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Deutsche Bank Works with the World Economic Forum (WEF) - Deutsche Bank Corruption Now Threatens America's National Security - Why Not a "Great Reset" for Central Banks Instead? - WEF Wants to "Build Public Trust" on COVID Vaccines - Central Banks Have a New Scheme for Tyranny and Poverty - Libor, Pedophile Networks and Money Laundering

Ed.'s note: The World Economic Forum (WEF) led drive to implement what it calls the "Great Reset" also includes COVID vaccines (injectables). What we will see happening in the coming months is an intense propaganda campaign that will change the thinking of millions of people on vaccines. The propaganda will be so stunningly affective that most people will convince themselves that the only way out of this COVID planned pandemic by the global technocratic elites (they are not "elites") is to accept the COVID vaccine. These global elites like Schwab who heads the WEF must be so intellectually beyond us idiots in the real economy, calls for this "great reset" to "steer the market toward fairer outcomes." Notice Schwab used the word "outcomes" and not opportunities. Don't think for a moment this is going to be anything but "fairer" for anyone except for these global elites and their selective corporations and banks. 

We've already seen fathers after watching night-after-night of television propaganda deciding to take the COVID vaccine. They have also decided to allow their children to be vaccinated when they are shockingly clueless about the ingredients included in these vaccines. And we're told almost until we are punch drunk to simply "accept the science" until it has become a nauseating mantra. And they will be perfectly happy with that. What are we going to do Schwab, push a green button and all of a sudden there is a "reset" with a magic COVID vaccine solution like in "final solution?"

Apparently, that's what Deutsche Bank would like to see happen as it stands behind the WEF on policies supporting "sustainable development", a digital payment system and "improving the state of the world." No, Deutsche Bank is not interested in "improving the state of the world," but it is interested in improving its own global money laundering position. We are going to leave it up to the WEF with Deutsche Bank to run policy on COVID vaccinations (injectables)? 

Source: WEF

How to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine and build public trust

28 Sep 2020 | By Kate Whiting | Senior Writer, Formative Content 
Everyday life has been changed by the pandemic.
• The World Economic Forum's Sustainable Development Impact Summit featured two sessions updating on progress of vaccine development and distribution.

• Leaders from pharmaceutical companies and bodies involved in the COVAX Facility – to ensure equitable distribution – discussed issues from vaccine nationalism to public trust.
The coming months are going to be crucial for vaccine development and decisions around how we distribute COVID-19 vaccines equitably, who gets them first – and how to gain the public’s trust.

These were some of the challenges discussed in two sessions at the World Economic Forum's Sustainable Development Impact Summit.

With 42 vaccine candidates in clinical trials on humans, scientists are working hard to fast-track the development of a safe and effective vaccine that would typically take decades’ work.

"We are at the beginning of the beginning," said Sai Prasad, President of the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network.

"We are just at the end of the first year, and we have a few candidates that are moving forward. None of them are successful yet. Time will tell – the next three to four months – as to which one of these candidates will be successful.

"That's the end of the beginning, because once you know what’s successful, you have to manufacture that at scale. The devil is in the detail. After you manufacture, you have to get these products approved and then distribute them."
How close is the world to finding a coronavirus vaccine? 

In the first six months of the pandemic, more than 700 products for treatment or prevention of COVID-19 went into the pipeline, which is unprecedented, said Julie Gerberding, Executive Vice-President of pharmaceuticals company Merck.

She compared the response speed with that of the AIDS epidemic: "It was several years before there was even a test and it was 15 years before a highly active antiviral remedy. We're living in an era where the science has brought possibilities."

Antivirals, which Merck is also working on, will help. "If we can take mortality down, it buys us time... I don't think we should put all our eggs in the vaccine basket, but clearly it's a huge component of securing global protection and we have to prioritize it."

Working together

Once a vaccine is successful, how can world leaders ensure against "vaccine nationalism" – and make sure it's distributed fairly across the globe?

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, along with the World Health Organization and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), have created the COVAX Facility, a global initiative that brings together governments and manufacturers to ensure eventual COVID-19 vaccines reach those in greatest need.

So far, a total of 156 economies, representing nearly two-thirds of the global population, are now committed to or eligible to receive vaccines through the Facility.

Please go to WEF to read the entire article. 

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow opportunity [vaccines] to reflect, reimagine and reset our world." ~ Klaus Schwab 


Global Corporate Banker's Reset: Fedcoin, New Scheme for Tyranny and Poverty
If some Congress members get their way, the Federal Reserve may soon be able to track many of your purchases in real time and share that information with government agencies. This is just one of the problems with the proposed "digital dollar" or "fedcoin." 

