Wednesday, November 25, 2020

As COVID-19 Expands – Death Rate Declines – Greatest Fraud in History

Source: Armstrong Economics

November 25, 2020 | by Martin Armstrong
COMMENT: We keep hearing in the mainstream media about the rise in Covid-19. John Hopkins reports every day on confirmed cases and death cases globally. I record this data every day. The United States is at the forefront, so it seems. with a significant rise in confirmed and deaths as media reports. Why is it the death rate continues to drop in percentage since May 16, 2020, even though the death rate should actually be rising in percentage? 


REPLY: This is clearly a political contrived disease. There are more people who die in car accidents and far more who are permanently disfigured. The media involved in this reporting are committing treason for they are deliberately assisting a foreign entity to try to take over the United States with the Great Reset. NMapoleon could have said the same thing. I am conquering the world to prevent war and to further the economic expansion (after destroying everything). Never have I witness so many people eager to surrender their lives and the future of their own children that is if Bill Gates allows them to have children.
Before, the people who were being tested were those with real symptoms. Now, they test everyone so the number rise, but the deaths decline. As I said, not only is John Hopkins not trustworthy taking money even from Bloomberg, $1.8 billion to be exact but Bloomberg was also at that secret meeting with Gates in 2009 to reduce the world population.

Sources in Switzerland state that doctors are paid 5,000 CH for every death certificate that says it was COVID. The health minister, Alain Berset, is a leftist politician who appears to be supporting Schwab. We are trying to confirm this is true. We have not yet seen and confirming document only words from those in healthcare.

Date Confirmed Deaths Percent:

3/1/2020 72 2 2.7000%
3/2/2020 102 6 5.8824%
3/3/2020 129 9 6.9767%
3/4/2020 159 11 6.9182%
3/5/2020 228 14 6.1404%
3/6/2020 332 17 5.1205%
3/7/2020 444 19 4.2793%
3/8/2020 564 21 3.7234%
3/9/2020 717 26 3.6262%
3/10/2020 1000 31 3.1000%
3/11/2020 1272 38 2.9874%
3/12/2020 1645 41 2.4924% 

Please go to Armstrong Economics to read the entire blog post. 


This global WEF and banker-directed COVID assault on the world has taken a huge toll on Japan:

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