Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Elite Get a Retractible Syringe; You Get a COVID Vaccine (Injectable) Under False Pretenses - New York is a Special Kind of Place With a Special Kind of COVID

Ed.'s note: One way to convince the broad population of accepting a "mandatory" vaccine under the COVID scam pandemic would be to use a spring-loaded syringe in which a spring pushes the needle up into the cartridge and the contents recirculate back up into the handle. It looks completely real when it is used to "administer a vaccine" (injectable to reengineer the human species). There is an enormous amount of money riding on these COVID scam pandemic vaccines with companies investing billions of dollars in vaccine production bonds.

If you want to see how a possible dummy vaccine will be administered to the elite, click on this link below to view a short video clip.  They elite might try to pull this off without actually being injected with coronavirus vaccines that could possibly have biosensors loaded into the ingredients for all we know. The coming vaccines aren't to generate profits for pharmaceutical cartels as much as the vaccines are being used to reengineer the human species loading them with nanoparticles and heavy metals. 

Watch here: 


'COVID Vaccines' Could Be Useless at Lowering Death, Give You Symptoms of Mild COVID, and Still Pass Clinical Trials

Lockdowns benefit wealthy, make the poor pay the price, fail to protect the vulnerable.

Covid experts: there is another way

Some misc. but related events going on here in New York. New York is a special kind of place with a special kind COVID scam going on. The mayor of New York de Blassio, who was born Warren Wilhelm Jr., (changed his name in 2001 to ditch his silver spoon in his mouth past) has a Bolshevik history working with various communist governments like in Nicaragua to end capitalism (it's anyone's guess today what "capitalism" is) and replace it with "democratic socialism"). COVID even has a special kind of connection with the Bolsheviks behind the Democratic Party. 

As mayor of New York, a Bolshevik and a Democratic Party member, Wilhelm is part of this significant effort to pull America apart to make a fortune doing to America what was done in the former Soviet Union only this time using a high tech version. COVID is the operating manual to get this done and New York seems to be a high tech version of the Bolshevik operating arena. Look what the Bolshevik de Blassio (Wilhelm) did in New York recently. He had businesses closed down. Private equity firms with access to easy capital (zero percent cost of capital) are going to come in and buy up some of these more successful businesses on the cheap, and this is going on all over on a much bigger scale. 

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