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Become a "Psychopath" to Understand Who Rules You

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By Russell Bentley | Aug 15, 2019


Edward Snowden is starting to chap my hide. His recent support of the "protests" in Moscow and Hong Kong and his criticism of the legitimate reaction by government forces are inaccurate, naive, counter-productive and simply bad manners. The facts are clear – the protests in Moscow and Hong Kong are illegal, backed by foreign secret services and enemies of the respective states, and they have exactly nothing to do with freedom of speech or human rights. They.are intentional provocations that have caused major disruptions, and they have, in fact, been dealt with far more leniently than they would have been in the USA, France or England. So where does Snowden get off dissing his hosts and backing Navalny's phony liberal hipster protests?

I was in Moscow on Russia Day (June 12th) and saw a Navalnik "protest march" of a couple hundred (300) schlepping through the city center. Of course, Snowden seems to have done the world a favor when he exposed the depth of the illegal surveillance and lies the US government was complicit in, but I personally have never considered him a “hero”. He comes from a family of cops, spies and government lawyers, and got paid a quarter of a million dollars a year to spy on his fellow citizens from Hawaii, living the good life as a tool of the Empire and the parasite class it serves. It should be noted that as of today, he has still spent more time working for the CIA and NSA than he has as a "whistle-blower". (And in light of his recent comments, he may still be working for them.)

His escape to Hong Kong and later to Moscow was far more Walter Mitty than James Bond, and his entrusting of the info he stole to the likes of Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras can only be described as an epic and self-defeating failure which has ensured that the majority and all of the most important information will never be seen or known by the public. It is hard to say exactly what Edward Snowden is today, who he is, what function he serves, but it is easy to say what he is not.

He is neither an American patriot nor an outlaw journalist, though he has posed as both and convinced many gullible naifs. He did not keep the secrets the CIA and NSA paid him to keep, nor did he fully expose the lies and crimes when he had the chance. Both as a spy and as a whistle-blower, his work can be described as half-assed at best, and perhaps more accurately as failures. Or simply as a fake drama, much ado about nothing, by a pretend patriot who morphed into a fake whistle-blower.

He has tried to play both sides, has failed, and continues to do so. His recent tweets and comments about the Moscow and Hong Kong "protests" are just the latest example. No serious journalist or even well-informed person can help but see that both of these "protests" are US-backed attempts at destabilization and "color revolution" based on phony complaints about "freedom and human rights". When the USA, this century's worst war criminal, violator of human rights, enemy of freedom and threat to the future of Humanity itself, starts talking about "human rights", only idiots listen, and only professional liars ape their propaganda.

Snowden, Greenwald and Poitras, are professional liars, living embodiments of a "limited hang-out", telling just enough of the truth to perpetuate the Big Lie. They’re in it for the money, and will say what they are paid to say.

Russia has provided Snowden with asylum for over six years now. And if not for this, Snowden would certainly be looking at life in prison or death in the USA, rather that the upcoming world-wide publication of his book by MacmIllan, and available for pre-purchase on Amazon. I don't know what Snowden will say in his book, but if Jeff Bezos didn’t like it, it wouldn't be on Amazon. (Try searching "Donetsk People's Republic" on Amazon, see what comes up.) And whatever Snowden does say in his book, I bet he’s going to be very well-paid for it. And outlaw journalists who speak truth to power are never well-paid for it. Take it from one who knows. But Snowden better consider his criticism of his host more carefully, or he may end up spending his money at the commissary in USP Terre Haute. I applaud and support legitimate criticism of any government in defense of freedom of speech and human rights. But Snowden's criticism distorts the real situation about both the government "repression" and the "protesters". He in fact mirrors exactly the propaganda of Russia's, his, and our real enemies, and since that’s the case, Snowden should re-consider his words or STFU.

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.


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