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The Black Nobility’s 5G Kill Switch

Ed.'s note: Circumstances have become so bizarre and strange in this world we felt  this material might offer a better reason as to how we arrived at this point.

Source: Left Hook

November 11, 2019 | 55 Comments

(Excerpted from Chapter 34: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

Researcher Michael Tsarion posits that the old European Black Nobility (Hapsburgs, Guelphs, Tudors, Saxe-Gothas, Algobrandinis, Odeschelis, Borbons, et. al.)) and their now well-intermarried Sephardic Jewish banker cousins (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Kuhn Loebs, Lazards) are Nephilim hybrids who were run out of their previous galaxy due to a full array of vile activities.

Tsarion believes these bloodthirsty pedophiles were chased to the former planet Tiamat, which was then attacked and decimated by their pursuers. Another name for Tiamat is Lucifer.

Tiamat was a water planet. The cataclysm which resulted, says Tsarion, resulted in the 40-day deluge upon Earth which resulted in the Great Flood. Along with the raindrops fell the surviving Nephilim, which Tsarion claims launched the evil empire of Atlantis and have run every warmongering empire since.

He believes their attackers locked a Stargate behind them and banished them forever to their Earth prison. The moon was apparently put into place as a sort of key to this Stargate and this explains the oligarchy's obsession with the "space program". He says they are frantically searching for a method by which they can open the Stargate and escape this planet, which they detest.

In their search, they figured out that the key to their dilemma is silicon. This goes a long way to explaining the advent and explosion of silicon computer chip technology. Within the span of 20 years, Earth and its human inhabitants have been spun into a worldwide spider's web created by DARPA It is also known as the Internet.

With each new generation of silicon chip technology, the net grew faster and its grip over its users grew tighter. The rare earth metals required were stolen from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where over 5 million people have died due to the permanent war there needed to steal these ores. [Note: Bolivia has been targeted and Evo Morales removed as president to access a rich source of lithium out of Bolivia.]

Humans took the Nephilim bait. Their IQs plummeted, their attention span dwindled to that of goldfish, and their temperament grew surly and disagreeable. They didn't know it but they were now worshiping and mimicking their Nephilim captors. Like these Illuminati despots and their Freemason minions, the people also grew to despise Creation, especially humanity.

Enter 5G.

The Black Nobility & their banker relatives can collectively be referred to as the Crown. Most cell towers are built by Crown Castle. The ionized space fence is being built by Space X. Planet X is Nibiru- the ancient home of the Nephilim, also referred to as the Annunaki.

The small cells, the smart meters and the LED lighting used to conceal the 5G cells are built by Crown Agency Corp. subsidiary General Electric, which also built nearly every nuclear power plant in the world, including the one at Fukushima, which is still dumping radiation into the now-dead north Pacific.

911 came shortly after DARPA launched the Internet. It was designed to usher in a surveillance state, a permanent war economy and a climate of fear, false patriotism and obedience among all humans. The security firm which facilitated the attacks on the World Trade Center towers it was in charge of "protecting" was Securacom, a subsidiary of Crown Agency Corp. which was run by Marvin Bush, the President's brother. The Bush family are cousins of the Black Nobility Windsor Nephilim.

A series of fake Islamists groups similar to al Qaeda were rolled out to justify the ensuing wars wherever resources were needed. Trained by the CIA and Mossad, they all emerged from the Saudi-funded madrasas of the Pakistan-based Agha Khan Foundation, a subsidiary of Crown Agency Corp.

Lockheed Martin, which runs NASA, administers the new Food Stamp cards, reads the surveillance cameras being rapidly installed in every US city, is building cyborg soldiers with DARPA, and is the world's largest defense contractor is a subsidiary of Crown Agency Corp.

Please go to Left Hook to read the entire article.


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