Saturday, March 24, 2018

Kelly 241: Rothschild ConAir Serco Patents, Clinton Phantom Novichok Wagers, SES Facebook Buck

General John F. Kelly 
White House Chief of Staff 
Washington, D.C. 20528

Open letter from the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger

March 24, 2018

Dear General Kelly:

Please accept Brief 241 from Field McConnell – United States Marine Corps whistle-blower and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – on former Cambridge Apostle and former worldwide head of research at Royal Dutch/Shell, the late Victor Rothschild, who, McConnell claims, set up a ConAir patent vault at the offices of Northern Trust, [Ed. note updated 7 February 2019: there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to indicate Victor Rothschild had any connections to Northern Trust even though this firm has been around for over 130 years] the Serco shareholder and Alien Property Custodian in Chicago, for the use of prison-based SWAT teams at the various assassination events which have allegedly been staged since 1989 by Serco's CAI private equity investors including the late General Alexander Haig, 7th SACEUR, former director of Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, MGM Mirage, AOL and UTC; Yves Fortier, Rhodes Scholar, former Nortel director; John Macarthur, Canadian-American organizational theorist, Dean Emeritus of Harvard Business School; David Culver, former Alcan CEO, Harvard MBA, CAI founder; and, Pierre Lortie, former COO Bombardier Aerospace Regional Aircraft.

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