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by Miles Mathis 

First published July 12, 2017

The spooks have manufactured another term and group from thin air. Antifa is short for anti-fascists. They are supposed to be a violent group that beats up fascists. Right. There is no such group, and any events you can find online or in the media were created in sub-basement 7 at Langley and faked with crisis actors. 

To see how ridiculous this psy-op is, you can visit the Urban Dictionary, which comes up first on a search on this term. Several definitions are given, but they all look like they were written by the same committee during the same session. They all mention wine or champagne-sipping, white boys who live with their parents, and mace. Which means the Urban Dictionary is just one more CIA front. Big surprise, eh?

Do you really think ultra-liberal gangs of privileged white boys are roaming the streets after sipping Chianti or Dom, beating people with batons, brass knuckles, and jackboots? C'mon! This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of, and that is saying a hell of a lot.

It is such an obvious blackwash of those like me, who are against fascism. But what decent person wouldn't be against fascism? Fascism is top-down control of normal people by government/corporations, for the purpose of financial rapine. Is anyone for that, except rich scumbags — and the people who write for them at Urban Dictionary?

Therefore, you may assume without further proof that anyone promoting this antifa psyop (on either side) is a scumbag, working for the rich scumbag fascists who run the world. Any person or website pushing this garbage agenda should be put added to your “compromised” list, and visited only for a laugh.

From now on you can refer to it as ANTIFA-KE.

Just to be clear, both sides of this story have been faked, to keep you away from real news and real issues. They created Trump as a huge diversion, and then they created this fake Antifa opposition. They want you involved in all this ridiculous theater, because if you are talking or thinking about the issues they have created for you, you aren't talking or thinking about real issues. What issues? See my other papers. They are furiously trying to divert you from what is really going on in this world.

Added November 17, 2020: has now outed one of the leaders of Antifa, Sean Kratovil-Lavelle, as a member of old Maryland aristocracy, being the nephew of a Democratic Congressman. But they still fail to tell you the whole story. The Kratovils were originally Kratochvils, and they are listed at with current links to top nobility in Austria and Germany, including the families Graf von Walterskirchen, Altgraf von zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Raitz, Zallinger zum Thurn, Graf von Gudenus, von Gravenkop-Castenskiold, von Braitenberg-Zennenberg, and Graf von Hartig. As a reminder, a Graf is equivalent to an Earl. The Kratochvils were not Austrian, but Bohemian nobility. Lavelle is also a peerage name, and they are related to British nobility including Baron Stanley Clinton Davis. They come from the French Lavals, Counts who were related to the Dukes of Tremoille. This links them to the Bourbons and the Princes of Orange.

In addition, the Kratovils include Edward DeWolf Kratovil, Senior Vice President of UST, who has also lived in Arlington, VA—the front yard of the CIA. Sean Kratovil-Lavelle grew up in Stevensville MD, which is on the superwealthy Kent Island. His maternal grandmother was Lynnda Lee Skinner. More digging at InstantCheckmate shows he is related to a Christopher Ranieri, which is strange since if we search on that name, we find the Christopher Ranieri who was allegedly the head of the Salem/Boston Hells Angels, indicted with several others in 2017 and tried in 2018 for racketeering and murder. They allegedly murdered an unnamed man in 2014 in Fresno, CA. The latest update from July 2020 makes no sense, since no resolution is reported. No new trial date has even been set, we are told, though two previous trials from 2018 are listed online. In a similar story, a man named Daniel Ranieri was arrested for assault in Santa Rosa, CA, in 2010, and he too was alleged to be a Hell's Angel. Since the Hell's Angels are another CIA front, I take this to mean the Ranieri family has many agents involved in these stories. More indication of that is that this Christopher Ranieri of Lynn, MA, age 52, doesn't exist, according to the big computers. No one from Boston or Salem, either. The only Christopher Ranieri in the reported age range is 50, from Oceanside, NY. The Christopher Ranieri from MD related to Sean is 46 and has lived in Sacramento and Roseville, so he could easily have been involved in the events in Fresno and Sonoma Valley.

Remember, Roseville is on the boundary of Folsom Prison, where Johnny Cash played in 1968. Like all other famous prisons, it is a spooky place, full of dubious stories. Such as the escape of Glen Stewart Godwin in 1987. Just a coincidence he was a Stewart, right? Godwin is also a peerage name. He was allegedly caught in Mexico but escaped again and is still at large. Amusingly, they have a Wiki page for Godwin, but no picture of him. I guess they forgot to take a booking photo of this maximum-security prisoner. Instead, they post a court artist's rendering of him. You have to laugh. He went to Palm Springs HS, which means he was a rich kid. He and his friend Soto allegedly murdered a drug dealer for his money, Soto testified against him, but strangely Soto got only one year less than Godwin. It doesn't work that way. You go state's evidence for a reduced sentence, of course. We are supposed to believe a hacksaw was smuggled into the prison. His wife and a former cellmate aided in his escape.

