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Chapter 14 - The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System

Whereas the painful lesson from the Franklin scandal graphically demonstrates how pedophiles at the top can bury their most heinous crimes from any real consequence, the Jeffrey Epstein story reveals how agents from a foreign government can hijack and control the US government. What will be presented here is the anatomy of a sexual blackmail operation orchestrated by Israel's Mossad as a means of gaining and maintaining control over America's foreign policy and top leaders so that the US Empire ultimately fights Israel's wars for the Greater Israel Project. [i] Through AIPAC bribery and Mossad blackmail, virtually every US politician in Congress including the president is and has been a puppet of the Zionist Jewish State.[ii] The evil international cabal made up of Zionists and various Illuminati elements including the Vatican, all worship the same anti-God Lucifer, and have been misusing and abusing our children as blackmail bait for centuries. Again, back in the 18th century, the credited founder of the Illuminati Adam Weishaupt knew that infiltrating high places and sexually compromising VIP puppets through blackmail would be a central strategy in expanding its power and control over the devil's earthly dominion.[iii] And based on today's power politics, Weishaupt more than attained his prophetic vision.

This chapter will focus on how Israel invested in a complete unknown, a Jewish American college dropout, overnight granting him the title of hedge fund mystery man as promoted in the Zionist controlled New York Magazine,[iv] owning multiple mansions for the covertly licensed purpose of pursuing both his own kinky perversions raping young underage girls while enticing notable puppet figures to indulge in their pedophilic fantasies as thoroughly compromised and subsequently owned tools for Israel and the Zionist Khazarian mafia.[v] The Rothschild's central bankster system funding this Illuminati mafia scheme wouldn’t have it any other way.[vi]

This perfectly explains why Jeffrey Epstein was given a sweetheart's slap on the hand after getting caught red-handed raping scores of female victims as young as 12 and 13 over a period of many years. It also goes far in explaining why the current White House occupant is a Zionist puppet wrecking ball himself[vii] currently being used to plunge humanity off the Armageddon doomsday cliff moving the Jewish State capital to Jerusalem.[viii] So sit back and take in this adulterated story of the cabal's political blackmail machine and how one Jeffrey Epstein and his child sex slave trafficking ring has played such a significant role in the ruling elite's global control apparatchik, unfortunately changing human history none for the better.

The early family background on Jeffrey Epstein is rather sparse. Born near Brooklyn's Coney Island in 1953 to a middle class Jewish American family with a father who worked for the city's parks department, Epstein and his younger brother Mark were indoctrinated that "their way out" of their "lowly" middle class Jewish working class affluence and relative obscurity was through education.[ix] So what does the young Jeffrey do? He becomes a college dropout - twice, never finishing at either Cooper Union or NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Yet without so much as a college degree, from age 20-22 Epstein somehow procured a job as a 7th grade math and physics teacher at the posh private elitist Dalton School in Manhattan. From the get-go, such early rapid upward mobility without a degree to transcend his humble Brooklyn roots strongly suggests an elitist "who-you-know" operation.

According to his propaganda fluff pieces as Wall Street's "billionaire mystery man" propped up by both Vanity Fair[x] and New York Magazine shortly before his pedophilia arrest, the legendary urbane genius is said to have bedazzled one of the Wall Street parents at Dalton to refer him to a well-connected friend Ace Greenberg, CEO of the high-end Manhattan investment company Bear Stearns.[xi] So the 23-year old Brooklyn whiz kid suddenly rose from preppie schoolteacher-college dropout to a top firm hedge fund investment broker and by age 27 was promoted to partnership at Bear Stearns. His legendary status as magic money man aka tax evasion expert had him a mere year later boldly quitting to start up his own J. Epstein Trust Company in 1981. At about that time it's been reported that Epstein was recruited and given an estimated $1 billion advance to form his shell company by clothing retail magnate (L Limited and Victoria's Secret) Leslie Wexner working directly with the Mossad's so called Clothing Retail Network to set up a sexual blackmail operation.[xii]

Over the next few years, Epstein’s image would be crafted as the maverick Manhattan mystery man, the King Tut of financial strut, still in his 20s braggadocio proclaiming it beneath him to accept clients who weren't billionaires. This carefully fabricated hype surrounding this secretive billionaire charmer had him allegedly making billions for the rich and famous through his purported genius with numbers. Yet his success was never linked to more than one known customer. Turns out all the hype was nothing more than "a carefully crafted hoax" (ironically the exact same words used to obscure and bury the very real Franklin scandal). In actuality, back in the early 1980s Jeffrey Epstein met his only known client - sugar daddy Leslie Wexner and the rest is history. As Gawker boldly pointed out a decade ago:

Epstein's wealth is built on a "bizarre relationship" with single acknowledged client, Abercrombie & Fitch creator Leslie Wexner, one of America's most successful retailers.[xiii]

Persistent rumors swirled around Epstein's meteoric rise from out of nowhere stemming from a protracted secret tryst as Mr. Leslie’s young bootlicking lover.[xiv] And before long, Wexner was converting an unoccupied private school in Manhattan into the largest private residence in all of New York City and then virtually gifting it to the young Brooklyn upstart for giving Les such good bootlicks. And it was only after the grooming Wexner had already created his protégé Epstein as the "mysterious," high flying, overnight billionaire financial advisor and close friend to Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell, socialite daughter of media mogul-Mossad-MI6 double agent Robert Maxwell, did Les Wexner finally settle down and marry a woman at the ripe old age of 56.[xv]

