Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Big Tech goes all in: Silicon Valley launches $100 million anti-Trump ad blitz – report

Ed.'s note: Big tech threatens President Trump and the American people. We're sort of wondering. Is it possible Silicon Valley is upset about President Trump supporting Israel (are political donations a way to launder money?) and the transfer of technology to Israel that has been going on for decades? Is this really what is going on behind this constant attack on the Trump administration by the tech lords of Silicon Valley? Seems like everyone is gunning for Trump. Hell, even the Queen sitting over there in Windsor Castle wants a piece of Trump's butt


Expose the Enemy

Source: RT News

October 20, 2020

A super PAC bankrolled by Silicon Valley moguls is preparing a massive TV advertising campaign to help boost Democratic candidate Joe Biden against President Donald Trump in the final days before the 2020 US election.

The $100-plus million blitz includes at least $22 million from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, according to an exclusive report from Recode, a subdivision of Vox. Another Democratic megadonor involved is former Google and Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt, currently advising the Pentagon on technology innovation.

Called Future Forward, the super PAC has filed federal paperwork on Tuesday disclosing that it has raised $66 million between September 1 and October 15. It has contracted for $106 million of TV ads between September 29 and November 3, according to media tracking firm Advertising Analytics. This makes it the largest Biden booster outside the Democrats’ campaign itself, already a fundraising juggernaut.

The massive haul is intended to fund last-minute TV ads to help Biden in key battleground states, relying on Moskovitz's data-driven approach to most efficient advertising. Mark Zuckerberg's former business partner, who left Facebook to launch a management software company called Asana in 2008, has reportedly calculated the optimal "cost-per-net-Democratic-vote" in key ad markets and is spending accordingly, Recode reported.

Moskovitz has also donated millions to the Voter Participation Center and Vote Tripling, pro-Democrat groups that work on voter turnout.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article.

What else would you expect from Facebook?

It's really not like the intelligence cutout Zuckerberg woke up one bright sunny happy Silicon Valley morning and said to himself: "Gee, this is a good day to give hundreds of millions in magic money to increase voter turnout." That's not how it works. 

No kidding, you mean we're just now onto this fact? Heaven forbid!

That contentious idea of "chosenness" again. Wonder if that means private equity technology chosenness?

Judaic factions fighting again about their views on Trump and Israel. Be mindful of the fact that in the RT News article above, Dustin Moskovitz in Silicon Valley is Jewish.

Counter intelligence being ejaculated out of Israel on Trump is the likely scenario going on here. Go figure hey? Hyper industrial grade Zionist Sheldon Adelson unloads $75 million on the Trump reelection campaign and now the Jerusalem Post drops the idea "Trump's record on Israel is not what people think." Try putting that in context?

IDF manning and recruiting problems? Maybe the IDF should call on Sheldon Adelson for several hundred million in magic money? Adelson always said he preferred the IDF uniform over the US military uniform.

Canadians call on justice department to investigate IDF recruitment in Toronto schools

Why not the Bank of Israel (why is it bankers never go to jail for raw corruption?) just buy state of the art printing presses and start printing out their own US dollar magic money instead?

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