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The Invisible Empire: Introduction to Alexander Dugin's "Foundations of Geopolitics", pt. 1

Source: Kali Tribune

by Malić • 7th May 2017

We commence the analysis of the core political and strategic ideas of Alexander Dugin as laid out in his main work "Foundations of Geopolitics – Geopolitical Future of Russia", based on a close reading of the text. In this segment we explain mainly the proverbial foundations or "the principal duality" of Dugin's megalomaniac eschatology falsely posing as, and today curiously popular, political science stressing the role of geography. This is the first close reading analysis of the foundational neo-Eurasianist text in the English language. Give it a look, we guarantee you won't like it if you are busy cheering for Russia to defeat the "globalists". But maybe, if you are displaying some symptoms of Duginitis chronica in its early stages, it could just make you re-think what you're getting yourself into.

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Transcript with notes/references:

"A specter is haunting the world – a specter of geopolitics."

Paraphrasing the Communist Manifesto is, admittedly, not entirely fair because the specter-like characterization of Communism was due to an alarm it provoked in then Europe.

Unfortunately, the strange prevalence of the "geopolitical approach", haunting the "dissident" communication channels in the West, seems to provoke no such worries: all of a sudden everybody is "a geopolitical analyst" providing "geopolitical explanations".

And nobody is alarmed about the fact that this practically came out of nowhere just a few years ago. Nobody, especially in the mainstream media or academia, poses the question, how come the geopolitical explanations of just about everything are so popular all of the sudden.

In Western Europe and the USA this is so, but in Russia some would say, no surprises there, because:
"The development of information dissemination, active inclusion of common man into events playing out throughout the continent, "mondialization" of media – all those things push spatial thinking in geopolitical terms into forefront; it is useful for "sorting out" peoples, nations, regimes and religions on the unified, simplified scale in order to make even the most elementary TV or radio news at least relatively comprehensible. If the simplest geopolitical scheme of heartland, rimland and world island is applied to any given news about international events, the clear explanatory model is instantly provided, with no need for special expert knowledge. "Expansion of NATO towards the East" if viewed through these lenses signifies "enlarging the rimland for the benefit of Talasocracy (sea power, KT)"; "agreement between Germany and France on forming independent, purely European, military” means "a step towards creating continental telurocratic (Telurocracy – land power, KT) structure"(…)"
Well, "no need for special expert knowledge" is quite a tempting proposition for an average man who, on average, tends to see himself as above averagely knowledgeable, although I would, perhaps, reformulate it to: "no need for functioning brains department".

Surely, the author of this quote, as we shall see in the following, would not disagree, because this is what he really meant hiding behind academic lingo.

It is Alexander Dugin, the man who turned hiding what he really means into a profitable ideological operation with a global scope, and the quote comes from the book that catapulted him from the fringe towards the centre of Russian political culture in the late Nineties. Its title is Foundations of Geopolitics – Geopolitical Future of Russia (we are using Serbian edition, Osnovi geopolitike – geopolitička budućnost Rusije. Zrenjanjin: Ekopres, 2004. The quote is from pg. 35 – 36 ch. 5 "Geopolitics as destiny"; further in the text: FG).

In the following we'll analyze its content in order to expose what this omnipresent bearded patriarch of such disparate groups as the radical left, Alt Right, Christian traditionalist et al. is really all about.

And, rest assured, FG yields that answer in no uncertain terms.

Dugin's development of the notion of geopolitics, both as an absolute explanatory model and the structure of reality, is an exercise in megalomania and nihilism dwarfing at times even the most ludicrous Western models of globalization. 

While the majority among the precious few relevant Western critics of Dugin focus on his occult and philosophical musings, FG provides us with a far more important thing: a political plan of creating a world empire with eschatological underpinnings he devised with the aid and approval of elements of the Russian establishment, most notably: the army.[1]

Please go to Kali Tribune to read the entire work.


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