Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Half a billion on Halloween pet costumes is latest sign of America's out-of-control consumerism

Source: the conversation

October 31, 2019

Halloween spending is out of control.

"Prepped The Entire Area to Go Up In Flames?" Fire Accelerants?

BE READY CALIFORNIA! Looks Like They're Prepping For More Fires! 



Ukrainian Jew Dressed as US Army Colonel Slanders His Commander-in-Chief

Source: Russia Insider

Alexander Vindman, a 'top Ukraine expert' and political opportunist, will whine about Trump before Congress because he has no conflict of intrest whatsoever

By Lee Rogers (The Daily Stormer) | October 30, 2019


The hoax impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump is almost entirely Jewish in nature. This is just a fact. It is being led by the subversive Jew Adam Schiff and further amplified by Jewish media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and others.

How Can We Blame This on the NRA & Whites? Mass Shooting at Black "Twerk or Tweet" Halloween Party on Campus of Texas A&M-Commerce Followed by Retaliatory Gun Attack at Vigil...

Source: The Unz Review


File this under "how can we blame this on an NRA member?" section. More importantly, it's another black mass shooting the corporate media will ignore.

From President Donald J. Trump

Source: White House

President Donald J. Trump Has Made it a Priority to Combat 
the Heinous Crime of Human Trafficking 

 LAW & JUSTICE | Issued on: October 29, 2019 

* * * * 

"My Administration is committed to leveraging every resource we have to confront this threat, to support the victims and survivors, and to hold traffickers accountable for their heinous crimes."

President Donald J. Trump

ERADICATING HUMAN TRAFFICKING: President Trump has made it a priority to leverage every resource of the Federal Government to end the scourge of human trafficking.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Russia and the United States: The Forgotten History of a Brotherhood

Ed.'s note: Whatever the "deep state" is or however it is defined, one of its fundamental intelligence strategies is to keep America and Russia permanently in each other's cross hairs.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

By Cynthia Chung | October 16, 2019

© Photo: Pixabay
"A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it". – Frederick Douglass (former slave who would later become a great American statesman and diplomat)

Monday, October 28, 2019

This Species Is Heading to the Moon Where Trillion$ In Resources Are Waiting to be Mined

Ed.'s note: This species is going into space in a huge way which isn't generally known by the public. There are vast riches worth trillions of dollars and the race is on. This is only the beginning. Huge of amounts of money are going to be poured into the space economy in the coming years. Virgin Galactic is just one example of a private space company gearing up to go into space. Keep track of Virgin Galactic's SOCIAL CAPITAL HEDOSOPHIA HOLDINGS (SPCE) at Trading View: SPCE is currently a "neutral" investment with shares as of 29 October 2019 priced at US$11.75. The first prize of the space economy? The Moon. Whoever gets there first is king of the "lunar gold rush."

Source: CNBC

Virgin Galactic shares debut as the space tourism company begins trading under the ticker SPCE

Monday, October, 28 2019 | By Michael Sheetz

Sir Richard Branson stands on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) ahead of Virgin Galactic (SPCE) trading in New York, U.S., October 28, 2019. Richard Branson Virgin Galactic IPO NYSE

The New American Oil Empire Built on Sand

Ed.'s note: As we can see by the US moving its military into the region of Syria's oil fields, this is part of the US strategy to monopolize oil to maintain its dominance connected to the petro dollar.

News reported on 24 October 2019: US Has Plan to Send Part of an Armored Brigade to 'Secure' Syria Oil Fields Amid 'Withdrawal'

News reported on 28 October 2019: Trump's Plan To Send U.S. Oil Majors To Syria Sparks Outrage

News reported on 28 October 2019: Russian and Saudi Oil Giants Team Up in Africa

By F. William Engdahl | 11 September 2019

Image credits: Joshua Doubek - Fracking the Bakken keeping American energy independent Usage Rights: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license with some restrictions.

Over the course of the past decade the United States, following decades of relative stagnation in oil production, has surprised many to become the largest oil producer in the world, exceeding Russia as well as Saudi Arabia. Latest daily production is just above 12.1 million barrels a day. In November 2018 for the first time in decades the US became a net oil exporter. The geopolitical implications to this energy boom in a world where oil determines the growth of entire economies, would appear to be great. Almost all the increase owes to the exploitation of what is called shale oil, unconventional oil found in shale rock formations. The US Department of Energy projects a rise to 8.8 million barrels daily from US shale oil alone, a new record. Now though, we are seeing the first clear signs that the “shale boom” could implode even faster than it rose. The implications for American foreign policy and global geopolitics and economics are significant.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Plundering of Ukraine by Corrupt American Democrats

Source: The Unz Review

A talk with Oleg Tsarev reveals the alleged identity of the "Trump/Ukraine Whistleblower"


Top Dems are involved in the plundering of the Ukraine: new names, mind-boggling accounts. The mysterious 'whistleblower' whose report had unleashed the impeachment is named in the exclusive interview given to the Unz Review by a prominent Ukrainian politician, an ex-Member of Parliament of four terms, a candidate for Ukraine's presidency, Oleg Tsarev.

