Post to read the entire article.

Source: BESA Center

Why Russia Needs Israel

By Prof. Hillel Frisch | July 16, 2018 
Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, photo via Office of the President of the Russian Federation 

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 895, July 16, 2018

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Why has Russia under Putin acknowledged Israel's need to prevent the buildup of an Iranian military presence in Syria? Putin's vision is to cement an alliance of minorities against the Sunni majority in the Middle East. Israel could be a valuable participant in making that vision a reality – but only if Moscow works to rid Syria of the Iranian presence, joins forces to topple its Islamist regime, and weans the Alawite regime in Damascus away from Tehran.

Ever since September, 2015 when Russia turned the tide of the Syrian civil war in the Assad regime's favor through strategic air power (and subsequently on the ground, where it brokered truces and withdrawals of rebels from strategic areas in Syria to the rebel stronghold in Idlib), Israel has been heavily pounding Syrian, Iranian, and Hezbollah forces.

The question arises: why has Russia under Putin acknowledged Israeli red lines aimed at preventing the buildup of an Iranian military presence in the country? That Iranian presence, after all, would seem to advance the goal of consolidating the Assad regime – the main reason behind Russia's involvement in Syria in the first place.

To fully understand Putin's acceptance of Israeli involvement in Syria, one must consider the balance of power that existed between Czarist Russia and its southern neighbors, Ottoman Turkey and imperial Iran, at the turn of the 20th century.

The balance of power at that time – over 100 years ago – was totally in Russia's favor. Russia's population was a massive 100 million compared to 24 million for the Ottoman Empire (a figure that would be halved in WWI as a result of military defeats, massive loss of densely populated territories, and starvation) and half that number in impoverished and divided Persia.

According to Erik-Jan Zurcker, a leading Ottoman historian, Russia's budget was seven times greater than that of the Ottoman Empire and considerably greater than Persian government expenditures.

One hundred years later, a massive change in the balance of power has occurred between Russia and its two problematic neighbors.

It began with demographics. If in 1900 the Russian population was three times the combined populations of Persia and the Ottoman Empire, today the combined populations of those states exceeds the number of Russian citizens: 165 million compared to 142 million for Russia.

Please go to BESA Center to read the entire article. 

Some rather significant content in this fascinating presentation. While listening to this presentation keep in mind there exists a large segment of those working in IT and technology in Israel who are Russians. Cybersecurity technology is the critical IoT infrastructure Israel controls.


Why Moscow championed the creation of Israel

The KGB's Middle East Files: 'Illegals' in Israel

This is interesting:

Israel is in full control of US foreign policy - and the Pentagon:

This should come as no surprise as Israel becomes the dominant regional power while America recedes to its nationalist future pulling all of its military out of the Middle East clearing the way for Israel and China on the Belt & Road Initiative. Jonathan Pollard was accused of pilfering intelligence out of America in return for visas for Russian-Jews to leave for Israel. It is astonishing all these "loose ends" are being tidied up recently for Israel.

Trump Justice Department to Lift Pollard Parole, End Case of Most Damaging Spy Operation in U.S. History

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