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Scum From Europe Lands On America's Shores - American "Civil War" Was an Economic War Fought by Migrants - Mercenary Army of Pillagers From Europe - Mercenary Armies Can Kill and Burn With Impunity - Modern Resurgence of Baal Worship - American "Civil War": Atrocity Prosecuted by Promises of Free Beer, Sex and Land

Ed.'s note: Paid mercenaries for a paid boat ride. America was conquered after the "civil war." America wasn't liberated and neither were the slaves, both black and white. America was conquered with immigrants, migration programs and newspapers. The south at the time was a thriving nexus of different civilizations including the Cheyenne tribe trading and conducting lucrative business. The American "civil war" began in Crimea two to three years before 1861. History wants you to believe it was a religiously motivated war. That's bullshit just like the American "civil war" wasn't a war over slavery. The Crimean War introduced all kinds of advanced weaponry including exploding naval shells and was noted for its "notoriously incompetent international butchery." There were also Americans who fought in the Crimean War as documented by Russian historians. Many of them all too happy to join a social club in New York after returning to America to obtain social recognition.

The same forces who survived the butchery fighting in the Crimean war served in the Union Army. The 79th New York Volunteer Infantry regiment was formed on June 20, 1858 as a social club (the "hidden hand") in the state of New York. The "hidden hand" forms a military social club for old guys in paid for uniforms with strange looking hats to stand out on the streets of New York to collect money for crippled children. That is what the newspapers were telling the American people about what the 79th Volunteer Infantry Regiment was at that time. The most sophisticated military regiment the American people have ever seen were completely outfitted with uniforms, hats, rifles, Springfield bayonets and leather belts. It was the wealthy New York aristocrats who paid for outfitting this roughly 8,000 member volunteer military social club. They provided the guard for the British Prince of Wales when he visited the United States. 

The 79th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment were the spearhead of every single major engagement fought during the American "civil war" (economic war) between 1861 and 1865. Most of these military volunteers were promised "freedom," free beer, sex, fancy uniforms, the chance to be socially accepted as immigrants to America. They were mostly veterans of the Crimean war and included British, Irish (weren't even considered as human beings), Polish, Scottish, German, Italian and other Crimean War veterans from various European countries. They couldn't even speak each other's native language. 

The number of immigrants fighting in this economic war was astonishing. It can be argued there were probably more immigrants from Europe involved in the fighting than there were local Americans. Without immigrants the ability to prosecute an economic war against the thriving economic south would have been impossible. How else could General Sherman get union soldiers to rampage through the south killing people, raping women, stealing their resources and burning the place down? This was an economic war conducted by foreigners on American soil. A mercenary army of pillagers from Europe promised whatever they wanted if they would just get on the boat. Just like we are seeing today it was a "parabolic spike in plunder." 

Mercenaries in the Civil War

Saturday, October 24, 2020 | By Anna Von Reitz

We all know about the Hessians used against the Americans in The War of Independence, but did you know they were used by the North in the Civil War, too?

Men from Central Europe, from Lithuania to Greece, were imported to fight for the North, but because these “new immigrants” came from diverse places and spoke different languages (and little English in any case) it wasn’t easy to identify them as mercenaries.

Now that we have the immigration records and powerful computer analysis tools it's easy to see that these men were in fact deliberately imported to fight. This knowledge has led to more research and to finding actual advertisements published in Europe at the time which confirm this.

So Central European mercenaries did indeed fight in the Civil War, and not a small number of them, either. They formed up whole regiments.

Another thing we didn't know about the Civil War, but which begins to pox-mark the picture when you examine what we would today call the Military Police records, are reports, mostly Southern, of truly horrendous and at the time inexplicable mass murders of Southern troops.

In these reports, bodies were found with their faces cut off— making it impossible to identify the victims; even more mysterious, there was very little blood associated with these obvious murders.