US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with "Baghdadi Raid"

Ed.'s note: The big headline news: Another heroic US military operation to kill a terrorist. An Osama Bin Laden revised 2.2 raid. Taking out "ISIS leader" Baghdadi is like a militarized version of a good PR campaign. The US is now liquidating their assets when they become too much of a liability. The utilitarian purpose of the "Salafist principality" has now run its course and now the US must collapse it. As the US is being evicted from the Middle East, it needed a good public relations ploy to achieve some level of "success" before booted out completely.

News update for 23 November 2019: BREAKING: White Helmets Involved In Human Organ Trafficking In Syria

News update for 2 November 2019: ShamiWitness: How Bellingcat and neocons collaborated with most influential ISIS propagandist on Twitter

News update for 2 November 2019: Al-Baghdadi was US 'spawn', his death is still an open question – Lavrov

News update for 29 October 2019: Globalist elite mourn the death of al-Baghdadi (Video)

Source: Land Destroyer

October 27, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - The Western media is reporting that US military forces have killed the supposed leader of the so-called "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) in Syria's northern governorate of Idlib.

BC: A View of the Deadly World Order

Source: New Eastern Outlook

October 18, 2019 | By Phil Butler

BC stands for NEO's Banned Classic. This article was originally published by our journal on 16.09.18 For some reason, this article is missing from Google search results. Since this article remains pretty relevant to those geopolitical events that are taking place on the geopolitical stage today, we deem it possible to present it to our readers once again. Should it go missing again, you may be confident that you will see it republished by NEO once more, should it still remain relevant by that time.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Trickle-Down Bureaucracy Is Destroying Vermont

Source: American Thinker

By John Klar | October 25, 2019

"Trickle-down economics" describes tax cuts for corporations, wealthy investors, and entrepreneurs intended to assist lower-income citizens by stimulating investment and economic growth. Also called "supply-side economics," the doctrine was championed by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman but denigrated by many — including economist John Kenneth Galbraith, who characterized it as "feeding the sparrows by giving oats to the horses."

Consider that in Vermont, the government has grown to be a mammoth corporation (the state's largest employer by far) and sucks up working Vermonters' wealth in a trickle-up bureaucratic behemoth. So much money is spent on reports, studies, and employment for state workers that Vermont's property tax rates are some of the highest in the nation. To the extent that any of the money does come back down, it is indeed a mere trickle.

Europe Is Turning Against Free Trade

Source: The Unz Review


New European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wants a "carbon tariff" on imports to Europe.

After decades of piously reciting neoliberal orthodoxy, extolling a 'post-political' borderless world, the European Union seems finally to be turning away from free trade. Numerous factors are working in this direction: a decades-late reaction to China's mercantilist trade policies which have gutted European industry, the threat of trade wars with America under President Donald Trump, the withdrawal of free-trading Britain from the EU, the rise of Big Tech everywhere but Europe, and ordinary Europeans' angry reaction to policies which have destroyed their jobs only to enrich footloose capitalists and tax havens.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Do You Know The Origin of Your Life?

Source: CRROW777 Radio


As it turns out it matters how and when we mark our birth. I am a living breathing human being born alive and yet legal fictions make the claim I am lost at sea with no life. I state, for the record, that I exist alive from the moment my mother and father's genetic material [property] combined. I am a living being since this moment – as I passed through the birth canal already alive for nine months. I make this claim for evermore. I am not, and have never been, lost at sea. What is your claim?

Zionism (Right) & Communism (Left) Have Same Goal - Cabalist Supremacy

October 24, 2019

(In this interview with Adam Green in May, Christopher Bjerknes explains that the real goal of Zionism is not a "homeland for the Jews" but a world empire ruled by Rothschilds and their fellow Masons & Jews. I don't usually repost articles so soon, but this one exposes the Left-Right dialectic. Essentially the debate is over which version of Masonic Jewish-dominated world government prevails. The question is- how sincere is this conflict? Ultimately one has to be a false opposition. Which is it? )

A Recruiting Poster

Source: The Unz Review

Why You Should Stay the Hell Away From the American Military

By Fred Reed • OCTOBER 24, 2019 • 70 COMMENTS

Some advice: Don’t get shot in the face. I don't care what your friends tell you, it isn't a good idea. Further, avoid corneal transplants if you can. If you find a coupon for one, in a box of Cracker Jacks maybe, toss it. Transplants are miserable things. Unless you really need one. What am I talking about? Eyes, and losing them, and getting them back. On this, I am an accidental authority.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Video Surfaces Of "Trans" Child From Texas Custody Battle Saying His Mother Tells Him He's A Girl

Ed.'s note: Immediately, and we MEAN IMMEDIATELY after the Texas State Governor Gregg Abbott said he's going to investigate the court, suddenly the judge issued a ruling that gave the dad an equal say. That obviously means the judge is corrupt and was about to be busted. Don't let media sources like the Daily Beast with its Jewish editor Noah Shachtman convince you this is an attack by conservatives either. Keep this out of the conservative-liberal discussion. Update 25 October 2019: Texas judge rules father of 'transgender' 7yo will have rights, possibly halting puberty blocker treatment

Source: Red State

October 24, 2019 | by Brandon Morse

The case of James Younger, a seven-year-old boy from Texas who was recently the central figure in a custody battle between a father trying to protect his son from an abusive mother, has now taken a much larger spotlight on the national stage.