The name of the former cellmate? Lorenz Karlic. Hmmm. Curious that his former cellmate was also a Jew from Bohemian noble lines, eh? See Stanislaus Karlic, currently Cardinal of Argentina. Also see famous Austrian physicist Berta Karlik, who was a Poehnnelt and a Motz. Her husband was of the Prague sugar billionaires. See Hanus Karlik. Lorenz Karlic was allegedly sent back to jail for abetting Godwin's escape in 1988, but was back on the street by 1989, allegedly robbing and bombing banks. Again, he somehow only got a few years for that and was soon back on the street, where he soon murdered Philip Ackley. Isn't that the character from Catcher in the Rye? Close enough. None of those sentences make any sense, since Karlic had previously been convicted of murder and robbery back in 1975. He was serving a life sentence. So how does he get out after only a few years and continue a life of crime, get caught, and get tiny sentences? It is impossible. Godwin is one of those guys you may have seen on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List, so remember that. The list is a fake. Those guys are just CIA actors.

I dug up more info on Sean Kratovil-Lavelle, AKA Sean Lavelle. Apparently before his Antifa project, he was a. . . Modern artist. See this youtube video from 2014, when Sean was "studying" in Germany at the Lepsien Art Foundation. So, is Lepsien also a spook? You bet. He is a rich entrepreneur cum art collector, and he only promotes the worst possible crap as art—as you can see from that youtube video. I will be told this is a different Sean Lavelle, since he is listed as working in London in one old bio. But he is the same age as our Sean Lavelle, looks like him, and a search pulls up no artworks. His art bio there ends in 2014. He does have a website, but his bio there is also almost non-existent since 2016. A lot of pictures of very bad art are posted, but no pictures of Sean. He has no pictures of himself on his own website? So this looks like a closed project. Sean Kratovil-Lavelle is also an actor, as we see here, where in 2019 he played George Banks in a production of Mary Poppins. Strangely, that was a play at Stevensville High School, and our Sean is supposed to be 29. So he would have been 28 last year. Why would he be starring in a high school play? And it doesn't really fit his profile, does it? Hooded Antifa leader by day, Mary Poppins actor by night. 

Source: National Justice

"Antifa" Organizer Exposed As Member of Elite Political Family

By Eric Striker | April 22, 2020
A leading organizer in a self-described "Antifa" cell, Iron Front USA, is a member of a prominent Maryland political family. The organization takes inspiration from the German Iron Front, a paramilitary group that embraced violence against conservatives, National Socialists, and even left-wing rivals.

Sean Thomas Kratovil-Lavelle, pictured above at an "Antifa" rally next to his sister Charlotte, posts on the Iron Front's reddit under his own name, bragging about engaging in the groups masked antics. Kratovil-Levelle is wearing the three arrows symbol appropriated by anarchist paramilitary organizations, while his sister is wearing a "Refuse Fascism" t-shirt, a group run by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

According to witnesses, the mother of the two, an immigration attorney and open borders activist, was present with them at the rally.

Kratovil-Levelle and his group, which uses the Captain America logo altered with the Iron Front logo, largely operates in and around Maryland, but National Justice has received tips and images from concerned citizens about them menacing people attending Trump rallies in Boston as well.
Kratovil-Levelle is local Maryland aristocracy. The "antifa" member's grandfather, Frank Kratovil Sr, was a Maryland County activist judge who openly supported the NAACP and Betty Friedan's radical feminist group the "National Organization for Women."

His uncle, Frank Kratovil Jr, served in the House of Representatives for Maryland's 1st Congressional District from 2009 to 2011 as a Democrat. Despite being an incumbent and raising over a million dollars for his race, Kratovil lost to Republican Andy Harris in 2010. A year after leaving office, Governor Martin O'Malley appointed Kratovil to be a judge in the same district his father served in, demonstrating a stark but familiar lack of meritocracy in the America's incestual plutocratic system.

Kratovil-Levelle's hometown of Stevensville, Maryland is 90% white. 98% of the community is composed of US citizens, meaning they do not live with or compete for jobs with the immigrants they advocate for. With a median property value of $356,400, it seems like all of his activities terrorizing working class people he and his cohorts target for "doxing" and street confrontations is driven by sadism and the desire to impress other rich, politically connected people.

Nationalists and left-liberals don't understand each other due to a class difference: for Kratovil-Levelles segregated in their little islands, issues like immigration and multiculturalism are pure abstractions. America is still white and wealthy for them.

According to French researcher Jacques Leclercq, most "anti-fascists" are recent university graduates, often from elite backgrounds, who live as "BoBos" (bourgeois bohemians). They engage in direct action in defense of the privileges they have inherited under neo-liberalism -- powers and opportunities denied to the vast majority of disenfranchised white people they decry as "racist" and worthy of violent beatings.

If you're wondering why nationalists are always being railroaded in court while anarchists and communists who utilize political violence to silence others never do, it's because the "antifa's" whole family are working as prosecutors, judges and DC politicians.

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