We now know that these men were the victims of adrenochrome harvesting. By cross-matching these records with the movements of the immigrant mercenary regiments it is now possible to prove with certainty that these practices came here from Central Europe more than a century and a half ago.

Similar modern cross-matching studies have revealed similar patterns in the First World War and the Second World War.

Adrenochrome harvesting rituals came from Europe and were part of the battlefield experience of unknown numbers of men in the Civil War, First World War, and Second World War.

We cannot imagine the impact this had on the surviving witnesses, much less the dehumanizing effects on the perpetrators.

After the Second World War there is a sudden large uptick in the number of women and young girls being attacked, raped, and murdered worldwide.

At the time, it was assumed to be the result of the brutalizing effects of these wars on the men who fought them, but again, we find evidence of "blood - letting mutilation" and an even stranger correlation: the victims were almost universally the wives, daughters, or sweethearts of men who were deeply in debt, or single working women without close family ties.

After the rapes and deaths of these women, the men to whom they were attached rebounded financially in a staggeringly large percentage of cases, debts magically disappeared, investments flourished—suggesting that these women were sold to creditors as "sacrifices".

It was a slippery slope from there to start selling children for the same purposes.

With the same results. Debts disappear. Money comes to the survivors.

The pattern is clear.

We now know, for sure, that we are dealing with a modern resurgence of Baal worship, which among other things uses snake venom and adrenochrome as drugs to achieve hallucinatory highs.

Cleopatra might not have meant to commit suicide via poison asp bite; she may have been bored and looking for an afternoon high — and simply overestimated her own built-up tolerance for snake venom.

Once you realize that this was part and parcel of Babylonian religion throughout the Ancient World and that this form of “worship” was what Moses, Elijah, and Jesus all struggled with, our modern situation makes a lot more sense.

The worshipers of Baal have been at various times all-but obliterated and driven underground as the murderous and depraved nature of this "religion" makes itself known.

Tales of blood-drinking vampires and madmen like Vlad, the Impaler, and images of Druids soaked in blood, remind us that these evils have a basis in reality and that basis is to be found in the evils attending the worship of money— aka, Mammon, and the Triumvirate of the Ba-El: Mammon, Molloch, and Shatan.

Money, Violence, and Lies wetted down with exotic drug abuse are the Hallmarks of this religion which is obliged to spread via Secret Societies and which beguiles its initiated by slow degrees, corrupting them via a combination of fear, lust, and self-interest.

Carrot and stick.

We are not surprised that Jon Benet Ramsey's death was accompanied by a miraculous financial recovery.

We have films from the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and seventies showing well-known Roman Catholic Church Officials, major politicians like FDR and Winston Churchill, movie stars and famous athletes engaged in hideous acts of rape, torture, and murder.

But perhaps what strikes us as the most damning thing of all, are the accomplices. The men who knew what was going on, who rolled their eyes, and jog-trotted away from the scene of these crimes, trying to shrug these horrors off as "ain't my business".

These purportedly “innocent” men who did nothing at all to intervene in behalf of all these hapless women and children are what Jesus called "lukewarm".

Knowing full-well the evil going down and in some cases standing around like cows gaping through the open door of a slaughterhouse — these men stood around doing nothing to stop it, nor even report it.

No doubt on the last day they will say, "But Lord, I didn't rape or murder anyone or get drunk on any innocent blood!"

And our Lord will say— get away from me, you Evil Doers, and go into the Darkness prepared for you, for you have done nothing to oppose Evil when you stared into the face of it.

All their Sundays at church will not avail them. No pleas about "not doing anything" will serve. I watch them slink away in their cotton trousers and white t-shirts, their thin belts and slicked back hair, I see their faces from the distance of several decades and think of the results of their inaction coming to fruition now.

These movies were made for blackmail purposes and similar movies are still being made now.

It's more than past time for everyone to wake up and see what they have been worshiping and how they have been — by their own inaction — letting this horrendous evil grow in our midst. 

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