A Bong, Some Great Images, a "Nazi"-Tattoo, Mountain Climbing and a Threesome ("Throuple"); Hey, It's California and a Democrat, What the Hell

Ed.'s note: Don't let the media and the ADL co-opt you into thinking the tattoo is strictly representative of being a "Nazi." The German Cross first appeared on Prussian military uniforms way before the world ever knew what a "Nazi" was. And if you go to the link inside this Mail Online article to "reference", (ADL did that to mislead you) make sure you understand there was no "swastika" inside the German Cross tattooed on this compromised chick's thigh. Note on the ADL: from B'nai B'rith is British Intelligence. Mail Online is British intelligence embedded in the media. Keep pushing it Jews, because history is going to repeat itself here very shortly: Quarter of Germans Admit Having Anti-Semitic Thoughts – Report

Source: Mail Online

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed as she's seen NAKED showing off Nazi-era tattoo while smoking a bong, kissing her female staffer and posing nude on 'wife sharing' sites
• Katie Hill, 32, has been seen in a series of shocking photographs obtained exclusively by Hill was pictured kissing and brushing her young female staffer's hair, who can identify as Morgan Desjardins from Santa Clarita, California
• The then 22-year-old began a throuple relationship with Hill and her husband Kenny Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017
• Texts and photos between Hill, Heslep and Desjardins reveal their throuple was steamy at first, but ended with Hill leaving them 'high and dry'
• The congresswoman was also seen posing naked while smoking a bong on 9/11 in 2017, as a tattoo of a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her bikini line is on full display
• The tattoo could open the congresswoman to accusations of hypocrisy, after she criticized racist Facebook posts that included a similar-looking cross
• Sources revealed Hill and Heslep also posted Hill's naked photos online in 2016 under a thread called 'WouldYouF**kMyWife' and 'wifesharing'

US Has Plan to Send Part of an Armored Brigade to 'Secure' Syria Oil Fields Amid 'Withdrawal'

Ed's note: Readers are cautioned about going to links to Newsweek in this article considering the media has faked news stories and have bent the narrative to the empire's directives especially concerning circumstances regarding the US's proxy army ISIS and on Syria.

News update for 28 October 2019: Esper Threatens "Overwhelming Military Force" Against Syrians, Russians If They Make a Move for Syria's Oil Fields

News update for 26 October 2019: U.S. troops deployed to Syria's oil fields: Neocon win or Trump buying time? (Video)

News update for 26 October 2019: "We Want To Keep The Oil"

News update for 26 October 2019: Russia Deploys Large Number Of Troops, Equipment In Northern Syria

News update for 24 October 2019: Trump's Syria 'oil gambit' is a crime, and what may be worse – a mistake

Source: Check Point Asia

The Pentagon is telling Trump if he's serious about stealing the oil to authorize sending in heavy tanks

Israel’s Endgame: Make Gaza Uninhabitable

Source: 21st Century Wire

OCTOBER 19, 2019 • 21WIRE • 182 COMMENTS • By Jonathan Cook

"Israel has ignored warnings by the United Nations that Gaza is about to become uninhabitable, acting as if Palestinians there can be caged, starved and abused indefinitely. Now crises are unfolding on all fronts – social, economic, political and humanitarian – and Israel is running out of time to find solutions." – AMEU (September-October 2019)

For a PDF version, click here

Israel has ignored warnings by the United Nations that Gaza is about to become uninhabitable, acting as if Palestinians there can be caged, starved and abused indefinitely. Now crises are unfolding on all fronts – social, economic, political and humanitarian – and Israel is running out of time to find solutions

Gaza Beach, 2006 (Image Source: WikiCommons)

SJWs As Bourgeois Bolshies

Source: The American Conservative

By ROD DREHER • October 22, 2019, 2:09 AM

Left: LGBT Pride poster in Soviet Style (Design Boom)

I'm reading one of the best books I've ever seen, historian Yuri Slezkine's The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution. It's a massive — over 1,000 pages — history of the Bolshevik movement, focusing on the people who lived in a vast apartment building constructed across the Moskva River from the Kremlin, for party elites. In the 1930s, during the purges, it was the most dangerous address in the country. The secret police came for people there all the time.

The book has given me a breakthrough in understanding why so many people who grew up under communism are unnerved by what's going on in the West today, even if they can't all articulate it beyond expressing intense but inchoate anxiety about political correctness. Reading Slezkine, a UC-Berkeley historian, clarifies things immensely. Let me explain as concisely as I can. All of this is going into the book I'm working on, by the way.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Stephen Miller pushback: 'Permanent bureaucracy a mortal threat to America'

Source: Washington Examiner

by Paul Bedard | October 22, 2019

Anonymous efforts by anti-Trump federal bureaucrats to thwart the White House agenda through leaks and complaints to friendly reporters and congressional allies are a "mortal threat" to democracy and the 2016 election results, according to a top administration official.

"This is a mortal threat to the American system of government," said Stephen Miller, the senior adviser for policy.

In 2016, President Trump ran against Washington's "deep state” and “permanent bureaucracy," said Miller, and they remain so angry that they are lying, leaking, and attacking the administration's agenda.

You're Becoming a Jew

October 22, 2019
(by Henry Makow)

(Don't want to be Jewish? You're a Nazi!)

