Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ithaca Hours Founder Joins Golden Currency Team as Advisor


by Igor Chekun • Mar 19, 2018

Paul Glover, founder of the Ithaca Hours, one the first local currency system in USA, joined Golden Currency team as advisor to support development of a new ambitious project of the first global private currency Golden. Ithaca Hours were started by Paul Glover in November 1991. The Ithaca Hour is a local currency used in Ithaca, New York and is the oldest and largest local currency system in the United States that is still operating. One Ithaca Hour is valued at USD 10 and is generally recommended to be used as payment for one hour's work.

Golden Currency ( ) is a project of the first fully functional private currency, 100% backed by gold. With the first planned emission in 2019 it will be the first reliable money after gold standard system. Golden Currency is not only fully functional private currency, but also convenient and efficient infrastructure for its use with utilization of modern technologies, including blockchain.

Paul Glover, having such unique experience in private money and related activities, will strengthen Golden Currency team and will support it in achieving its goals.

Community Currency with Paul Glover

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