Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dismantling the US Navy as the "Last Vestige of America"

Source: CNN

Admiral set to become Navy's top officer retires over inappropriate professional relationship

By Kate Sullivan, Zachary Cohen and Jamie Crawford, CNN | July 8, 2019

Admiral set to become Navy's top officer retires over inappropriate professional...

Washington (CNN)A four-star US Navy admiral who was set to become the branch's top uniformed officer is instead retiring after his judgment was questioned over a professional relationship he maintained with a former Navy public affairs official who left the service amid allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Adm. William Moran was vetted for promotion after being nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate in May but that plan abruptly changed Sunday when he announced his retirement.

He was expected to take over the job in August.

Adm. John Richardson, the current Chief of Naval Operations will remain in the post until a replacement can be identified, according to a statement by Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer. Richardson can remain in the job until September.

Richardson addressed the situation in an email to Navy staff and flag officers on Monday.

"It is my sad duty to confirm to you that Adm. Moran has submitted his request to retire. The Secretary of the Navy has accepted his request. He will not serve as the next CNO," Richardson wrote, according to a copy of the email obtained by CNN.

"This is an extremely difficult situation, but importantly, this matter strongly reinforces the importance of trust, and the high standards of behavior needed to secure that trust. The American people expect this from us. We must expect and enforce this standard for ourselves," he wrote.

Pentagon vacancies

Moran's departure comes at a time when the Pentagon continues to operate without a Senate-confirmed secretary of defense. Many other senior military roles remain unfilled or are filled by officials in acting roles.

Those vacancies are a reflection of the Department of Defense's ongoing struggle to establish an unprecedented transition plan aimed at ensuring continuity of leadership at the highest levels while there is still no confirmed secretary of defense following the dramatic implosion of Patrick Shanahan's nomination last month.

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As the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake gets taken out the admiral's infidelities are forgiven:

Welcome to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake

Earthquakes knock out Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. Non-essential personnel evacuate

How many more US Naval commanders can the US afford to lose?

Navy Vice Admiral, Former Head of 5th Fleet, Died by Suicide in Bahrain


What Can Explain This?

Social justice snowflakes won't quit until US becomes a balkanized battlefield (or is it already?)

Your black cards can make you money so you hide them when you're able...

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