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Darwinism Is Dead, Now What? Towards A Rational Spirituality


Luke Baier | | Thu, 19 Sep 2019

There is a great debate going on at the moment about Darwinism, especially after Yale professor David Gelernter published an article in which he basically agreed with the devastating criticism leveled at the theory by the scholars associated with the Discovery Institute. It is true: the creed of Darwinism is under attack, the foundation of materialist atheism is shaking, the worldview held by most people today - including many religious people - is crumbling. It is a beautiful sight for those of us who know that Darwinism is wrong, dead wrong and couldn't be any more wrong.

At the same time, people are confused. It's no secret that many critics of Darwinism - brilliant as they are in their scientific rigor - are also religious, mostly Christians. Some even try to smuggle in Jesus in their otherwise flawless books. If Darwinism is wrong, which it is without a shred of a doubt, should we all go back to the bible? Should we 'accept the Lord Jesus'?

Well, not so fast. For all the faults of the atheists (both old and new), their critique of religion is too powerful for any rational mind to ignore. And for all that Christianity has going for it, it is notoriously plagued by the blind acceptance of a ridiculous doctrine cobbled together by an unknown number of scribes throughout the ages.

Just to give a prominent example: what thinking mind could possibly accept the physical resurrection of Jesus? It is something that has never been observed by anyone; it flies in the face of what we know happens to an organism once the life force holding it together is withdrawn; it clearly sounds like a fairy-tale only a child could take literally. And yet, it is one of the most unshakable doctrines of the various Christian denominations. Tell a Christian believer that this is obvious nonsense and watch the reaction.

And who could argue with Sam Harris when he flippantly proclaims that he could quickly improve the ten commandments by just swapping one of them for a more sound, modern rule? We immediately recognize the truth: pretending that a bunch of hard-and-fast rules, written for a tribe in the distant path, should be considered unshakable and the end of wisdom is as childish as the belief that Jesus was the literal son of God, born of a virgin. Sorry, but these things are an insult to any thinking person. And I won't even go into the issue that the God of the Old Testament is a genocidal maniac and petty tyrant that any sane community would chase out of its village immediately. No sir, there is a reason why Christianity has been fair game for atheists for so long. And no elaborate theology can argue away the folly of many Christian doctrines, among them the very idea that any doctrine can be set in stone, removed from individual rational inquiry.

If you believe this to be too harsh, rest assured that the other side of the argument - materialist atheism - doesn't fare any better. In fact, it might be a much more dangerous menace to all that is true and beautiful.

Materialism Is Irrational Nonsense

Materialism, or physicalism, as it is sometimes called, is patently absurd. It's a cult, disguised in pseudo-scientific pomp, that proclaims that dead matter is all there is, save for 'natural laws' that somehow also exist and direct the dead matter with mathematical precision. This creates an imaginary system that, despite the sophisticated, universal and unchanging mathematical laws that govern it, is seen as 'random', undirected and dead. No intelligence there, my friends. And yet, this 'random system' supposedly produces the vastness of the cosmos, including life, by amassing mere coincidences. Somehow, dead matter was "accidentally" arranged in such a way as to produce conscious experience, but nobody knows how. At the same time, this didn't really happen "accidentally", because the Darwinian goal of "survival and reproduction" drives this process, although that process came about in a world of dead matter. Does that make sense? Good.

Supposedly, consciousness is just a deception by Darwinian forces to make us survive and reproduce better, although it's just a byproduct and cannot do anything. So it's both an illusion that has a very definite purpose but also doesn't really exist. Neither does free will, despite free will being among the most obvious facts of human existence. What does exist, on the other hand, are super-intelligent little strings of molecules (selfish genes) that plot world domination by means of creating super-complicated organisms which they manipulate into elaborate schemes to propagate copies of themselves. But remember, all this plotting is "accidental". Does that make sense? Good. If it doesn't, and you're still wondering why and how, I'm sorry but you're going to have to ask the genes, because no scientist can give you an answer.

Should I go on? I hope not. If you are still unconvinced of the sheer madness of the materialist worldview, you can read a few books that have shown the philosophical absurdity of materialism in myriad ways, such as the works of Bernardo Kastrup, David Ray Griffin, Thomas Nagel and Ruppert Sheldrake. For the added bonus of the best Dawkins-bashing I have come across, read 'Darwinian Fairytales' by David Stove.

Scientific Evidence for Another Sphere of Existence

Dean Radin has collected tons of evidence for psychic phenomena. But it's not just philosophical arguments that discredit the materialist dogma. It's also scientific studies and systematic observation of the world that show conclusively that there is a lot more going on in our reality than meets the materialist's eyes.

First, there are reports - today as throughout the ages - of a whole lot of para-psychological phenomena, from ghosts to telekinesis, from Near Death Experiences to telepathy, from objects mysteriously going missing to communication with spirits and prophetic dreams. It takes a special kind of mind (and hubris) to dismiss all of these out of hand and declare the consistent experience of vast amounts of people as insanity and delusion. Ironically, it's the same dogmatic mindset that leads people to dismiss everything that doesn't jive with the bible: just swap the bible with the materialist creed (they're both beliefs after all).

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It was William Stoughton who had witches murdered at the Salem witch trials to stop these young girls from acting as spiritual mediums. They had learned their spirituality and contacting entities it is alleged from the Iroquois Indians. The Iroquois Indians it is claimed were remnants of the people who survived Atlantis and had to make do with what was available to them in primitive cultures.  Stoughton worked directly for Charles II. A history of these secret societies and mystery schools warring on each other.

The Evil "Justice" William Stoughton Was the Ultimate Hanging Judge at the Salem Witch Trials and Here’s Why

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