Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Invention of the Jewish People

How I Stopped Being a Jew, Shlomo Sand, SOAS University of London 

Book summary:
"Sand began his work by looking for research studies about forcible exile of Jews from the area now bordered by modern Israel, and its surrounding regions. He was astonished that he could find no such literature, he says, given that the expulsion of Jews from the region is viewed as a constitutive event in Jewish history. The conclusion he came to from his subsequent investigation is that the expulsion simply did not happen, that no one exiled the Jewish people from the region, and that the Jewish diaspora is essentially a modern invention. He accounts for the appearance of millions of Jews around the Mediterranean and elsewhere as something that came about primarily through the religious conversion of local people, saying that Judaism, contrary to popular opinion, was very much a "converting religion" in former times. He holds that mass conversions were first brought about by the Hasmoneans under the influence of Hellenism, and continued until Christianity rose to dominance in the fourth century CE."

If this is the case, that Jews are a recent "modern invention," who would create them and how would William Browder be best described if he as a Jew is a "modern invention?" If people like William Browder, his grandfather Earl Browder who was involved in the Silvermaster spy ring with Nathan Silvermaster aren't all "Jews", what the hell are they? There is evidence the Silvermaster spy group and the Pollard spy group have been incorporated into BIRD Foundation and probably the RAND Corp. The Silvermaster spy ring had totally penetrated the US government during WWII and well after coming down right to today. If anything, it has gone even deeper setting up China to collapse the United States. The "Jewish" people, communism and all of this a huge historical scam to create the state of Israel?

How I figured out the Achilles heel of Vladimir Putin | William Browder | TEDxBerlin 

The interesting history about William Browder he didn't mention in his TED talk, is that his grandfather, Earl Browder, met Nathan Silvermaster during an industrial dispute in San Francisco. Released KGB archives show that the previous year Gaik Ovakimyan of the NKVD, had recruited Earl Browder as a Soviet agent. Earl Browder's KGB codename was RULEVOY. Nathan Silvermaster was born into a Jewish (modern creation) family in Odessa, Russia, in 1898. His family emigrated to the United States in 1914. Silvermaster studied economics at the University of Washington. He then moved to the University of California.

Nathan Silvermaster was part of what was called the "Silvermaster group", a network of spies centered around Nathan Gregory Silvermaster. This network became one of the most important Soviet espionage operations to have ever operated in the United States. As the grandson of Earl Browder, would William Browder be a continuation in some form or offshoot of the Silvermaster spy group, and is this why he was so highly scrutinized for his financial activity in Russia? The Silvermaster spy group led by Earl Silvermaster, was mainly interested in American technological breakthroughs.


Why the BBC Acts as a Propaganda Outlet for Israel – An Insider View

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