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COVID Operation Is Leading to "Climate Lockdown" - Al Gore Returns With "Climate Tracing" - Climate Trace Coalition - Entering a Grand Solar Minimum: 2020 to 2053 - Coffee and Egg Techno Ingredient Substitutes - Take Control of Your Circumstances (Drop the Fear) - Shutting Down of Human Activity

Ed.'s note: Start putting these techno fascists on notice: We DO NOT CONSENT and we are not going to tolerate this any longer. During this WEF-induced global COVID "Great Reset" operation, it was only small businesses that were wiped out while big corporations and especially big tech went unscathed. This is the technocrats complete takeover of economies.  Look who is back to introduce what is being referred to as "climate tracing": Al Gore. If you have an unregistered  cow out in the back 40 that farts in real time, the satellite infrastructure will detect it and you will be sent a tax bill for "climate tracing" on the emissions that cow puts out. The only "climate crisis" is in the minds of the technocrats who are setting all this infrastructure up. The COVID operation launched included a "climate lockdown" component many people did not catch. A "climate emergency" was declared by these people:

Avoiding a Climate Lockdown

Now that people are in a confused state of learned helplessness concerning COVID, the same language used to describe the scamdemic is being used to describe this "climate emergency." The technocrats are going to now shove people into a "climate lockdown." Remember when President Trump came out and said temperatures will be decreasing and not increasing? Trump was quite certain in his statement: "The temperatures are getting cooler, you just watch." Trump is likely armed with good information compared to the "science" NASA is putting out. The mainstream media is now releasing stories about a grand solar minimum

Contrary to what these technocrats are suggesting as "global warming," evidence suggests because of solar minimums the earth is moving into a period of a "mini ice age." By pounding into the minds of the population the climate is warming might be part of an effort to depopulate when and if a mini ice age does descend on earth. Should we simply take NASA's word for it that there is no impending "mini ice age" coming? Would this make sense considering just how corrupt science has become? Or maybe this talk of a "mini ice age" is another distraction to keep us busy.

This is going to "reshape climate talks" because "climate tracing" is going to be extremely profitable for tech companies behind this. The downside is these techno fascists are working to replace coffee and eggs with techno substitute ingredients. If this happens entire supply chains related to the egg and coffee industries all over the world will be wiped out. These industries and related jobs would instantly become "nonessential."


Source: Carbon Tracker

New Global Coalition of Tech, Climate Groups Will Combine AI and Satellites to Monitor GHG Emissions Worldwide in Real Time

15 July 2020

Nine nonprofits, tech companies, and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore announce ‘Climate TRACE’ coalition to build upon unprecedented technical breakthroughs to actively identify, measure, and trace all significant human-caused GHG emissions to their sources.

OAKLAND, CA, USA—July 15, 2020—Today nine organizations from around the world and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore announced a cutting-edge initiative that will use artificial intelligence (AI), satellite image processing, machine learning, and other remote sensing technologies to monitor worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This unprecedented collaboration aims to track human-caused emissions to specific sources in real time—independently and publicly. The combined project will be known as Climate TRACE (Tracking Real-time Atmospheric Carbon Emissions).

While climate scientists today have a detailed understanding of the total GHGs in the atmosphere, efforts to trace wherethose emissions come from have lagged far behind. Tracking GHG emissions from nearly every major human-emitting activity worldwide—such as power plants, factories, large ships, and more—is an enormously difficult undertaking, but advanced AI and machine learning will now make it possible for the first time.

In many countries and sectors the standard is that emitters self-report their own emissions, then manually compile the results. Consequently, many governments, companies, and scientists must rely on data that can be years out of date and sometimes subject to deliberate under-reporting. The resulting data often provides only incomplete, high-level summary information at best.
"We as a society have an excellent, objective way of measuring the total emissions in the atmosphere, called the Keeling Curve. But we haven't yet figured out any similar way of objectively tracking, in essentially real time, wherethose emissions are coming from," explained Gavin McCormick, executive director of coalition member WattTime. "The Earth is like a medical patient suffering from a condition called climate change. Trying to fix it with only years-late, self-reported emissions data is like asking a doctor to fix a serious disease with no more information than a list of symptoms the patient had years ago. They'll do their best. But there's a reason hospitals use blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes—maybe an X-ray or MRI—to check what’s wrong with you right now. If we're serious about stopping climate change, it's time we gave climate 'doctors' the same kind of tools."
The Climate TRACE coalition—which so far includes members from across three continents—aims to help. Together with climate leader and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, the coalition currently includes nonprofits CarbonPlan, Carbon Tracker, Earthrise Alliance, Hudson Carbon, OceanMind, Rocky Mountain Institute, and WattTime; as well as tech companies Blue Sky Analytics and Hypervine. Each founding member is a carefully selected mission-driven organization with advanced technical capabilities in AI- or satellite-based monitoring in a specific industry, ranging from the power sector, to oil & gas, to agriculture and shipping. By sharing these techniques, the group has concluded it is likely possible to greatly augment existing processes and begin directly measuring nearly all GHG emissions data sources globally in great detail and real time.
"The world has reached a tipping point on the climate crisis. In order to achieve a zero-carbon future, we need a comprehensive accounting of where pollution is coming from," said Vice President Al Gore. "We are excited that Climate TRACE holds the promise to revolutionize global efforts to measure and reduce emissions across every sector of society, creating a new era of unprecedented transparency and accountability. Our vision is to equip business, policy, and citizen leaders with an essential tool to fully realize the economic and job-creation opportunities of the Sustainability Revolution."
The potential applications for such a system are numerous, for example:
For scientists and technologists building emerging emissions-reducing technologies: the tool will accelerate private-sector innovation in advanced carbon optimization techniques in forestry, renewable energy, and power grid management.

For sustainability teams at private-sector companies, investors, and entire industries: the tool will offer crucial visibility to more-easily and accurately meet emissions-reduction goals, direct sustainable investments (and divestments), and assess risk.

For countries measuring emissions-reduction progress for the Paris Agreement commitments: the tool may be useful in independently verifying measurements, or supporting emissions monitoring by countries without the resources to produce such detailed, up-to-date inventories.

For any organizations polluting illegally who might seek to keep their emissions hidden from public view: the tool will provide pioneering transparency and validation to make it easier for governments that have enacted environmental laws to immediately identify any activities that violate those laws.
The Climate TRACE coalition grew out of a collection of smaller global emissions-monitoring projects by individual organizations. In 2019, a group of nonprofits including US-based WattTime and UK-based Carbon Tracker teamed up to apply for Google.org's AI Impact Challenge with a proposal to monitor all global power plant emissions from space. Google.org not only selected the project for a $1.7 million grant, but also sent a group of seven skilled data engineering and machine learning Fellows to work alongside WattTime and Carbon Tracker for six months to help bring the initiative to fruition.

After the announcement of the Google.org grant, the teams were surprised to immediately hear from more than 50 other organizations and scientists around the world offering to help. They began systematically investigating whether mixing and matching innovations from various groups could improve global emissions monitoring even further. Around the same time, Vice President Gore had been investigating ideas for a more-robust and reliable accounting of global emissions as countries strive to meet Paris Agreement targets and increase ambition to put the world on a sustainable pathway.

Please go to Carbon Tracker to read the entire article. 

In the meantime, take off your mask slaves:


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