Monday, December 9, 2019

This Is How the Financial Kickback Scam Works Out of the US State Department (RICO Operation)

Ed.'s note: This explains why US senators want career positions in the US senate. It is an incredibly lucrative operation where let's say for example Ukraine is given "foreign aid." That money is then laundered back through the US to senate foundations and "deep state" accounts as their own private slush funds. Guess the FBI has been out whistling Dixie (the expression also means: "Don't sit on your ass wasting time") all these years. The American people seem to be at their limits now with the second-highest gun registration ever on Black Friday.

Source: The Duran

UPDATE: Bill Barr Indicts 8 Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats

by Alex Christoforou | December 9, 2019

Ahmad "Andy" Khawaja and Hillary Clinton (Allied Wallet) The Liberal Media Is Covering This Up!…


On Friday The Gateway Pundit reported on the news that Democrat operative and Robert Mueller chief witness George Nader was indicted for his involvement in illegal campaign contributions from foreign entities to the Hillary campaign in 2016

Nader was one of Mueller's top witnesses and he is a top Democrat donor and convicted child molester.

Bill Barr on Friday indicted eight individuals for illegally funneling foreign money to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and several Democratic senators.

According to News Thud:
The list of the Dem organizations taking this illegal money is astounding – almost every Dem state organization and many super PAC's including the big one Priorities USA.
All of the leading names in the Democratic party took in this money including Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu, Jon Tester, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, etc.

The DOJ reported…

UPDATE: Bill Barr Indicts 8 Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats

Here is how this financial operation works:

U.S. senators write foreign aid policy, rules and regulations thereby creating the financing mechanisms to transmit U.S. funds. Those same senators then received a portion of the laundered funds back through their various "institutes" and business connections to the foreign government offices; in this example Ukraine. [ex. Burisma to Biden]

The U.S. State Dept. serves as a distribution network for the authorization of the money laundering by granting conflict waivers, approvals for financing (think Clinton Global Initiative), and permission slips for the payment of foreign money. The officials within the State Dept. take a cut of the overall payments through a system of "indulgence fees", junkets, gifts and expense payments to those with political oversight.

If anyone gets too close to revealing the process, writ large, they become a target of the entire apparatus. President Trump was considered an existential threat to this entire process. Hence our current political status with the ongoing coup. Source

OAN's Chanel Rion gives debriefing on Ukraine trip

Bill Barr Indicts 8 in Dems Campaign Money Scheme, 2855


This scam outlined above isn't all. Have a look at this lucrative scam war in Afghanistan:

"Undeniable Evidence": Explosive Classified Docs Reveal Afghan War Mass Deception

Lawsuit: Defense Firm Faked Documents To Bilk US Government Of $1.2bln

You Can't Handle the Truth

There is no FBI investigation into TransDigm or NaviStar for ripping off the government?


Transdigm Group Inc.

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