Jew or a Communist. The same thing. We face a heavy dose of mind control in media and education. Where does this oppressive coercion originate? We are being inducted into Cabalism, a satanic cult that defines Judaism. 

Shahak explains that Judaism has fostered a "closed society... one of the most totalitarian societies in the whole history of mankind." Just look at the churches, in love with Israel. Look at "political correctness," a Communist term. Look at the Noahide Laws which invite Gentiles to become second-class Jews or face beheading as an "infidel." Look at homosexuality and "gender fluidity." Look at laws prohibiting criticism of Jews or Israel. The coercion conservatives feel in society is comparable to what Jews have felt for centuries from their own rabbis and communities.

The book Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years by Israel Shahak explains that Cabalist Judaism has always been a totalitarian satanic cult.

The essence of a satanic cult is to control/exploit its own members by making them sick, morally and physically.

CFTC Commissioner Admits US Gov't Manipulated Bitcoin in 2017

Ed.'s note: Bitcoin price was intentionally manipulated. What is "pro market" about the government stepping in and popping any bubble in the market? It is because bitcoin was massively undervalued  compared to the amount of fiat money that has been created. These people tossed derivatives into a market where there are buyers and sellers to manipulate the price is illegal in commodity law. They did this because the fed is printing massive amounts of fiat currency. The level of corruption and illegal activity is right off the charts. In this interview Christopher Giancarlo gave up "the secrets." Derivatives are a financial weapon used to destroy competition. These corrupt people have completely destroyed what fair market value and an honest exchange in an open market. These people manipulated the market of cryptocurrencies with derivatives to keep their fiat money printing scam going. This is rigging markets. It is illegal and President Trump, or the people around him allowed this to happen with Giancarlo just admitting they destroyed people's wealth who bought into cryptocurrencies prior to the bubble in 2017. These people are criminals.

Source: coindesk

Trump Administration Popped 2017 Bitcoin Bubble, Ex-CFTC Chair Says

By Brady Dale | Oct 23, 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Has Quietly Recommended Campaign Hires to Pete Buttigieg

Ed.'s note: The best thing too keep in mind about any news being released on Facebook is that Facebook came out of the military with Zuckerberg being its billionaire front man. Consider Facebook the "Model T of A.I." and then go from there. Another aspect to keep in mind is that Facebook relies on Israeli tech firms for it's R&D. This explains why any criticism of Jews and Israel on Facebook's platform will now be met by the heavy hand of the ADL that has been paid $2.5 million (see linked news articles below) to go after critics of Jews and Israel on Facebook. It is not known to what extent Facebook relies on Israeli tech firms for its R&D, but readers can be assured it must be significant if the ADL has been brought on as the "hired gun" for Facebook.

Source: Bloomberg

By Tyler Pager and Kurt Wagner | October 21, 2019,

Facebook Inc. chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg has privately recommended several potential hires to Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign, a rare example of direct political involvement from one of tech’s most powerful executives.

BREAKING: Jessica Yaniv loses cases against women who wouldn’t "wax her balls"

Source: The Post Millennial

© Maggie MacPherson/CBC

October 22, 2019 | By Anna Slatz

Jessica "Jonathan" Yaniv, who infamously brought human rights complaints against multiple British Columbia estheticians for declining to perform services on her male genitals has lost her cases.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Western central bankers: they're God, they trust – a 10-part series on the QE economy

October 21, 2019 | 6 Comments | by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog

It's not that the West's central bankers are infallible – the similarity is that they cannot be held accountable. After all – who can call God to account for His decisions?

Like God, when things succeed it is They (central bankers) who deserve all the credit – when things fail it's because we failed to properly follow Their policies.

And like God, they don't need regulation – it is They who give the regulations, which must be accepted on faith alone and no matter how poor the results.

Jewish Cultural and Social Discourse Domination

Source: Realist Report

(((Facebook))) Donates $2.5 Million To (((ADL)))

October 20, 2019

Facebook, one of the world's leading internet giants that is owned and controlled by left-leaning Jews like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, recently announced it would be donating $2.5 million to the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish supremacist organization dedicated to shutting down the First Amendment, eliminating criticism and factual statements about Jewish power and influence in the world, and promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, and massive Third World immigration into America.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency recently reported:
Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg pledges $2.5 million to ADL

OCTOBER 17, 2019 10:27 AM

Sheryl Sandberg speaks during the Digital-Life-Design conference in Munich, Germany, Jan. 20, 2019. (Lino Mirgeler/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

Sunday, October 20, 2019

An Idea: Rugby Replacing American Football

October 20, 2019

Ed's note: Wouldn't that be something as America turns inward on itself as American hegemony comes to an end, if rugby were to replace American football? America's rugby team is in 5th place in Pool C of the 2019 World Cup Rugby matches now playing in Japan. America's rugby team played Britain on September 26, 2019 losing to Britain 45-7. What would you expect though considering rugby has been played in Britain for a very long time where rugby had its origins? Both rugby and American football share a similar history and playing concepts. American football is the "sport" of the empire: win at all costs; destroy your opponent; take no prisoners.

