Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Is Dominic Frisby a Covid Prophet?

Ed. Note: The BBC has been putting out fake news and state propaganda since its inception. With this COVID operation nothing has changed at BBC as they continue to crank out one state propaganda news piece one after another. Why is this? We will take a look at one possible explanation...

Ed.'s note:
Who ultimately do these obviously very capable Judaics work for? The Pilgrims Society?

Jewish Control of the British Media (May 2002 Update)

by Thomas Sparks

Express Newspapers – Jewish Controlled | News International – Jewish Controlled | The Telegraph Group – Zionist Controlled | Associated Newspapers – Jewish Controlled 

Abstract and Conclusion

The Jews have an almost total grip on the media in Britain, systematically, constantly and intensely feeding their propaganda and example to almost everyone in Britain, which is nothing new. With this media, they are uniformly, deliberately, systematically, constantly and intensely promoting both the transformation and permanent destruction of Britain into a multiracial, "multicultural" state, and also the interests of the so-called "state of Israel", against the wishes and interests of the native British people. The television medias that they control broadcast into almost every home in Britain, all day, every day. BBC television under the Jew Alan Yentob broadcasts into almost every home all day, every day. Likewise ITV, which is controlled by Carlton Communications plc under the Jew Michael Green and by Granada plc under the Jew Steve Morrison, each of which broadcasts to regions of 26 million, half of the population, or more, all day, every day. Daytime television across the ITV network, which broadcasts to the whole of Britain, every day, is mainly provided by Anglia Television under the Jew Graham Creelman, while the rest of the time it is controlled by the regions controlled by Carlton Communications plc and Granada plc. Likewise ITN, which provides the news for the ITV network every day, is controlled by the Jew Michael Green and its programmes are broadcast to the whole of Britain, while Carlton and Granada jointly own the London News Network. Further, BSkyB controlled by the Jew Rupert Murdoch broadcasts to over 10 million subscribers and their families every day. Meanwhile, the main two production studios in Britain, and the largest in Europe, are controlled by Pinewood-Shepperton Limited, controlled by the Jew Michael Grade. The situation is similar in radio, with all BBC radio stations controlled by the Jewess Jenny Abramsky, alone accounting for 49% of all radio listening in Britain, every day. Further, in total, over 85 million copies of Jewish controlled newspapers are sold in Britain every week, controlled by the Jew, Richard Desmond, the Jew Rupert Murdoch, the Jew Guy Zitter, the openly Shabbat Goy and rabidly Zionist Conrad Black and Mrs Black, who is the Jewess Barbara Amiel. They deliberately, constantly, systematically and intensely use this media to promote the multiracial and "multicultural" transformation of Britain against the wishes of the British people. That is treachery, treason, of a terrific magnitude. Along with mass, coloured immigration, they are also deliberately encouraging mass inter-racial marriage, race-mixing, which will mean the extinction of our race. It is genocide. We must break the Jewish yoke if our race is to survive. 

We shall first consider their control of television and of radio, and then of the press; finally we shall give a summary of our findings. All data contained in the study are accurate as of May 2002.

The Cultural Diversity Network 

We have already seen the pro-multicultural policies of the Jewish controlled BBC, whereby "the full range" of their programmes are constantly to be used as instruments for the promotion of “multiculturalism”. The same is true of all the other Jewish controlled broadcasters in Britain too. They are all committed in their policies to the intense, systematic promotion of a permanent transformation of Britain into a multiracial, "multicultural" Britain. This uniformity of political purpose finds an important rallying expression in the so-called Cultural Diversity Network, which was launched on October 12, 2000. Its membership comprises the ITV Network Centre, Carlton Communications plc, the Granada plc, the BBC, Channels 4 and 5, BSkyB, ITN, the Independent Television Commission, the Royal Television Society, BAFTA, the Film Council and the Broadcasting Standards Commission; United News and Media and Pearson plc were also members before they were absorbed by Carlton and Granda. In other words, all the Jewish controlled broadcasters in Britain and their associate bodies are aligned to the CDN.

Although the Jews have been using their control of the media to transform Britain for decades, the so-called Campaign for Racial Equality stated in April 2001 that: "British TV bosses plan to revolutionise the way new television programmes are developed in the future, putting diversity right at the heart of the creative process." They quoted the Chairman of the CDN as explaining as the purpose of the Network as follows: "Britain is changing. And British television needs to change too. We are becoming an increasingly multiracial, multicultural society. […] The new Commissioning Clause will make diversity one of the standard criteria against which new programme proposals are judged. I fully expect it will change the face of television as we know it." In other words, all of the Jewish controlled broadcasters in Britain are committed to constantly and systematically using all of their programmes to promote a multiracial, "multicultural" transformation of Britain, against the expressed wishes of the British people. [ Top of page ]

Astonishing isn't it?

Jewish Federations (JFNA) urges Jews to leave $600 billion to Israel and/or Jewish causes

As we have been saying from the beginning, everything President Trump has done in office in regards to Israel has favored Israel over America. Here is another example.

In pre-election rush, Trump OKs U.S. funding of science projects in illegal Israeli settlements

Israel has a massive influence over social media platforms like twitter and Facebook.

Twitter shuts down accounts following Israeli pressure


Israeli Arms Trade, The Lobby and the Meaning of Chosenness

The magic money continues to flow.

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