Wexner's ties to Israel and Mossad became more than apparent when a document entitled "Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003" was uncovered, outlining a PR campaign promoting the Iraq war invasion demonizing Saddam Hussein - dead or alive - as the false link to terrorism with emphasis that Israeli foreign policy interests are identical to US foreign policy interests.[xvi] The report serves as confirmation that Wexner and his charity organization called the Mega Group provided the cover as a Zionist Mossad front actively influencing and dictating US war policy in the Middle East. Wexner's Mega Group consists of about 20 fellow Jewish American financial titans who use their Zionist power to manipulate and control Washington into fighting illegal wars for Israel against the Islam religion and people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and eventually Iran, using their US-Israeli creation of al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists as proxy war allies to justify their prefabricated US "endless war on terror."[xvii] Wexner and company worked hand in hand with the neocons and Israeli first dual citizens behind the Project for a New American Century calling for their "new Pearl Harbor" 9/11 to justify US-Israeli global hegemony.

And in May 2008 George W. Bush rewarded Zionist Wexner by inviting him as an official member of his honorary delegation accompanying the US president in a state visit to Israel to celebrate its 60th anniversary.[xviii] For years prior Wexner had been providing Epstein with the Mossad link that included introducing Ghislaine Maxwell as his sometime girlfriend and blackmail operation pimp while the hedge fund magician ostensibly "moves Wexner's billions around the globe."[xix] As chief Mossad blackmailer, it wasn’t long before Epstein found his way to invited memberships in such exclusive elitist private clubs as the powerful Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations.[xx] Thus, in large part through the Zionist Mossad-Epstein sex ring operation, blackmail control over US politicians and US Empire foreign policy was ensured for their “endless war on terror” on the multiple warfronts to come.

Another puff piece from the London Sunday Times quoted a New York social observer trying to wittily describe the "complicated" Jeffrey Epstein:

He's Mr. Enigmatic. Nobody knows whether he's a concert pianist, property developer, a CIA agent, a math teacher or a member of Mossad.[xxi]

Obviously all smoke and mirrors, except his literal, right-on-the-money CIA-Mossad connection. Additionally, veteran former CIA case officer and US Marine Corps intelligence officer Robert David Steele has gone public emphatically maintaining Epstein was/is a Mossad operative set up as a "made" financier to work on behalf of Israel in a global blackmail operation.[xxii] Seemingly overnight Jeffrey Epstein possessed massive amounts of real estate properties that included the largest residence in America's largest city as well as a shoreline estate in Palm Beach, Florida a mile from Trump's Mar-a-Lago, his notorious 70-acre "Virgin" Island getaway compound, a sprawling 7,500 acre New Mexico ranch and a Paris apartment.[xxiii]

By far the two biggest targets in the scandalous Jeffrey Epstein blackmail operation were former President Bill Clinton and his presidential wannabe wife Hillary who, according to flightlog records, flew on Epstein's private Boeing 727 - the "Lolita Express," Bill on 26 confirmed flights [xxiv] and Hillary at least a half dozen times.[xxv] Also the fifth in line to the British throne - Prince Andrew - was yet another high flying frequent Lolita flyer.[xxvi]

Three years ago Gawker obtained flightlogs dating back to the late 1990s through the mid-2000s,[xxvii] placing Bill Clinton repeatedly after ditching secret service on board Epstein’s jets, always flying with a bunch of underage girls listed in Epstein's infamous black book under "massage." The Clintons both separately and together flew on Epstein's planes with several girls determined to be as young as 12 providing sexual favors for the financier's most powerful and influential friends.[xxviii] Among the more notable Clinton trips around the globe with Epstein, in 2002 the former president traveled with an entourage for an entire week to Africa on a so called anti-poverty/anti-AIDS mission, also accompanied by the recently disgraced pedophilic predator actor Kevin Spacey.[xxix] Among the women on board for that African tour were key Epstein employees serving as handlers of his sex slave victims - Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen, along with soft porn actress-masseuse Chauntee Davies.

Because of this additional incriminating evidence indicating that yet another American president has turned out to be another private pedophile club member, in conjunction with an already long trail of mysterious deaths surrounding scores of suspicious "suicides" and murdered associates connected to the endless Clinton scandals,[xxx] in vain the Bush-Clinton-Obama Deep State has gone to desperate, flimsily executed lengths to conceal and ignore both this political dynasty and power couple's massive criminal history.[xxxi] Yet to this very day there exists volumes of documented proof high up in both the Justice Department and FBI obstructing justice at every turn by dismissing and destroying the overwhelming evidence to persistently let these guiltiest of treasonous offenders off the hook,[xxxii] only administering a token punishment to their fall guy buddy Epstein. After his 2006 arrest and 2008 conviction, the so called billionaire financier as the child molesting ringleader of a major sex trafficking ring set up as a Mossad blackmail operation was granted the sweetheart deal of a lifetime. To this day high stakes cabal money and power have bought Epstein and his slew of accomplices complete impunity from any real justice ever being served.

Please go to Empire Exposed to read the entire chapter.

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