Thursday, October 8, 2020

Chuck Calls for Military Action-Like Plan to Prevent Climate Change - NASA Confirms CO2 Accounts for Only 0.04% of the Atmosphere - Chuck Says We Will Be Dead In 7 Years - Reconcile "Climate Change" With Chuck's Cut On Royal Dutch Shell?

Ed.'s note: See all those military ribbons on Chuck's military uniform? He never served in a combat zone. Any medals pinned to his chest that demonstrate any valor under fire? Those medals represent instead the Queen's Service Order for warring on the world's population. Chuck is part of the WEF "Great Reset" Davos elitist crowd in cahoots with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates using this COVID commercial business model to close down air travel and lockdown populations. Those medals are for fighting "climate change" and for being Britain's largest holder of real estate apparently. The contempt for science the British have always had is apparent with Prince Charles and "climate change" is no different.  

Anyone who disagrees with Chuck's theories on climate change is relegated to the "conspiracy theorist" dung heap.  Hey Chuck, the world is going cold, so relax a bit considering your recent video message in which you said "climate change is now rapidly becoming a comprehensive catastrophe that will dwarf the impact of the coronavirus pandemic". What we would like to know is, did Chuck ask Kuwait to reduce its carbon footprint considering Kuwait is one of Britain's most important trading partners relative to petroleum and natural gas (Royal Dutch Shell PLC)? Ever wonder what Chuck's cut is on that estimated £170 million income not including any revenue from Royal Dutch Shell? What's the deal here Chuck? How do we reconcile your "climate change" agenda with the House of Windsor's cut on Royal Dutch Shell?


Source: Reuters

Military-style Marshall Plan needed to combat climate change, says Prince Charles

September 22, 2020 | By Matthew Green

LONDON (Reuters) - Climate change poses such a severe threat that the world's only option is to adopt a military-style response reminiscent of the U.S. Marshall Plan to rebuild post-war Europe, Prince Charles said on Monday.

A long-time advocate for nature, the British royal said climate change was rapidly becoming a "comprehensive catastrophe” that will dwarf the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

"At this late stage I can see no other way forward but to call for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people and planet,” Charles said in a video recorded for the launch of a week of virtual climate change events in New York.

"We must now put ourselves on a warlike footing, approaching our action from the perspective of a military-style campaign," he said.

Scientists say the world is on track for catastrophic warming in the coming decades unless governments take rapid action to wean the global economy off fossil fuels and protect and restore forests, wetlands, peatlands and other ecosystems.

With existing commitments falling far short of the kind of transformational action scientists say is now vital, many advocates of climate action are urging governments to respond with the kind of urgency historically reserved for wartime.

While many national governments are lagging behind on climate targets, pledges by cities and companies to slash greenhouse gas emissions have roughly doubled in less than a year, with many seeking climate-friendly recoveries from the pandemic, according to a report published on Monday.

Cities and regions with a carbon footprint greater than the emissions of the United States and companies with a combined revenue of more than $11.4 trillion are now pursuing net zero emissions by the end of the century.

The majority are aiming for a zero-carbon economy by 2050, as part of a United Nations "Race to Zero" campaign, said the report by the Data-Driven EnviroLab and the NewClimate Institute think-tanks. 

Sure Chuck, anything you say.

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