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War Crimes in Ukraine

Ed.'s note: Ukraine is nothing more than a US slave colony indebted to the IMF as the world moves perilously closer to WWIII likely to erupt in Ukraine. The best thing Americans can do to avert further conflict in Ukraine is to increase their own understanding of events transpiring there. Ukraine is at the center of this insane Democratic Party (criminal gangsters) drive in their hysteria to impeachment of President Trump.

News update for 19 December 2019: US Senate Just Voted For Potential WW3

News update for 18 December 2019: Putin and the 'Biden Memorial Pipeline' to China


US acting ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, to step down

Arm Ukraine? Congress Might Want to First View This Excellent but Brutal Compilation Video of Verified Ukrainian War Crime

Source: Fort Russ

Carload Of Fur Coats Tells A Ghastly Tale Of Burglary And Murder

December 15, 2019


"It threw me into a fever": A resident of Ukraine told a shocking story about the sale of property of Donbass residents in Lviv

From the very beginning of the war, Ukrainian militants, called "defenders" in their country, in addition to shelling the territory of Donbass with heavy weapons, also broke into homes of Donbass residents, killed them and took property to replenish the pockets of their relatives in Ukraine. "ATO volunteers", in turn, eagerly helped sell their items. One of the shocking cases was told on her Facebook page by user Lyusya Khramova.

According to the woman, in 2015 she decided to purchase warm clothes before winter, in particular a fur coat.

"In Lviv, quite often moonlighters bring in furs from Europe, furs that they bought there at sales, so you can find a fur coat, albeit not the latest model, but of very good quality.

And then one day I came across an advertisement for the sale of a fur coat. It looked all right, but at some very ridiculous price. Just in case, I called back. It turned out that yes, there is such a fur coat and the price is the same as in the ad. There are also other fur coats, also inexpensive. The woman said that she brings them from Europe herself, and therefore can sell them cheap. As usual, I asked the address where I could see them and try them on. But then the aunt replied that she could come herself, and bring the fur coat. It seemed strange to me but I invited her to meet not far from my house near a small shop. My friend worked there and I could try on a fur coat. At the appointed time, a car drove up to the store, a pretty young woman in a sports jacket, camouflage pants and beret came out of it. Well, you never know how someone dresses. I came up and she took out a fur coat from the front seat. The fur coat turned out to be completely different from the one in the photo and the size was obviously wrong.

I said that I won't even measure it. So the woman suggested that I look at the others and opened the back seat of the car. There were fur coats and fur jackets piled up almost to the ceiling. One by one, she began to get them and show me, and I began to understand that something was wrong. All the fur coats were in good condition, but plainly they were worn and they had a scent. They smelled differently, with different perfumes or something. I could not understand what was happening: either the loop was torn off, or the buttons too. When a normal person sells a fur coat, even if it's used, he will at least bring it back to normal. And here, more than a dozen fur coats, just dumped in a heap on a seat.

But when there was a bus ticket in one pocket, one of ours, a Ukrainian ticket: these coats were NOT from Europe! I suddenly understood where these coats were coming from. They could only be from the Donbass, in this quantity and condition. My heart sank. I turned and walked away. Lord, if anyone knew how then I felt, sick and ashamed. And this aunt, with a full salon of worn fur coats, said I to myself, was a volunteer," the woman wrote.

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.

Source: Fort Russ


By Russell Bentley | Dec 15, 2019

It's all starting to make sense. All of a sudden, I get the picture. See right through the scam. Which ain't that hard to do, if you've been paying attention, which I have been. Paying attention is what you do when your life depends on it, as mine does, as those of my family and friends here do, and maybe, just maybe, as yours do too. So pay attention. These are dangerous times.


Let's connect the following dots – The punk Zelensky's smug, almost arrogant attitude at the recent Normandy Four meeting and his subsequent reneging on the agreement. Reliable info about another imminent false flag chemical attack by the White Helmets in Syria which may happen any day now. Again. Republican shit-hook Senator Cory Gardener's "SMART ACT" to designate Russia as a "State Sponsor of Terrorism", and "Russian-supported armed forces in the Donbas region of Ukraine as Foreign Terrorist Organizations" within the next three months. The largest NATO exercise in 25 years, "Defender Europe 20" with 60,000 soldiers (including 20,000 US soldiers to be shipped in) to begin in April 2020. Four months from now.

The next Normandy Four meeting, if it happens, is also scheduled for four months from now, too. This will be after Pompeo's State Department determines whether the Donbass Republics qualify as terrorist organizations and Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. (Does anybody want to guess which way that's going to go?) Which will be after the upcoming false flag chemical attack in Syria which will this time, (and as usual without any proof) be blamed on Syria AND Russia and just in time for the biggest NATO build-up across Europe this century. Are you with me, Pilgrim?

When Zelensky goes to the next Normandy meeting, backed up by the French pretty boy and the German toad, they will attempt to dictate the terms to Putin – either allow the total re-write of the agreement, to include above all the immediate control of the border by Ukraine, or else the agreement will be voided, (which will, of course, also be blamed on Russia) and then Russian and the Donbass Republics become officially listed as "terrorists" by the goddamned US gov, and it's back to the "Anti-Terrorist Operation" where the only alternative is The Big Ukrop Offensive, total war, the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Donbass that has been held in check for the past 5 years only by the credible threat of a Russian counter-offensive. But the question now is whether Russia will risk an all-out war with an already mobilized and ready NATO battle group perched on her borders, in order to save a few million Russian-speaking citizens of the Republics. Now, that is the question, isn’t it?