America's current position is 5th place in Pool C. There are four Pools from A to D with 20 international teams competing in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Japan's rugby team beat Ireland and lost to South Africa's Springboks rugby team on October 20, 2019. Japan's rugby team was first in Pool A until they lost to South Africa. Japan has played Russia, Samoa, Ireland, Scotland and South Africa. Many American football players incorrectly describe rugby as a "gladiator-type sport" and "violent." Why? Because rugby players don't wear protective gear.  But this is entirely incorrect if you know and understand the rules of rugby and its history. On the contrary, if any sport represents gladiators, it is American football. All you have to do to confirm this is watch a few video clips of American football highlights. They also know very little about the terminology used to describe rugby.  In American football there is a "Touchdown." In rugby a similar score is called a "Try."

Extended Highlights: England v USA - Rugby World Cup 2019

Illuminati Abuse Children for Demonic Power

October 20, 2019

(left, not Jennifer)

Jennifer's father raped and beat her. After his death, she discovered he belonged to a Masonic Order.

"I was a sex sacrifice. My father became empowered and rich via his abuse of me and he gifted me to the Order to empower other Luciferians among them."

"I discovered that sexually abusing a child usually opens a spiritual portal to allow in high-level demons and the most powerful are child sexual abuse demons and the highest among those are incest demons called, 'Nephilim Spirit demons.' Demon-possessed people get superhuman abilities."

by Jennifer 

CA Rep. Katie Hill Allegedly Involved Female Staffer In 2-Yr ‘Throuple’ Relationship

Ed.'s note: Get this, CA Rep. Katie Hill went to Washington to "investigate President Trump." How did that work out for you Hill? Katie goes to Washington.

Source: Red State

October 18, 2019 | by Jennifer Van Laar

Freshman Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), Vice Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, shared with Elle in a June 2019 interview a quote from the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the Committee "that has stuck with her."
In one of those first meetings, Hill says, Cummings said something that has stuck with her. "It [was] that our role on Oversight is to get to the truth and to follow the truth wherever it leads us and to expose that for the American people," Hill tells me over the phone. "To make sure that they have the information that they should have to, frankly, evaluate their government."

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex...The Insatiable Demand for Sex...The Obsession With Sex

Source: CBC

31 arrested, 300 charges in multi-provincial sex-trafficking operation based in Ontario

Project Convalesce began with 2 Quebec women contacting police 

 CBC News · Oct 16, 2019

York Regional Police officers carried out a search in the Greater Toronto Area on Oct. 10 as part of Project Convalesce, a major investigation into sex trafficking and organized crime that has resulted in 31 arrests and 300 charges related to getting women involved in the sex trade. (York Regional Police)

Friday, October 18, 2019

Does Honor Have a Price?

Source: Russia Today

Japanese Are a Sad, Aging, Sex-Starved People Thanks to US-Mandated Feminism, Crony Capitalism

Abe's strategy is working in the short-term. The businessmen are creating monopolies in their industries and will continue to rake in profits as their people age, die and are replaced.

But hopefully soon Abe will be forced to answer the most important question of all: does honor have a price?

By Eric Striker (National Justice) | October 17, 2019

The most recurring story Westerners get about Japan is that their society is old and dying.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

California Dreamin' to California Shithole

Ed.'s note: The state of California has been taking their assets off books through their CAFR (it's a shell game) accounting reports and using this revenue to puchase foreign corporate assets. These assets do not become the assets of the taxpayers in California. California is funding the state through monetization and hypothecation scams. The state government of California says: "We use so much gasoline in California annually, so we're going to borrow money then charge a tax." That gasoline tax (total California state tax on a gallon of gasoline is 47.3 cents cementing California's tax position as being the highest gas tax state in America) then becomes the guarantor of the bonds that are being purchased.

News update on the liberal sh*thole state of California for 5 June 2020: Illusion Of Prosperity Shattered As California Makes Its Case For Federal Bailout

News update for 28 November 2019: California DMV Rakes In $50 Million Per Year Selling Personal Information

Asset-Price Inflation and Rent Seeking

By Michael Hudson | Thursday, October 17, 2019

Click for larger image

A Total-Returns Profile of Economic Polarization in America

Michael Hudson

Based on work with Dirk Bezemer, with charts by Howard Reed

Polarization in America, 23 September 2019

Pedophilia Is Being Merged Into The LGBT Movement

October 17, 2019

"Is it any wonder that with all the high-level exposure of child abuse oozing out of the higher echelons of society in politics, media, and particularly in Hollywood, that there is a big push to get this accepted by the masses as soon as possible."

by Tony Sayers

The fact that paedophilia is being merged with the LGBT movement is no longer up for debate. The tip-toeing of the social conditioners who started this movement is now starting to come to the surface for all who have been paying attention to see.

Paedophillia is being merged with the LGBT movement because it is a movement that really propagates that 'anything goes'. It is an easy route in for the sick people that want this accepted in society to muddy the waters in the minds of the easily influenced, and those who lack discernment and critical thinking.

