Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Wasp and the Caterpillar

Ed.'s note: Have you read about the wasp and the caterpillar? If you did the first thing you would honestly ask yourself is who exactly are Americans dying for and why? This editor flew to the island of Iwo Jima to "have a good look around" thinking that perhaps the experience would be revealing. It was certainly somber standing on a small island not more than 10 square miles in size where the blood of 25,707 men was absorbed into the sand. Standing on top of Mount Suribachi with the putrid smell of sulfur in the air looking at exploded artillery shrapnel scars across the face of the mountain, the thought kept coming back over and over again about what a terrible intentional waste and slaughter of human beings that battle was.  Here is "Q", sorry, we mean Steve Bannon giving a pep talk to the Judeo-Christian Republican Club - "go Israel...go Israel...go Israel" - in Florida while blowing smoke up the military's #ss. Listen very carefully to the first few minutes of Bannon the Anon's almost racist-sounding condescension towards the Japanese. Something is very wrong about the Book of Revelation. The book erases the border between Judaism and Christianity. Big mistake. They've got their action plan now don't they? When you watch this clip and listen to the cheering and clapping for Steve Bannon, think of John of Patmos on his island wondering what in the hell are these maniacs talking about? Don't let these psychopathic lunatics fool you, hate is what unites and drives them. Reducing the world to simplistic terms like good vs bad and good vs evil:

Steve Bannon's Dharma

Source: Citizens of the American Republic

Steve Bannon at the Judeo-Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach 

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