Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Here Comes the UFO Psyops Rollout

Source: Fort Russ

MYSTERY? US Army continues to investigate UFO sightings

By Paul Antonopoulos | May 14, 2019

WASHINGTON DC – Although the U.S. government-funded UFO sighting program has come to an end, the US military continues to search for and investigate such cases, according to Fox News.

The secret program received government funding of millions of dollars from 2007 to 2012, but interest in controlling the sightings only grew, especially after a series of previously classified state archives were published.

One of the documents on display reveals a sighting in the Pacific in 2017, until now unenlightened, when an unidentified flying object flew in the direction opposite to the 200-km-per-hour gusts. At the end of the video, the object began to spin on itself.

In addition, the media also recalled that former Nevada State Senator Harry Reid had set up a $1 million investigation based on Pentagon documents since 2007.

The former US senator even hired a company to outfit some facilities in Las Vegas where he could store remains of metals and other materials allegedly collected where sightings had occurred.

The people who came in contact [with the UFOs] underwent some tests to see if anything had changed in their bodies and the military were interrogated to find out what they had seen, said a part of the report in summary.

Navy Pilots Encounter Unidentified Flying Object UFO - Pilots Stunned

What the US Army discovered in the sky in 2017 is not in the public domain, but according to Fox News, what is known is that every month there are recorded several of these strange and mysterious sightings.

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The big media giants will begin their strategy of rolling out the UFO psyop, so watch for a ramping up of MSM news reports on UFOs which will become the new "threat to earth" as the "war on terrorism" winds down to justify the continuance of massive spending.

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