As I mention in my video, they have now coined the terms 'MAP' (minor appreciation person) and 'pedosexual' and lumped them in with the 40 odd other labels you can now give yourself depending on what side of the bed you wake up on.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Again, It Always Comes Back to Central Bankers

Source: LaRouche PAC


By Harley Schlanger | 30 September 2019

This article was co-authored with Paul Gallagher

While most eyes watching events unfold at the UN Climate Action Summit were focused on the abused and rage-filled teen, Greta Thunberg, the truth about who is writing her script came out later that day, on September 23, when Bank of England Governor Mark Carney delivered his warning that, according to the largest banks in the world, no alternative to investments that shift industry "from brown to green" will be tolerated.

Carney opened his talk by stating, "A new, sustainable financial system is being built." The key to this, he said, is bringing “climate risks and resilience into the heart of financial decision making," as “sustainable investing must go mainstream." As Carney and other speakers made clear during the course of the summit, by "sustainable" they mean phasing out the energy production that provides the largest percentage of power in today's economy, including coal, oil and gas, and nuclear production, and replacing them with sources with ostensibly low or zero CO2 output.

Crown Agent Wilbur Ross

Source: Left Hook

Posted on 10/15/2019 | 13 Comments

(Excerpted from Chapter 7: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

In December 2012, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross bought a 37.8% share of NBNK Investments. Ross had earned a bachelor's degree at Yale, where his father had also gone before becoming a lawyer and a judge. He got an MBA from Harvard.

In the late 1970's Ross began a 24-year stint with the New York office of NM Rothschild & Sons where he ran their bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice. Around that same time Atlantic City, NJ legalized gambling.

By 1984 President Donald Trump opened his first casino in Atlantic City. Harrahs at Trump Plaza was financed and managed by Holiday Corporation, a British-owned hotel chain better known as Holiday Inn. The parent company of Holiday Inn is Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). Both are headquartered at Denham, Buckinghamshire in the UK. IHG owns 0ver 5,000 hotels in over 100 countries including Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, & Staybridge Suites.

Trump bought another partially built casino from Hilton and renamed it Trump Castle, before he bought the Taj Mahal from Merv Griffin and Resorts International in 1988. Trump also bought 93% of Resorts International itself, an MI6 drug money laundry founded by Crown Agents Allen Dulles and David Rockefeller as the Mary Carter Paint Company in the 1950’s. (

Excellent news: Peter Handke will "never again" talk to journalists

Source: The Guardian

Peter Handke hits out at criticism of Nobel win

Writer says he will not talk to media again after repeated questions about his politics

By Philip Oltermann in Berlin @philipoltermann | Wednesday, October 16,  2019

'From not a single person who comes to me I hear they have read any of my works or know what I have written,' Handke said. Photograph: Alain Jocard/AFP via Getty Images

Frumpy Jewish Lawyer Leading Campaign to Strip US Citizens of Free Speech and Assembly

Ed.'s note: Always remember Jews despise free speech. They will fight tooth and nail and gnash their teeth to prevent others from speaking out about injustices and inconsistencies they see going on around them. Any opposition to Jewish dominance and control of public discourse is met with accusations of "hate speech" designed to shut down real free speech. For example, we accuse the Jewish US Congressman Adam Schiff, who is now threatened with censure in the US Congress, for falsifying "whistleblower" information, and we will be accused of "hate speech." See how it works? Organizations like the Jewish Defense League (JDL) have as their business model "hate speech" which the ADL has profited off in the millions of dollars. The ADL's business goal is to make sure hate is maintained so that Americans continue to fight and rip each other apart further destroying social cohesion. And as most of us have long recognized, the "white nationalist movement" in America has been largely faked. Without a "white nationalist movement," what else could the ADL, the SPLC and their Jewish lawyers do for a living with their accomplices in the media?

Source: Russia Insider

Roberta Kaplan, famous for convincing the Supreme Court to legalize 'gay marriage,' is trying to use Charlottesville to dismantle the First Amendment

By Mike Enoch (National Justice) | October 15, 2019

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

CNN Exposed Again: Whistleblower Blows Lid Off Zucker-Dictatorship At Media Conglomerate

Source: Fort Russ

By Matthew Ehret | October 15, 2019

Project Veritas rocked the political landscape this week by releasing an incredible 19 minute video compiling explosive secret footage of CNN employees describing their thoughts on CNN CEO Jeff Zucker's goal of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Poland's LGBT - Pride Events Use Paid Actors

Poland's famous historic Madonna and child portrait gets an LGBT rainbow

A few days before the Polish national election Sunday which the anti-LGBT conservative party won handily, the main Polish national public television channel, TVP 1 Polonia, released a highly charged, anti-cultural-Marxist investigative show, 'Invasion'.

by Brabantian

Using hidden cameras & microphones, Invasion reveals that the LGBT & gay pride street demonstrations throughout Poland are being funded by devious political manipulators. The paid 'Pride' participants bussed into various cities and towns ... and in fact, with the same LGBT characters, continually appearing at the different events across Poland, in staged cultural Marxist theatre.

Mini AOC: "We can't let Trump drain the swamp, because that's where Hillary hides the bodies"

Source: Sicken Tirade

The KIDS menu


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Monday, October 14, 2019

Return to Gold Standard Will Bring Disaster (Gold Standard Is a Bankers' Scam)

Source: Real Currencies

The Crunch Is Back, There's Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous

by Anthony Migchels on October 14, 2019

(Left: Mark Carney, top Kingpin of the vipers enslaving and destroying the West and the World.)

