Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Not So Subtle Moral Decay of the US Military

Source: New Eastern Outlook

By Martin Berger | New Eastern Outlook | Wed, 28 Aug 2019

At this point, there's no hiding that a considerable number of MSM sources directly promotes the agenda of both US military contractors and the Pentagon, trying to advertise the US military as the ultimate combat force akin to those unvanquishable legions of Rome from two thousand years ago. Unsurprisingly, the military brass is more than willing to uphold this image, as it has recently been announced by the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph F. Dunford, that these days there's no force able to withstand a joint assault mounted by the US military. Well, somehow the Department of Defense (DoD) wants even more money, even though there's no logical explanation as to why the mightiest army on the planet would need to improve anything, when everyone else is obviously lagging far behind.

However, it's been rightfully pointed out by Global Research that:
With he biggest military budget in the world, five times larger than the next six countries, the largest number of military bases – over 180 – in the world and the most expensive military industrial complex, the US has failed to win a single war in the 21th century.
It would, indeed, be tempting to allocate all blame on those dubious weapons programs that draw mind-boggling amounts of resources without ever producing anything to show for them. But it's far past this stage by now, as it's obvious that the US military itself is undergoing a period of moral decay, where young men who enlisted to defend their country with honor and dignity are gradually turning into crooks.

There's more than enough facts that can be found both in the alternative and mainstream media to illustrate this notion, as there's no shortage of war crimes that US servicemen have committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and a number of other states. As a rule, Washington uses every trick imaginable to suppress such reports, but they come out nonetheless.

For instance, it has recently been revealed that the chief prosecutor of the ICC from Gambia, Fatou Bensouda, stated that members of the US armed forces inflicted "torture, cruel treatment, and offenses against the dignity of persons, in Afghan territory," acts that qualify as war crimes. The response of the United States was fairly predictable and prompt, as Bensouda was denied entry into the United States. This step was accompanied by the announcement made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which he indicated Washington’s intention to refuse entry to any and all ICC officials who were going to launch an investigation into the crimes US military personnel committed in Afghanistan.

Moreover, not a single day goes by without revelations surrounding American soldiers engaged in drunk fights, drug smuggling, human trafficking and sexual violence.

Just recently, those at the head of the most elite and combat capable unit of the US armed forces – Navy SEALs were forced to take urgent disciplinary measures to regain tighter control over the unit. This step was provoked by an announcement that the number of drug addicts and those contemplating suicide within the unit has been increasing steadily over the years. It’s been revealed by the commander of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Raymond A. Thomas III during a senate hearing earlier this year that special forces operatives are unable to maintain the scale and frequency of the operations they were tasked to carry out after fifteen years of constant deployments, as men are mentally exhausted which makes them prone to suicidal thoughts. It came to a point when rising suicide rates have forced SOCOM to sign a two year deal with the American Association of Suicidology for the latter to create a suicide prevention program to be implemented in the US special forces.

It has recently been announced that a total of sixteen Marines were arrested at Camp Pendleton for various illegal activities ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses, the 1st Marine Division said in a statement issued on July 25.

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