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Americans: It Is Up to You to Open the Economy - German Lawsuit Against "Fact Checkers" at Facebook and YouTube - PCR Test Is the Virus - Thousands of Doctors Declare "Lockdown Harmful" - Take Off Your Mask - Celebrate Thanksgiving - All-Out War Against Tyranny

Ed.'s note: Make no mistake about it. We are in an absolute war against tyranny. This blog is located on Google Blogger and there is no way to tell if it is being censored or diminished in any way. But maybe being here on Blogger is a good thing. We are right on big tech's backdoor knocking. We are now in an all out-war against tyranny. 

Source: Collective Evolution

Portuguese Court Rules That The PCR Test "Is Unable To Determine" A COVID-19 Infection

November 23, 2020 | By Arjun Walia
The Facts: A Portuguese court has determined that the PCR tests used to detect COVID-19 are not able to prove an infection beyond a reasonable doubt, and thus determined that the detainment of four individuals was unlawful and illegal.

Reflect On: With no clear cut answer, and many doctors and scientists contradicting each other, should governments be allowed to take measures that restrict our freedoms? Instead of force, should they provide the science and simply make recommendations?
What Happened: The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test "is unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that such positivity result corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus", said the Lisbon Court of Appeal. (source)

A Portuguese appeals court has ruled against the Azores Regional Health Authority, declaring the quarantining of four individuals is unlawful. One of them tested positive for COVID using a PCR test, and the other three were deemed to be high risk due to exposure, and as a result, the regional health authority forced them to undergo isolation. The appeal court heard scientific arguments from several scientists and doctors who made the case for the lack of reliability of the PCR tests in detecting the COVID-19 virus.

The court found that, based on the currently available scientific evidence, the PCR test is unable to determine beyond a reasonable doubt that a positive test actually corresponds to a COVID-19 infection for several reasons, two of the main reasons were that the test's reliability depends on the number of cycles used, and the test's reliability depends on the viral load present.

This was also brought up recently by tech mogul Elon Musk who recently revealed he had four tests completed in one day. Using the same test and the same nurse, he received two positive results and two negative results, causing him to state his belief that "something bogus" is going on here. He then asked his Twitter following
"In your opinion, at what Ct number for the cov2 N1 gene should a PCR test probably be regarded as positive? If I'm asking the wrong question, what is a better question?"
In the Portuguese appeal hearing, Jaafar et al. (2020) was cited, stating that "if someone is testing by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is <3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%." The court further noted that the cycle threshold used for the PCR tests currently being made in Portugal is unknown.

They also cited Surkova et al. (2020), stating that any diagnostic test must be interpreted in the context of the actual probability of disease as assessed prior to the undertaking of the test itself, and expresses the opinion that "in the current epidemiological landscape of the United Kingdom, the likelihood is increasing that Covid 19 tests are returning false positives, with major implications for individuals, the health system and society."

The court also made the point that a medical diagnosis is a medical act, thus only a physician can determine if a person is ill, no other person or institution has a right to do that.

The court concluded that "if carried out with no prior medical observation of the patient, with no participation of a physician certified by the Ordem dos Médicos who would have assessed symptoms and requested the tests/exams deemed necessary, any act of diagnosis, or any act of public health vigilance (such as determining whether a viral infection or a high risk of exposure exist, which the aforementioned concepts subsume) will violate [a number of laws and regulations] and may configure a crime of usurpação de funções [unlawful practice of a profession] in the case said acts are carried out or dictated by someone devoid of the capacity to do so, i.e., by someone who is not a certified physician [to practice medicine in Portugal a degree is not enough, you need to be accepted as qualified to practice medicine by undergoing examination with the Ordem dos Médicos, roughly our equivalent of the UK's Royal College of Physicians]."

Please go to Collective Evolution to read the entire article. 



Some positive coaching from the sidelines being written over at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) to give America the edge over COVID and America's ability to be "creative" while businesses are being locked down, Americans being forced to wear masks, threats of mandatory vaccinations and depending on the state, draconian legislation. The author of this AEI material is even certain the COVID virus originated in Wuhan, China when evidence is starting to indicate it originated in Italy. We think brains should be put into "warp speed" to overcome a thinking deficit here. The AEI author gushes over Pfizer but what about the UK's AstraZeneca which will be sold in America?

Maybe the author at AEI can discuss the Bolshevik response in Vermont over this fake COVID pandemic? That's some "creative society" when children in America's indoctrination centers return to school after Thanksgiving in Vermont to rat out their families.

Here is a tool when properly implemented can be used to fight back. Go on the offensive. Bring people down like the governor of Vermont and Cuomo in New York. Remove them from office. It can be done by superior thinking, technology and making them obsolete. If Americans are really "creative", then it is up to us to open the economy, not bureaucrats or elected officials who's careers depend on following orders.

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