Fedcoin was initially included in the first coronavirus spending bill. While the proposal was dropped from the final version of the bill, there is still great interest in fedcoin on Capitol Hill. Some progressives have embraced fedcoin as a way to provide Americans with a "universal basic income."

Both the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee held hearings on fedcoin in June. This is the first step toward making fedcoin a reality.

Fedcoin would not be an actual coin. Instead, it would be a special account created and maintained for each American by the Federal Reserve. Each month, Fed employees could tap a few keys on a computer and — bingo — each American would have dollars added to his Federal Reserve account. This is the 21st century equivalent of throwing money from helicopters.

Fedcoin could effect private cryptocurrencies. Also, it would limit the ability of private citizens to protect themselves from the Federal Reserve-caused decline in the dollar's value.

Fedcoin would not magically increase the number of available goods and services. What it would do is drive up prices. The damage this would do to middle- and lower-income Americans would dwarf any benefit they receive from their monthly “gift” from the Fed. The rise in prices could lead to Congress regularly increasing fedcoin payments to Americans. These increases would cause prices to keep rising even more until we face hyperinflation and a dollar crisis. Of course, we are already on the path to an economic crisis thanks to the Fed. Fedcoin will hasten and worsen the crisis.

Fedcoin poses a great threat to privacy. The Federal Reserve could know when fedcoin is used, who is using it, and what they use it for. This information could be shared with government agencies, such as the FBI or IRS.

The government could use the ability to know how Americans are spending fedcoin to limit our ability to purchase goods and services disfavored by politicians and bureaucrats. Anyone who doubts this should recall the Obama administration’s Operation Choke Point. Operation Choke Point involved financial regulators “alerting” banks that dealing with certain businesses, such as gun stores, would put the banks at “reputational risk” and could subject them to greater regulation.

Is it so hard to believe that the ability to track purchases would be used in the future to “discourage” individuals from buying guns, fatty foods, or tobacco, or from being customers of corporations whose CEOs are not considered "woke" by the thought police? Fedcoin could also be used to “encourage” individuals to patronize "green" business, thus fulfilling Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s goal of involving the Fed in the fight against climate change.

Fedcoin could threaten private cryptocurrencies, increase inflation, and give government new powers over our financial transactions. Fedcoin will also speed up destruction of the fiat money system. Whatever gain fedcoin may bring to average Americans will come at terrible cost to liberty and prosperity.

Ron Paul Institute

Please go to Political Velcraft to read the entire article.

Deutsche Bank was mentioned above being behind the WEF on policies and has recently stated it has a "grim outlook for the global economy." Deutsche Bank likes Chinese technology though. So much so in fact, that after Deutsche Bank praised the Chinese auto manufacturer Nio for its technology, the Chinese auto firm's stock jumped more than 5%. Deutsche Bank has very good reasons for knowing what is going on in China keeping track of the development of 20 central bank planned digital currency projects. It is likely the World Economic Forum (WEF) relies on Deutsche Bank policy studies in coming to the decisions it has concerning "sustainable development", COVID planned pandemic, "global warming" and other related global hot buttons these globalists like to push.

There are very few banks that can compare to the likes of Deutsche Bank that act as the epitome of a criminal banking syndicate operation like Deutsche Bank. In a two part interview, you will learn how Deutsche Bank might be involved in the assassination of bankers who blew the whistle on the Libor (London Inter-bank Offered Rate) trading scandal. Libor underpins approximately $350 trillion in derivatives. Some traders at Deutsche Bank were involved in the Libor scandal but were low level employees one serving time

WEF and Deutsche Bank are not in the least concerned about your welfare or what personally matters to you. Everyone in this system acts out of greed. Greed is what drives this system including WEF and Deutsche Bank. All people unless you are Jesus himself, act out of what benefits him or her most in this economic death cult system. Ideas and ideals have absolutely no meaning when it comes to personal economic and financial gain.

Listen to the two part discussion below on the level of corruption going on inside Deutsche Bank and then consider for a moment Deutsche Bank is behind WEF. You would have to be out of your mind to accept at face value these empty platitudes and shallow almost comical promises being made by these criminal banking elites. The corruption is so dangerous that it now threatens America's national security. This Deutsche banker was also a derivatives analyst. 

Former Deutsche Bank Exec Connected to Trump Loans Dies by Suicide in Malibu

Deutsche Bank Money Laundering Scandal Could Create Greatest Economic Crisis in History


Superbomb Mystery: The [Alfred] Herrhausen Assassination

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