Either way, it looks like the Donbass Republics will soon be in for a hard, hard time, to put it nicely. Either we will suffer a re-enactment of Operation Barbarossa; a genuine nazi invasion, with death camps, slave labor and genocide, or we become ground zero for World War III. Of course, the US and NATO don't want war with Russia, (just yet) but they are clearly going to continue to risk it, and up the ante considerably, in order to see if Russia will abandon its principles and the Republics in order to avoid it. Trump The Idiot will be onboard with the Deep State warmongers, because he will be convinced by the assholes and nazis who advise him that, one, it will win him the election by ridding him from the "soft on Russia" criticism, and two, the Russians will never risk war with NATO.

This "re-negotiation" of the Minsk and Steinmeier Agreements can be presented in a way to give Russia a semi-palatable, (but false) face-saving excuse, if they decide to take it. "The agreement still stands, we have simply agreed to re-adjust the timetable, to allow Ukraine to take control of the border first." Once the borders are sealed, once Ukraine's "territorial integrity" is re-established, once Russia has capitulated, all the talk of voting and special status can be shelved. The "lustration", "filtration" and "punishment", in other words, the ethnic cleansing and genocide that will inevitably and immediately ensue, will be conducted in media silence and far from the cameras and microphones of ukrop and western media, who will, of course, be the only ones reporting from the newly "liberated" territories of the former Republics. And if some pesky journalist has the temerity to ask about the voting or human rights guarantees, the Ukrainian nazis and their US/NATO masters can simply say "может быть завтра", "Maybe tomorrow", which in Ukraine, is the polite way to say "Never."

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.

Source: Stalker Zone

"Maidan Was for Nothing, I'm Ashamed of It": The 2014 Kiev Coup Through the Eyes of a Grown-Up Student

December 1, 2019 | Stalker Zone

Denis Datsyuk, a native of the Vinnytsia region, then a student of Kiev Polytechnic.

On Maidan Datsyuk joined the 38th group of a hundred and stood almost to the end, but he is now grateful to his wife for pulling him off Maidan on the last day of the bloody events of February. "Thanks to her, I did not join the ranks of the heavenly hundred."

"Maidan was for nothing. I am ashamed to have participated in it."

In his opinion, Maidan was too idealised, and it was a long way from what it really was. When asked why he went to Maidan six years ago, Datsyuk ironically said that he has "a tiny brain".

"What do we have as a result? Minus Crimea and minus Donbass. The growth of the right-wing movement and the general radicalisation of society. Thousands of young people with post-war traumatised psyche. The economy has collapsed, and domestic and foreign politics are not even politics. Even our masters started to chuckle at us, I mean the United States. In fact, they started this Maidan – for the sake of war with Russia. We have not met US expectations. We have a very low level of managers, we couldn't even ignite the war in Donbass the way they needed it. Our eastern neighbour is not responding as expected. This is not what our Western partners hoped for. That's why we're almost a played card. Moreover, given Trump's foreign policy, we're out of the frame now. He withdraws competent personnel, including from Ukraine. And we will be left only with our fools. I don't foresee anything good."

Six years ago Denis joined "Right Sector", where he quickly became disappointed.

READ: Ukrainian Deputy Evgeny Murayev: Ukraine Lost Half Its GDP Due to the West's Sanctions Against Russia

"I don't want anything to do with criminals. There they are more than my subjective permissible norm," acknowledges Datsyuk. "At the bottom there are normal lads, and the top is an abomination under the protection of the SBU".

Concerning the news that Zelensky wants to meet him and his former Maidan comrades, Datsyuk reacted with a grin. He doesn't think much of Zelensky.

"This is not a competent manager. I don't expect anything good from him. Although I believe he has bright intentions and he wants the best. He could have a chance if he had any team and any understanding of how complex social supersystems are managed. But unfortunately, neither is yet visible. I feel sorry for him. He'll either give up or eat. I can only imagine what a big job it is to deal with everything, when you’ve never been in relation with state (local, regional) affairs. It's just a tremendous job. And I do not think that he can do it, especially in the environment of disinformation that, in my opinion, is created around him," shares the former Maidanist.

Datsyuk says that he did not think to go abroad, although he does not see prospects in Ukraine. He also doesn't want to go into politics, like many Maidanists.

"I don't think emigration is a good option. I have a good salary. I would like to work for the benefit of the Motherland, but unfortunately, here everything goes to hell and there are no such opportunities".

Russia's continued military development and buildup:

Nuklearna artiljerija: Pogledajte dejstvo samohodne artiljerije 2S7M - Malka (VIDEO)

News update for 19 December 2019: Russia's Massive Military Industry Exporting at Record Levels, Sanctions Not Working (Russian TV News)

The current statistics of conflict in east Ukraine from 2014 - present:
13,000 people killed
• 40,000 people wounded
• 1,500,000 internally displaced


News update for 19 December 2019: It's Over. Zelensky Severs Donbass From Ukraine Forever

Bomb plot by supporter of radical Ukrainian nationalists thwarted in Russia's major port city of Murmansk – FSB

Autopsy of the Minsk Agreements

BREAKING: Novorussian Forces Shoot Down A Ukrainian Strike Drone On Its Way To Donetsk

Ukraine's Maidan Snipers Were U.S Assets From Georgia

Ukraine Peace Hostage to Washington's Russophobia

Ethnic and cultural cleansing in Ukraine

The US and its weaponized media malign Russia constantly:

How U.S. Military Aid Has Helped Ukraine Since 2014

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