Wednesday, October 14, 2020

YouTube Bans COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation ("COVID-1984 Sh*tshow Rolls On") - Going for Broke on COVID Vaccines - Coronavirus Vaccine Terrorism - The Mass Mind Takes Control

Ed.'s note: It doesn't matter what the argument is the COVID vaccines are a Freemasonic "must be" and will not be stopped no matter what. In this The Hill article, who are the "health authorities" determining vaccination information and who appointed them? This discourse on vaccines has deteriorated to the point it is on the same footing as "holocaust denial." All the big tech companies, Facebook, Twitter and Google are all censoring information about COVID vaccines. 

The vast majority of people will convince themselves they need the COVID vaccine. That is just how effective this COVID vaccine control of information is becoming through these globalist organizations Gates is the frontman for. It is almost total. For those of us who demand the truth on vaccines we are being cut off from information. There is something going on here far more serious in its ramifications concerning vaccines related to COVID to "stop this pandemic." The COVID vaccine is inevitable, so the question now is who gets the injectable first? Informed consent is being eviscerated. This is coronavirus vaccine terrorism being perpetrated in us. 


Source: The Hill

By REBECCA KLAR | October 14, 2020  
YouTube will ban content containing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines, expanding its policy surrounding misinformation about the virus, the company said Wednesday.

The Google-owned video platform said it will remove any content that includes claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradicts information from health authorities.

YouTube was already removing content with misinformation about the existence and the transmission of the coronavirus, as well as content promoting medically unsubstantiated methods of treatment. The platform said it had removed more than 200,000 videos related to dangerous or misleading COVID-19 information since early February.

YouTube's move to expand its policy comes as tech companies grapple with the rampant spread of misinformation online, including false information about the coronavirus pandemic, as a number of drug companies are conducting studies on a vaccine for the virus that has infected more than 38 million people globally, including more than 7.8 million in the U.S.

Facebook on Tuesday said it would ban advertisements that paint vaccines as unsafe, useless or harmful.

Facebook's move to ban COVID-19 vaccine misinformation followed the platform's decision to block content denying the Holocaust and cracking down on posts pushing the QAnon conspiracy.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki last week stopped short of pledging to ban QAnon on its platform.

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Halted clinical trials put focus on COVID-19 vaccine transparency

"We're looking very closely at QAnon," Wojcicki told CNN, when asked about the hesitation to outright ban videos with QAnon conspiracy theories.

"We already implemented a large number of different policies that have helped to maintain that in a responsible way," she added.

The QAnon conspiracy theory alleges, without evidence, that President Trump and his allies are working to expose and execute a cabal of Democrats and media figures who are running an international child trafficking ring. 

Listen to this. Gates reeks of condescension. Their plan to keep this "COVID-1984 sh*tshow" going for years and isn't going to stop until we are all injected. 

WHO relentlessly advances the idea "the world is under a COVID pandemic." No it is not under a COVID pandemic. This is a predetermined agenda planned out years and years ago. The money and resources marshaled behind this COVID-1984 assault are enormous. These people want children to be injected with one more possibly even more COVID vaccines when accurate and extremely well documented vaccine ingredients are not that easily available and becoming less so as this "COVID-1984 sh*tshow" rolls on.

The British are largely behind this COVID-1984 global operation and they demonstrate this almost daily whenever UK media puts out one story after another on COVID vaccines desensitizing us about vaccines while turning us into infants.


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