Saturday, October 31, 2020

Did UK's Nick Clegg Order Facebook to Remove 29K Member N.J. Women for Trump Group?

Ed.'s note: UK's Nick Clegg took over head of global affairs and communications for Facebook in 2018.



N.J. Women For Trump group, with 29K members, removed from Facebook days before election

By Jessica Remo | NJ Advance Media for | October 31, 2020
The New Jersey Women For Trump group was removed from Facebook on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020. Here, a screenshot of the group from several weeks ago. 

On Saturday morning there were more than 29,000 members in a private Facebook group for New Jersey women who support President Trump — and by Saturday afternoon the group was gone. 

Priscilla Confrey, co-director of New Jersey Women For Trump, says Facebook did not send her any notifications about the removal or explain why the group was removed.

Facebook did not immediately respond to an inquiry from NJ Advance Media about the removal.

Facebook does affix warning labels on posts they deem problematic, and Confrey says in the last two weeks Facebook had flagged certain posts, including those related to COVID-19. When that happens, Confrey said she simply deletes those post rather than have them appear.

"People are really, really mad," Confrey says. "When you have that many people and they're shut down, they feel silenced."

She said she's sent several emails to Facebook asking for an explanation and for the group to be reinstated. She's also reaching out to legislators.
New Jersey Women For Trump co-directors Tracey Lore and Priscilla Confrey. (Coustesy Priscilla Confrey) 

The group has grown exponentially since the summer.

"It was a lot of work over the past year for a private group to just be shut down without notification," Confrey says. "Three days before Election Day? That is absolutely appalling. I just think these companies, these social media groups, have too much power. They offer to you to open up a group on their social media platform, and you could have 30,000 members, and they shut it down without telling you anything."

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