There we have it folks. The next round in the Crunch is here, and Central Banks have suddenly started saying that a Gold Standard will be necessary to start anew.

The Gold Standard will force an excruciating deleveraging, austerity, deflation, and depression, and bring immense pain to the masses.

More Fake Sh*t From the Media This Time ABC News

Source: Zero Hedge

ABC [America's Been Conned] Admits To Using Fake Footage Of Kurdish 'Slaughter'

By Tyler Durden | Mon, 10/14/2019

Update: ABC News has admitted to using the fake footage and has removed it. While not apologizing, they 'regret the error.'

UK Intelligence The Guardian Brings You More Peak Oil Scam (US Is the World's Largest Producer of Oil)

Source: The Guardian

Top investment banks provide billions to expand fossil fuel industry

By Patrick Greenfield | Sun 13 Oct 2019

Jonah Field gasfields in Wyoming, US. Photograph: Courtesy of Simon Fraser University

Exclusive: analysis reveals lenders provided $700bn to expand sector since Paris climate pact

Execute Him

Source: RT News

Russians want return of DEATH PENALTY after brutal murder of 9 yr old girl

13 Oct, 2019

A prisoner serving a life sentence in a Russian prison. © Sputnik / Evgeny Biyatov

The murder of a schoolgirl in the city of Saratov has sent shockwaves throughout Russia and prompted calls from politicians and the public to lift the moratorium on the death penalty to punish child killers and pedophiles.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

"Status" and "Standing" and "Jurisdiction"

Editor's note: The suggestion needs to be made that Americans need to act on this today, not tomorrow, not next week or next month but today. The financial/banking oligarchy are about to make life very painful for Americans as they roll up their financial system as we can see from the following article. While reading this remover, you didn't create this financial corporate banking system, you didn't create the money you use and you don't own it. You are an unwitting victim born into a world that doesn't give you the proper tools to clearly understand the circumstances under which you live your lives out under.

The Crunch Is Back, There's Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous

About Phil Hudok, Et Alia....

By Anna Von Reitz | October 2, 2019

It's another flap over nothing, and for the same reason all the other "progress" has always gone nowhere.

As David Straight teaches, you have to have "status" and "standing" and "jurisdiction" ---- he is telling you all the same thing I have been telling you for twenty years or more.

So now you have two people standing up and telling you the truth, and you have all these other people like Phil Hudok and NLA still running around in circles and encouraging you to do the same.

Get a clue.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

WHO admits polio outbreak in the Philippines caused by polio vaccines… outbreak "caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2"

Source: Natural News

Wednesday, October 09, 2019 | by Mike Adams

(Natural News) The polio vaccine has caused an escalating outbreak of polio in the Philippines, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, which issued a joint statement admitting the vaccine is causing polio.

Will Fed Make Trump A New Herbert Hoover?

By F. William Engdahl | 8 October 2019

Image credits: Russ Allison Loar - Downtown Los Angeles 6th Street skid row - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license with conditions

In recent months US President Trump has pointed repeatedly to his role in making the American economy the "best ever." But behind the extreme highs of the stock market and the official government unemployment data, the US economy is primed for a 1929-style shock, a financial Tsunami that is more influenced by independent Fed actions than by anything that the White House has done since January 2017. At this point the parallels between one-time Republican President Herbert Hoover who presided over the great stock crash and economic depression that was created then by the Fed policies, and Trump in 2019 are looking ominously similar. It underscores that the real power lies with those who control our money, not elected politicians.

Monday, October 7, 2019

How About This? Black Dude Takes Out 93 White Women

Ed.'s note: Sort of makes Willie Pickton's operation at the pig farm look like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

Source: DC Dirty Laundry

Worst Serial Killers in U.S. History? BLACK Man Admits to 93 Murders, While a BLACK Illegal is Under Investigation for 750 More

By Dean Garrison - October 7, 2019

Before I begin, let me be clear that I am not trying to stir the pot of racism toward BLACK Americans.

What I am trying to do is stem the tide of unbased racism toward WHITE Americans.

Below are two stories you won't likely see reported much in the mainstream media.


Vladimir Putin Does the Walkin'; Greta Thunberg Does the Talkin'

Ed.'s note: Read some of the comments at YouTube. They are pretty hilarious.

Source: RT News

Putin Taiga Getaway 2019: How Russian president spends his spare time? 

Repo Market to Hit $20 Trillion?

Ed.'s note: Would you want a banker bailout or would you rather lose your life savings? That is what this comes down to in the final analysis. Delaying these hard choices are precisely why Americans are in this financial mess in the first place. All you have to do if just say "no" when they come begging. It's possible the Repo market will go to $20 trillion. That's cranking out $15 billion dollars a night! Growing Repos, growing bailouts then they come to congress. Americans are going to get slammed through this financial destruction (terrorism) just like they were in 2008.

Source: WSJ

Fix, Leave Alone or Close the Repo Market?

It is unclear why Amar Bhide doesn't just simply support rejuvenation of the Fed Funds market, a place where he concedes banks "can successfully access credit without providing collateral."

