Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Crimes Against Humanity - Under Cover of COVID (Grand Theft Covid) Turns Huge Profits - PCR Tests Are Bogus - Criminal Prosecutions - Germ Warfare: The Battle of Ideas - Harvesting of Our Genetic Fingerprints - Germany Used as COVID Global "Role Model" - Charlatans and Criminals

Ed.'s note: When listening to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich in his video presentation, listen to where he asks three questions the first question being is there a coronavirus pandemic, or is this a PCR test pandemic? Excellent question because if the coronavirus hasn't been isolated what are they testing for? He also brings up two more questions how the pharmaceutical industries and big tech are using COVID as cover to generate huge profits. Case in point: In Japan, a PCR test will cost USD$240 per test for individuals while a PCR test for business people will cost USD$370. Multiply those costs by several million people and the financial rewards on this are staggering. The Japanese government are full steam ahead on injecting the entire Japanese population if they can get away with it. The mercantilist Japan is moving rapidly to break down resistance in their population to the COVID injection. Under cover of COVID has given pharmaceutical companies and big tech direct access to an abysmally ignorant population through complacent governments that have been heavily lobbied (intimidated).

"Reiner Fuellmich has already taken on Deutsche Bank for financial crimes and Volkswagen for fuel emissions fraud, now consumer protection trial lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is preparing to take on the W.H.O and the Pharma criminals in the world's most historic ever, global class action lawsuit. He means business. In the video you will see behind Dr. Fuellmich on a shelf, a copy of "Gunning for Justice" by Gerry Spence --a trial lawyer who never lost a criminal case in the over 50 years he practiced law. You can take that as a hint."


Dr Reiner Fuellmich says lockdowns are a crime against humanity

COVID Commercial Business Model Collapsing - COVID Hits a Wall - Global Elites Panicking Go With Backup "Climate Change" - The "Smoking Gun" - Positive Result Means Absolutely Nothing - Victimized by Bureaucratic Tyranny - COVID Purpose: Destroy the Middle Class and the Poor

Who Will Be Arrested and Imprisoned for This Crime Against Humanity? - International Lawsuits Being Prepared Against The Corona Scam - COVID Is Communism In Sheep's Dress - "The Hunt for Red October"

Breitbart News hey?

Help Stop "COVID" From Spreading: Turn Off Your TV, Turn On Your Mind

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