Friday, November 27, 2020

10 Hypocrite Dems Who Prattle on About Masks and Lockdowns But Personally Act Like They're All BS

Ed.'s note: Has everyone seen how melodramatic it is becoming in New York under Cuomo? His poor daughters have to endure such hardship, but there is a "silver lining." A level of narcissism never seen before. The only way to end this is for Americans to return their political status to the land and understand jurisdiction to walk out of this corporate government. It's the only alternative at this point to create a new America. Have you had enough yet? Not "civil disobedience" but return your political status to the land.

Dr. Fauci, Andrew Cuomo, AOC nominated for Time's 'Person of the Year'

Source: PJ Media

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan 

There are our betters who ignore the COVID rules and then there are the rest of us. 

We're the people like the Georgia shopper in the tweet below who got hassled at Costco because his son wasn't wearing a mask. To be clear, the Costco member was wearing a mask but grew upset when store management threatened to toss him out over his kid. The next thing you know, two unmasked police officers were handcuffing the masked father and taking him into custody.

Yeah, we're that guy.

Two standards, no waiting. Unless it's for toilet paper, Postmates deliveries, or for schools to finally open.

Democrats publicly applaud mask mandates (U.S. Senate Democrats), losses of freedom (Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Chris Cuomo), and cutting off power to your house for having a party (Eric Garcetti). They take pleasure in virtue-signaling to the public about wearing masks, distancing, and not commingling for meals, yet don't actually follow their own advice when they believe the cameras are off.

Stay separated, they say. Don't sing or "exert" yourself with others! But these scolds give away the game when they do nothing and say nothing about antifa and Black Lives Matter screaming, chanting, rioting, looting, and burning things down.

Rules for thee but not for me.

With this in mind, we begin our list of Eight Hypocrite Democrats Who Prattle on About Masks and Lockdowns But Personally Think They're BS with:

1. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio

The New York City dictator has presided over the hollowing out of the City That Never Sleeps with his onerous, hypocritical rules. He ordered people not to take anything but essential walks, whatever that means, and closed down the gyms to deny his lockdown victims convenient places to stay strong and healthy. He’s closed schools and sports parks. Yet, and you know where this is going, he took walks with his wife and ordered his own gym to let him in. This while he's used police to stop large gatherings – not of rioters and protesters – of Jewish children and families. He's done little to curb violent protests. He has encouraged unrest, in fact, by directing protesters to his hand-painted target. He's stoked riots at which his daughter has been arrested.

Please go to PJ Media to read the entire article. 

A parody account has been set up on Twitter in the WEF's high priest's name Klaus Schwab worth taking a look at:


As we have stated previously, there are two things Bolsheviks want: unearned power and money. The end justifies the means for Bolsheviks once they move into positions of power.

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