Oct. 7, 2019

The federal-funds rate is displayed at the New York Stock Exchange, Sept. 18. PHOTO: BRENDAN MCDERMID/REUTERS

Saturday, October 5, 2019

This Jewish Psychopathic Liar Needs to Be Removed From Office

Source: Real Jew News

The Lying Eyes Of Adam Schiff


There's Nothing Normal About the Fed Pumping Hundreds of Billions Weekly to Unnamed Banks on Wall Street: "Somebody's Got a Problem"

Source: Wall Street On Parade

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 4, 2019 ~

John Williams, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Yesterday, the House Financial Services Committee released its hearing schedule for October. There is not a peep about holding a hearing on the unprecedented hundreds of billions of dollars that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is pumping into unnamed banks on Wall Street at a time when there is no public acknowledgement of any kind of financial crisis taking place.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Oh Sh*t!


October 3-4, 2019

Remember early this year when I mentioned Italy analyzed vaccines and found they were fraudulent? It's worse than I stated

Today Infowars posted that when the Italians discovered the MMR shot was completely fraudulent, they did gene sequencing and found the entire male human genome (with modifications) in the vaccine. That's HUGE folks. Here is what this means (more completely than you'll find elsewhere)

It means that if the kid the genes were taken from was autistic, that the vaccines would pass on the autism to the recipients at very high rates. It also means that anyone who received it would have an immune response where the immune system attacked the body on top of it all. If you want a full explanation of how "vaccines cause autism" HERE YOU HAVE IT, they most likely found an autistic child and as an act of war, used that kid's genes to wreck everyone via the shots.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Vladimir Putin Trolls the French Poodle Macron

Source: RT News

Putin Jokingly Advices Macron And Gets A Round Of Applause: Put Your Deep State In Place! 

China Facial Recognition Test Will Watch You Take a Sh*t To Monitor Allotted Amount of Toilet Paper

Source: The Epoch Times

Beijing Launches New Rule: Residents Must Pass Facial Recognition Test to Surf Internet

A woman uses a facial recognition device installed at a self-service supermarket in Tianjin, China on Aug. 21, 2019. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images)

BY NICOLE HAO | October 2, 2019

The Chinese regime announced a new rule which requires residents to pass a facial recognition test in order to apply for an internet connection via smartphone or computer.

Russia's Space Program Sabotaged (Deep State Preventing US-Russian Cooperation)


Nasty surprise': Russia goes silent on mysterious drill hole in International Space Station

It was a tiny hole, drilled by hand then carefully concealed but it caused an international scandal — now Russia has admitted it knows what happened. 

 By Jamie Seidel | SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

A suspicious hole in a Soyuz spacecraft vented air from the International Space Station.

The Poor Man's Economic Sanctions: Boycott Whole Foods

Originally posted at:

October 1-3, 2019

Clean cut WHITE MALE interviews for work at Whole Foods

"Got interviewed by two people at the same time.. both obvious diehard liberals. One a bull lesbian, the other a gauged ear hipster, both covered in tattoos. Me being a clean cut straight white male.. obviously I didn't even make it past 10 minutes.. another girl fitting their criteria, covered in tats, hired on the spot...

F*** this country [America] is going to sh*t faster than I can comprehend. . . . .

My comment: This event makes me seriously wonder if Whole Foods is really a trustworthy food provider. A few people out there are having doubts. If tats and African ear holes hit the list of job qualifications, and clean cut people are OUT, especially if they are WHITE, this particular incident makes me think the company may have a serious dilemma.

Derivative Risks Rising: Sell-Off in Interconnected Mega Banks and Insurers

Source: Wall Steet on Parade

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 3, 2019 ~

[Image] New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost 838 points in the past two days of trading. On a percentage basis, its losses pale in comparison to the losses experienced over the past two days by some of the biggest global banks as well as insurance companies that are derivative counterparties to the big banks.

Mega banks continue to be allowed to tie their risky trading gambles to the balance sheets of insurers that also hold life insurance policies and retirement annuities for Moms and Pops across the U.S. by using the insurers as counterparties for their derivative trades. That this is still happening illustrates just how little has changed in the way of enlightened regulation of Wall Street since the banks brought down the big insurer, AIG, in 2008. The U.S. government was forced to seize AIG and institute a $185 billion bailout. AIG also held life insurance policies and retirement annuities for Moms and Pops across the country while it was simultaneously backing tens of billions of dollars of credit derivatives for Wall Street banks, which it couldn't make good on.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Who Is Greta Thunberg?

Ed.'s note: Who indeed is Greta Thunberg? Let's have a deeper look with an update for this post on  October 16, 2019:

The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg


By Sven Svenson

First published September 27, 2019

Scrolling through the news headlines last week, I noticed this unusual one from NBC News: "Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg delivers scathing speech at U.N." Most headlines don't bait me anymore, but this one did. It was simply too absurd a premise to resist. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish 16-year-old who is passionate about climate change and was invited to speak at the U.N. Climate Action Summit, where she roundly denounced the audience of elite stuffed shirts for their "lies" and "betrayal". She is now being hailed as the new face of climate activism. She has also spoken at the Extinction Rebellion demonstration in London, the COP24 Summit in Poland, Davos in Switzerland, the European Economic and Social Committee conference in Brussels, the Austrian World Summit R20, the Prix Liberté Normandy ceremony (she received the 2019 Freedom Prize), and a meeting of the US Congress Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

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