Saturday, November 28, 2020

Aluminum Nanaparticles Delivered by Vaccines Can Persist for Years and Even Decades in the Brain

Read our growing archive of material on nanoparticles loaded into vaccines (injectables):

How Do Nanoparticles Harm – The Nano Blenders Thesis

Jon Rappoport just reported "here is your free ring-side zoom seat to the event: Dec 10, 2020": 

Related article on why we should skip the COVID vaccines for 28 November 2020:

Edited in after initial posting: Pfizer was apparently testing out vaccines on people living on a Navajo Indian reservation. This Navajo man after being vaccinated, 24 hours later could hardly breath and started to panic. The arm that he received the vaccination in went numb and he could barely move it. He was taken to the hospital and after his chest was opened up for emergency surgery it was discovered "his heart had crystallized." This story could be entirely bogus. Listen...

This story needs confirmation. It could not be confirmed...

Stick your poison vaccines up your ass...

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