Friday, August 16, 2019

Evidence of Geoengineering

Ed.'s note: This is from the Guardian out of the UK which is a known British intelligence operation. With this consideration in mind, only part of this story is true. There is a litany of misleading theories so we have decided to begin documenting evidence of geoengineering. The military technology related to this technology is our concern considering the US military is running the US economy. Is the Earth's atmosphere being turned into a mini ionosphere making the atmosphere a giant electrical grid to sustain wireless systems and operations?

Source: The Guardian

It's raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains

Trail markers on the trail near Colorado’s highest peak, Mount Elbert, in the Rocky Mountains. Photograph: Alamy

By Maanvi Singh in San Francisco | Tue 13 Aug 2019

Plastic was the furthest thing from Gregory Wetherbee's mind when he began analyzing rainwater samples collected from the Rocky Mountains. "I guess I expected to see mostly soil and mineral particles," said the US Geological Survey researcher. Instead, he found multicolored microscopic plastic fibers.

The discovery, published in a recent study (pdf) titled "It is raining plastic", raises new questions about the amount of plastic waste permeating the air, water, and soil virtually everywhere on Earth.

"I think the most important result that we can share with the American public is that there's more plastic out there than meets the eye," said Wetherbee. "It's in the rain, it's in the snow. It's a part of our environment now."

Rainwater samples collected across Colorado and analyzed under a microscope contained a rainbow of plastic fibers, as well as beads and shards. The findings shocked Wetherbee, who had been collecting the samples in order to study nitrogen pollution.

Rainwater samples collected across Colorado and analyzed under a microscope contained a rainbow of plastic fibers. Photograph: USGS

"My results are purely accidental," he said, though they are consistent with another recent study that found microplastics in the Pyrenees, suggesting plastic particles could travel with the wind for hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers. Other studies have turned up microplastics in the deepest reaches of the ocean, in UK lakes and rivers and in US groundwater.

Please go to The Guardian to read the entire article.


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